James Gilliland: Trump, Marches, and PSYOPS Operations to Divide the World

James Gilliland

By James Gilliland

From an enlightened perspective Trump is the right man for the job and has the backing of the Higher Dimensionals, Angelic and Ascended Masters. If people had mastered their own personal God connection there would be no marches especially those inciting violence. Now that I have gotten your attention – probably pissed off quite a few – take a deep breath, suspend your egos with all their programming and misinformation, wounds and traumas being acted out vicariously and listen.

Did you take that deep breath? Now take about three more.

This is not about “what abouts”. Most of the “what about this and that” are part of a grand psyops program carried out by the DNC, CIA funded by George Soros and others in the elite. It is the classic divide and conquer, order through chaos and the chaos we are now experiencing is by design. We don’t need a Gandhi right now we need a warrior. The Gandhi will come later after the clean up.

There is a transdimensional war going on far beyond most people’s ability to perceive. There are unseen negative influences; which are the masterminds behind the political puppets. It is a multilevel swamp; which definitely needs to be drained. The ones screaming the loudest in the political arena are the ones that are guilty of heinous crimes against humanity. One of their tactics is to accuse others of what they themselves are doing. They use the agencies, the press, and sponsor various political groups to do their bidding. This includes the talking heads in the lame stream fake news media owned and controlled by the very same dark forces seen and unseen

Trump is taking something on so dark, so deceitful, moving into the levels of demonic that most people would cower in disbelief if it were to reveal itself.

Many will find the very leaders and icons they have been following are deeply rooted in evil. Pizza Gate, Pedogate, the satanic blood rituals including child trafficking and sacrifice are real. This includes Hollywood and the music industry both replete with satanic and decadent rituals. This is not on Trump’s side of the fence. If you are marching for Hillary, the pay to play deception, the continuation of the war and disease profiteering then you have fallen into the psyop. Compared to this group Trump is a saint, although I am sure he is not perfect as none of us are.

I am all for equality, women’s rights etc. yet let’s not muddy the water and create a toxic soup that has little to do with women’s rights. Let’s separate the Russian hacking and use a little logic. The polls are not online. The electrical grid is not online. So how can they be hacked? There is a big difference between a leak and a hack. The Wikileaks information was leaked – not a hack – concerning the affairs and wrong doings of the DNC and the Clintons. The previous British Ambassador admitted he was the one who turned the information over to Julian Assange from a disgruntled official in the DNC. He was given the information most likely by Seth Rich who was murdered, found shot several times in the back adding to a long history of deaths connected to the Clintons. So with this information now how could there be a hack and how can they blame the Russians? What does this have to do with Trump? This is just one of many false accusations and diatribes against Trump.

Not one person in any of the agencies will testify under oath it was the Russians who hacked the election or the grid. Do you know why? Because lying to Congress is instant jail unless you are the Clintons – then the rules don’t apply. Why can the Clintons lie to Congress?….because they control most of the politicians, the DOJ and other agencies. That will soon be rectified. How can the politicians continuously spew out false information knowing it is a lie? It is what politicians do. They also are deeply involved in many of the beyond sick activity now coming to the surface. Everything from bribes and blackmail to murder, pedophilia and satanic blood rituals. Of course they are going to pull out all the stops to stop Trump – their careers and their lives depend on it.

It is time for a little critical thinking. Why are you blaming Trump for this mess and condemning him before he even has a chance? What did the last administration do for you? A better question is what have they done to you. If you knew the answer to either question you would not take to the streets other than support of Trump. Considering what he is up against a lot of support and a little slack is in order. It is time for the Stockholm syndrome to end. Break out of the spell and stop fearing change. Do you want everything to continue as it has? Are you in support of the gross negligence, corruption, unbridled greed and the lust for power? Are you in favor of the war and disease profiteers to continue business as usual? Do you support murder, child trafficking, and satanic blood rituals? I am all for taking to the streets if Trump becomes a Hitler – yet the truth of the matter is you have already been under at least three Hitlers. Hitlary included. Calling Trump Hitler is a diatribe created by the very people with the most to loose. Those flourishing in the swamp.

The protesters are being played like a fiddle. They drank the CNN cool aid. Their own unhealed wounds and traumas are being played upon and are being acted out vicariously against a fictitious enemy. I watched emotional dramas being acted out without any foundation of truth to back them. Signs like Russian traitor, Stop Hitler etc. Hollywood actors deeply embedded in the swamp making false statements with absolutely no foundation, they are actors remember. Some actors I have lost all respect for because of their ignorance and allegiance to the dark side. There are three categories many fit into, naive, ignorant or evil. Most just follow the leader or succumb to star power – being critical thinking challenged. I watched people protesting that did not even know why. I watched young men throw rocks, bottles, anything they could get their hands on at police then walk up and taunt them acting out gestures of persecution. I must say this is one of the times I sided with the police and had no problem with them taking care of business. Fortunately most kept their cool.

All I can say is the fluoride in the water and the chemtrails are working. The separation game played by the illuminati creating chaos worldwide is working. The pitting races against each other is working. The mind control projects are working even more than one suspects. The good news is they still are not working enough. The N.W.O.is rapidly loosing ground worldwide. Their tactics are being exposed along with their past deeds. The world is waking up. The call for freedom and Universal Law is heard around the world. The enslavers are being unmasked and now the people need to look at the world with fresh eyes. Not the mindsets and programs from the past.

It is time for personal research, critical thinking, establishing ones own personal inner guidance.

Do not depend on outside sources for truth. Learn to trust and lead yourselves from your own heart and soul. Have you been lied to in the past? How much of those lies have influenced your decision making process? Are you afraid to look at the conspiracy facts? The FBI and NYPD files on your past leadership would make a grown man cry. Do you want this to continue? It is time to discern why and who you are marching for because you very well may be supporting the very things and people you’re against once the truth comes out and the masks come down.

There will be a lot of dramas playing out as these new waves of energy push everything to the surface. Some will heal internally, some will need external lessons. Some will own their emotions and experiences, others will project and blame. It is all about personal responsibility from here on out. Best advice I can give is to set boundaries, hold sacred space and be open to new ideas and information yet always use discernment. Nothing is as it seems, and you never know a person’s cards until they play them. Do not fall for Star Power, Religious Power, Political Power – the real power is within you. It always has been. Get out of everyone else’s sand box and take care of your own kitty litter.

The real power is within you. It always has been…..

Be Well

James Gilliland


    • Well Trump is bringing out the worst in people . How can he have the backing of the Ascended masters , etc. if people are following his hate filled views?

      “Rhodes then reportedly followed her and began to imitate a Muslim prayer while shouting “(Expletive) Islam, (Expletive) ISIS, Trump is here now. He will get rid of all of you. You can ask Germany, Belgium and France about these kind of people. You will see what happens.”

      According to Queens District Attorney Richard Brown, Rhodes had just arrived from Aruba and was waiting for a connecting flight to Massachusetts.

      “The bigotry and hatred that the defendant is accused of manifesting and acting upon have no place in a civilized society, especially in Queens County, the most culturally diverse county in the nation,” District Attorney Brown said. “Crimes of hate will never be tolerated here and when they do, regrettably occur, those responsible will be brought to justice.”

      Rhodes faces up to four years in prison if convicted.”

  • That was the most intelligent, logic and sensible comment of the Trump-topic I have read so far.
    Why can´t others see it????
    Very, very good Mr. Gilliland!

    • This was a great line: “We don’t need a Gandhi right now we need a warrior. The Gandhi will come later after the clean up.”

      I’m not necessarily a Trump supporter (his ties to the Jesuits and Netanyahu really bother me), so I’m approaching the situation as ‘cautiously optimistic’. President Trump has been extremely busy in his 1st couple of days in office – I don’t think we’ve experienced anything quite like this before. He’s getting right to work and is wasting no time! I don’t agree with all of the moves thus far (border wall is a touchy subject – I can see the issue from many angles – and the pipeline business), however some of his actions do appear to be against the cabal. We shall see… I have been feeling more hopeful in the last couple of days than I ever have before. I’ve been meditating and sending out good vibes to the universe in hopes that this will all work out in our favor. 😉

      This was an excellent summary from Mr. Gilliland. I really wish this one would go viral. I think more people would benefit from hearing these words.

      Thanks everyone for your comments. I appreciate it.

  • I am agreed with everything you espouse…however calling Donald Trump a warrior is more than I can stomach. Please tell me there was a better option to awaken the people. I know many who know him personally and professionally, on both sides of the aisles They say he is despicable, unethical and immoral. What you see is what you get. I don’t understand how the metaphysical community is behind this choice to lead us out of darkness….and granted we have been in a dense, dark world for millenniums. Please, I have heard you speak many times and you have touched my heart. Enlighten me.

    • Hi Lois,

      First of all, thanks for sharing your comments. I appreciate it. I’m not sure if your comment was directed toward me or toward James Gilliland, but I thought I’d jump in and share a few of my own personal thoughts on the issue. You can contact James directly through his website.

      There was no better option. That’s the whole point, unfortunately. We had two choices. Neither were ideal. I do think we ended up with the better choice, however. If this election cycle taught us anything it should now be apparent that something is very wrong with the system. The population of the United States is 318.9 MILLION people. Out of that many millions of people those were the best two candidates we could come up with? Really?

      Do I think Trump will be an ideal president? Nope. Not at all. And I don’t necessarily think it’s his role to awaken people. I think that’s the public’s role. Each of us are responsible for that, and I think we’re doing a pretty good so far. Things are so much different then they were even three years ago when I started this website. People are much more awake now and more and more people are beginning to wake up every single day. Partly because of ALL of US sharing information – and the influx of energies from the galactic core are helping significantly, as well. 😉

      I don’t see anyone else publicly stepping up to the plate who is willing to take on the cabal, or anyone who was even in the position to do so. Trump, for better or worse, was in the position to do so because he is extraordinarily wealthy (didn’t need to rely on donations in exchange for favors) and not a career politician. We know there are people behind the scenes that have been working very diligently to take down the cabal. What was needed was someone in a position of ‘power’ who can help to make their efforts come to fruition. I’m trying to approach the situation as ‘cautiously optimistic’ and keeping a very close eye on his actions. I’m willing to give him a chance to prove himself one way or another. I think Trump is ‘morally unpleasant’ as a public persona (can’t say for sure as I do not know him personally. I only know what I’ve seen of his public persona and what’s been portrayed in the media). Just last night I watched an old episode of CNBC Titans that was produced in 2010 that featured Trump because I wanted to know more about his background and early years. Oh Lordy, is that man one arrogant asshole! He’s over-the-top, for sure. My 93 year old Grandfather is a classic text-book narcissist and I can spot them a mile away. They are very unpleasant people. I’m not sure we really need to like Trump as a person, but if he’s going to help rid the planet of the controllers, then he can have my support – wether I like him as a person or not. The only person brave enough to take on the cabal would most likely need to be an arrogant asshole who thinks they are capable of of handling the job!

      Presidents typically are not the ones running the show anyway. People tend to think presidents have much more power than they actually do. It doesn’t matter who the president is because the cabal, shadow government, deep state, or whatever you choose to call them, are not the ones calling the shots. The president is merely the public face, or puppet for the real controllers. That’s exactly what makes Trump so interesting to me because it would appear that he is aware of the situation and making moves to dismantle the system of control and give it back to the people. As president, he is now the only person on the face of the planet who can do this. I’m willing to give him a chance. I am not one of his cheerleaders, but I am hopeful. My opinion may change next month, or three months from now, but I’d like to see what he’ll do before I pass judgement.

      I understand that people are pissed. I even understand why they are pissed. I’m pissed! That’s really the problem with the two party system. It keeps people divided. It was designed that way. On purpose. Now more than ever we need to find a way come together. It will not be easy. Until the cabal is taken out nothing will change. If, and that’s IF, Trump is able to take down the covert control system I think we should support him in that effort. Do we have to like him as a person? Nope. But I think we should at least give him a little time to see what he’s going to do.

    • I agree with L.Harrison + have problems to follow Mr. Gilliard 100%, even though we should give Trump a fair chance of about 3 months + see what happens. After all he is the better chance for all of us than “killery”. I spend a rather long time of my life in the USA from 1964 to 1979 in my “formative years” + remained for the rest of my life “half American” now I am 78 + it makes me very, very sad to witness what, has happened to America since president Kennedy, maybe Trump is a “blessing in disguise” for us all. Jesus Christ is suppose to have said “Only the truth will make you free!” Unfortunately he did not bless us with his definition of the words “freedom + truth”!!
      All the best to you my fellow AMERICANS T.Barnickel

      • I haven’t heard Lisa Harrison’s comments yet. I will look for it. Simon Parkes has been supporting Trump. Over the last several months Simon has gained my respect and admiration. He has been quite consistent in his statements and I appreciate his calm demeanor.

        This morning I looked for a free version of the CNBC documentary I watched the other night. I couldn’t find a copy unfortunately. There were some interesting highlights in the program. I didn’t know about this, but apparently in the 80s Trump battled the city mayor, Ed Koch, and bureaucrats to help complete the Central Park ice skating rink that had been under construction for 6 years and over budget by $12 million dollars. He took over the project, completed it three months and was $175,000 under budget. This showed me he is not afraid to take these guys on and he can deliver on his promises. Not only that, but he had negotiated for concession rights in the deal and gave the proceeds to charity.

        I found an article about the project on Bloomberg. Here’s an interesting quote from the article:

        “You need a narcissist who will come forward and say, ‘You don’t know what you are doing. I know what I am doing, I will fix it and you will put my name on it.”

        It was a good read. You can find it here:

        A 1980s New York City Battle Explains Donald Trump’s Candidacy

  • YUP i knew this it as soon as i heard he was elected. Trump is playing a Master role….yet those i’ve tried to explain it to immediately jump upon me with various accusations, revulsion and judgements. From the meta-view its all perfect.

  • to the editor…your reply on jan. 25th to LOIS,

    have seldom read such profund answer on the subject “trump” as yours..congratulations!!!! in a time when global Desinformation, fake news, lies ect. are dumped uns in the millions every second, your web + information is a bright shining light in the dark!!! will send you a donation in the next few days from Germany!!
    keep up the good work best regards t.barnickel

    • Thanks so much for your kind comments. I don’t comment very often because I try to remain unbiased. I don’t think my opinions are any more or less important than another persons opinions on a topic. I already know what I think, so I like to remain neutral because I’m more interested in hearing what you guys think. I feel strongly about this one though so I wanted to add to the discussion.

  • I don’t know if a “good” man would have the intestinal fortitude to take on these satanic monsters. And given what we’ve learned about the rampant pedophilia (and probably worse) that these people engage in, “monster” is being nice. I think that’s why someone like Trump is necessary at this point. He’s nit perfect and he’s has rubbed shoulders with some of these people, so he knows better than most what really goes on behind closed doors and what needs to be done to stop it. He’s not necessarily a righteous man but it’s already clear that he won’t dispose of his principles as immediately and completely as Obama did once he realized what he got himself into.

    I am also cautiously optimistic. The progressives/globalists on the left are absolutely self-destructing already, just by Trump taking office. They’re legitimately terrified. So there’s no doubt Trump has the potential to do good. This really is an epic existential battle between good and evil, in my opinion. There’s no more time to sit back and just let this stuff continue. At this point we know enough of the truth and thus we’re all complicit if we allow it to continue. Yes, Trump has ties to Netanyahu but Bibi has his own problems and might be forced out sooner than we think. I think that Trump is merely the new face of a positive faction that intends to liberate us. So far he is essentially keeping his word which is much more than any other president in memory has done. Until he starts stabbing the people who elected him in the backs, I’ll continue to be optimistic that he’s the man for the job. That inauguration speech alone gave me more hope than I’ve felt since pre-1996.

    • The big turning point for me was Trump’s visit to CIA headquarters. I was shocked to hear the cheers, laughter, and encouragement from the CIA – I was not expecting that! It gave me hope that if the positive factions of the CIA and military are behind Trump then we might actually get some things accomplished. It was interesting to hear how the media skewed and distorted his talk in the following days.

      Here’s the full talk he gave for those that missed it:


      Military bases are replacing Obama’s portrait with memes of our new president. I think it’s quite funny, but also encouraging.

  • Trump is a an arrogant narcissist, morally ambiguous, complete asshole.

    BUT…. he’s our asshole. By ‘our’, I mean those of us who are anti-NWO. Whoever it was in the comments section that said it takes someone of Trump’s ilk to take on the Cabal was perfectly right. Even though Trump is wrong about a lot of things, who else has the b***s to take on the NWO?!

    Like most of you in the comments section have already said, I don’t like him at all as a person, and never have (at least his public persona – ’cause I’ve never met the man in person). However…..

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I think Trump is a man of destiny. I don’t even know if he knows the full impact of the historic role he is playing, and about to play.

    Excellent article, James. And equally great comments, Mr. Editor. Both of you have shown a maturity that seems to be lacking in the rhetoric that is flying around in the Fake Stream Media, and at times, even in the Alt-News community.

    Like most of you, even though I don’t like the man, I feel that he is what we need right now. I’m choosing to give him a chance to see if the good he does (i.e. anti-NWO actions), outweighs the dubious or outright stupid (i.e. a border wall with Mexico).

    As James so eloquently put it, Ghandi will come later. Thanks guys.

    • Incredibly astute article and comments! It is so refreshing to hear this perspective and see it represented. I agree with everything James said, and have been saying the same thing all along. I appreciate the confirmation which was so eloquently expressed. Thank you all. I hope this goes viral too!

  • Trump broke his promise to have Mexico pay for the wall.

    He is trying to shut down the voices of science because he believes climate change m is a hoax.

    Instead of clearing the swamp he has stacked the Cabinet with billionaires.

    He cares more about the size of his inauguration crowd than he does about leading the country.

    He is not interested in daily briefings because he gets bored by them.

    He promised to release m his tax info if he won. He didn’t and he won’t.

    He lies every time he opens his mouth.

    He has white supreme sits on his staff.

    I could go on but you all know the measure of this man. You admit that he is a narcissist and you don’t personally like him. But you know what a piece of folth he is and SOME HOW you think he has the wherewithal to take on the NWO. I think that you all really love this asshole but it’s become too dicey to say so, so you state you can’t respect the man because he has no moral qualities YET he’s going to make some sort of positive difference.

    Gilliland comes across as an anti-feminist, and I’m sick of hearing how Soros is behind everything progressive and without any sort of proof other Alex Jones.

    If you’re not part of the Trump resistance then you’re on the wrong side of history.

  • I am very disappointed that Trump has continued the pressure, unfairness and illegitimacy imposed upon the courageous Native Americans at Standing Rock. Until Trump reverses the unwarranted cruelty and unlawful harm done to them, I stand against him. I voted for neither Trump nor Clinton, but for a Third Party. -Peter Alexander, Oakland, California.

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