IMPORTANT: Bix Weir — Cyber False Flag ALERT (Please Read This One)

IMPORTANT: Bix Weir — Cyber False Flag ALERT (Please Read This One)

Editor’s Note: It’s beginning to look like David Wilcock’s information he shared on Wednesday is going to play out over the next few weeks. Over the past couple of days I’ve seen a lot of build up of ISIL propaganda, Ebola scare tactics, and Russophobia. Remain vigilant and focused. Try your best not to go into a state of fear because that is exactly what they want. If you have not done so already, now would be a good time to have a little cash on hand, and some extra food and water stored — just in case.

(Bix Weir) I’ve always wondered what the banking cabal had up their sleeves for the “End Game” and Clif High has just posted something that seems very plausible…

USA is #1!

World’s first cFF (cyber false flag) invented here! And coming to a bank/gov’t near you in September!

Linguistics show that USA politbureau is linking [banks] and [national security] very heavily. They will be shutting down banks in response to a [cyber false flag] and they will then use this as [excuse for war]. We all really know that this is to try and save some zionist bankster butts from a very early, and violent death later as the revolution heats up for a cold winter.

Their ‘target’ in this first ever cyber false flag is Russia.


Of course the scenarios are multiple but with the latest news from out Press-titutes about Russian hackers targeting JP Morgan I wonder I’m thinking Clif is going to get this one 100% correct.

JP Morgan Chase among US Companies “targeted by hackers”

If the banks shut down in September and they blame cyber attacks and start those war drums we must all stand up and SCREAM STOP!!!!!


Stay aware.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir




  • You can rest assured that Russia is expecting something big and is prepared for it. If the cabal pulls this one off with the same finesse as Flight 370 and MH17, this will backfire on them and accomplish nothing more than waking even more people up. This is mostly about generating loosh , so don`t worry.

    • Agreed, thank goodness! I’m also expecting some sort of “ISIL” BS on 9/11, unfortunately. I don’t know if they’ll be that bold considering how well the 9/11 Benghazi attack worked out for them, but they seem pretty desperate at this point, especially now that Russian and China are bypassing the petrodollar. The good in this however, is that September might very well be their last dying gasp before they fall FOREVER!

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