Jim Stone: Brics may spell the end of American military superiority


(Jim Stone) Recommended reading for those who want a real understanding to what is going on in Ukraine. I have known about BRICS for quite some time, and even reported on it before, but this particular report is a real eye opener.

I don’t have time to summarize all this into one report, but in short, what is happening in Ukraine is actually an outcropping of the elite effort to maintain the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency. These reports are good ones, if you want to understand it all, read up.



Here we have it expanding to 80 nations. Right now, as a base of world population, BRICS has 65 percent.


Link to Jpost removed because the malware warning is real. Jpost claims BRICS now has a combined GDP of 16.309 trillion, but the world bank says the real financial power level due to various factors is right around 68 percent of the world economy, and 90 percent of the world’s population. Factor that into a world economy of $90 trillion dollars annually to get the real number BRICS represents, which would be right around 60 trillion.

In short, if you want the real truth about Ukraine, it is in Brics. I am sure the bankers believe that if they take down Russia, the whole thing will fail. Forget Japan on the world stage for anything other than Toyotas and Walkmans, the real power brokers are Amerisrael, China and Russia. Those are the nations that matter. So it would be natural then for Russia to be attacked and destabilized by the bankers if U.S. dollar hegemony is to be maintained, I sort of slipped on the topic of BRICS, it is obviously what is behind everything going on right now

With a real unemployment rate near 50 percent in America, and 45 million people now on food stamps, and with practically ALL of America’s manufacturing (sans the war machine) exported to China, it is now obvious that America can’t stay on top and fund it all without the cash flow provided by the petrodollar. Take that away, and America’s war machine will go kaput. So as far as the bankers can see, it’s use it or lose it, Brics may well spell their doom if they fail to. It is the bankers fear of BRICS that will cause World War 3.

Here are some more great links on this topic:

I know many of my readers do not like Ben Fulford, but he did a good job on this one once you read past the fluff – Benjamin Fulford: Lots of chatter about arrests, take-down of Zionist/Nazi cabal

Ben links to a report by the World Bank that took me 20 minutes of going over to figure out that his claims were for real, it’s a complex report that lays it all out without directly telling you the hard truth – the dollar has approximately 16 percent of the world economy backing it, and BRICS has approximately 65 percent of the world economy backing it. It really leaves one to wonder how on earth the FED has held on for so long, I guess the fear the American war machine has put on the world has done a lot to keep the dollar in place. Scroll down in that report to get to the graphs, stare, and think. You will see why I check up on Ben from time to time.

Here is why the U.S. is running Blackwater in Ukraine (site name badly chosen due to lack of cultural knowledge though,) http://bsnews.info/five-reasons-world-needs-brics-bank/

Source: Jim Stone Freelance

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