By James Gilliland

We’ve been sharing information about a Large Wave of Energy hitting Earth this week and have continued to research for anything that will substantiate it. Last night Dutchsinse published this video with a link included to MIMIC TPW microwave imagery that may be the first substantiation that there is a large unknown energy hitting Earth.

Read all the information that’s included in the description of Dutchsinse’s video. The BP he is talking about is the source that James used to send out the previous Magnetar Emails.

Watch, hold space, double check your preparedness (water, food, heat, candles), meditate on aligning with the energy for activation in your Highest & Best Spiritual Good.

Stay out of Fear.

Source: ECETI
Via: Galactic Connection


Large Wave of Energy from Unknown Source Hitting Earth Now

Massive Burst of 7th Dimensional Transformational Gamma Rays are Expected to Arrive by December 26th

Recent Waves of Energy Reported by Dutchsinse May Prove to be Tied to the Maharishi Effect

More from Shem of Discerning the Mystery…

Massive Wave of Energy from Unknown Source Currently Impacting Earth

By Shem El-Jamal

It seems that we are living in historic times. Today, December 19, it appears that the Earth is experiences a massive energy wave of some type. This high-energy microwave pulse is more intense than the a largest class of solar flares known to science (X class), and this particular wave seems to originate from unknown sources (though the sun is a likely culprit). Even though the true nature of this energetic wave is unknown, there are a number of facts we can deduce from the data currently coming forward.

The Starburst Foundation – Galactic Superwaves

Many may be familiar with the YouTube personality, Dutchsinse. Dutch runs a YouTube channel which reports extensive information on geomagnetics, geophysics, and tectonic developments from around the globe. These reports have been vital in the study of geotectonics and have at times, proven to be more accurate and detailed than official USGS reports.

The White House Just Issued An – Executive Order- officially Preparing For The “Event”

Many of us have heard of the phenomenon referred to as the galactic superwave as discussed in recent scientific publications. This superwave is theorized to be a wave of energy that is bound for our solar system at present. This wave represents an enormous cloud of highly energetic particles which has the potential to impact life on Earth significantly. Though scientists are unfamiliar with the exact impact of this high-energy event, we have a number of alternative sources which may give us clues.


The subject of what has been dubbed “The Event” is an extremely hot topic at present on alternative websites. This is not simply because of a rumor or two. This idea of a planetary event exists as the combination science and of numerous ancient prophecies and predictions from around the world. These predictions are relate to galactic cycles and the cosmic mechanisms that allow life to develop and evolve on a planet. It is due to the measurable consistency of these galactic cycles that ancient cultures were able to time them with significant precision. Consequently, these predictions have been revealed to have great potential for impacting our planet once again.

According to many of these prophecies, our current period in time was predicted to be turbulent, which it has very much been. The world was predicted to face many different obstacles and its people would be called to choose between a road of prosperity and one of destruction. On multiple fronts, this too is currently taking place.

The Road to Ascension – From Ancient Myth to Current Intel – Commentary on Recent Disclosures of our Planetary Situation

The wars we hear about, the political scandals and revelations of corruption all seem to point to a great opportunity to face our collective societal baggage and to move forward free of the bonds that currently hinder us. On the other hand, we could ignore all that is currently taking place and allow the world to face ruin.  These are both choices according to many different prophecies from ancient times. Fortunately, it seems that we as a planet have chosen the path of prosperity.

If these times truly represent the turning point for our society and the planet, this is an amazing time to be alive. Whatever the impact of these massive pulses of microwave energy, our collective choices are determining the direction of our society. Whether or not these cosmic pulses are impacting that choice is speculative. However, our opportunity for societal and global improvement seems to be crystal clear.


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Galactic Center

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A source accelerating Galactic cosmic rays to unprecedented energy discovered at the centre of the Milky Way

Astronomers Report ‘Intergalactic Force’ Moving Milky Way Inward

Large Wave of Energy from Unknown Source Hitting Earth Now

Recent Waves of Energy Reported by Dutchsinse May Prove to be Tied to the Maharishi Effect

James Gilliland: First Documented Validation of Large Wave of Energy Hitting Earth Now


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