Journalist Eva Bartlett: “I’m Back From Syria. The Media Is Lying To You!”

Journalist Eva Bartlett: "I'm Back From Syria. The Media Is Lying To You!"

Eva Bartlett is a Canadian activist/freelance journalistst. Eva has lived cumulative ~3 years in Gaza, spent time in Lebanon and visited Syria 3 times since April 2014. Anti-zionist, anti-imperialist, pro-justice.

You can find out more about Eva’s trips to Syria on Eva’s Websites:

UPDATE DECEMBER 2016: Journalist Eva Bartlett DESTROYS Mainstream Journalist Over Syria, Aleppo

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  • I’m an American journalist with The Liberty Beacon. I run Middle East Rising website. I have lived in the West Bank of Palestine for a year, where I studied the occupation, Palestinian culture and the olive oil. I have lived also in Jordan where I met and interviewed with Syrian refugees. There is an opposing narrative from Syria, depending on whom you talk to and the country is divided. But if you talk with the displaced, most of them will tell you the crimes of the Assad regime. If you read the charges already filed against Assad officials at the ICC, based on a fraction of the evidence they have. It’s public. The charges are worse than war crimes and top all crimes committed so far in Syria over the past 5 years. I would ask Eva Barlett what area in Syria she visited. Also, please watch this video evidence of Assad’s use of barrel bombs:

    • Thank you so much for that Ariyana. I found this report to be curiously one-sided. I’m all for questioning the media narrative, but for me the media narrative seems to be “A bunch of people are coming over here fleeing terrorism, and they’re raping people and most of them are men and could fight, so they should go back”. I think the media is fairly evenly split against ISIS and Assad, and the bias is more ignoring the plight of the people in the middle rather than ignoring their individual preferences.

      I’d also look to interviews such as those on Humans of New York when Brandon Stanton talked to Syrian refugees. Plenty of them explain how they fled due to violence from the government rather than (or often as well as) from terrorist groups such as ISIS. A key example;

        • That’s just IT, Rick…there are no viable sources for that. I believe it came out of Donald Trump’s bigoted mouth as a reason for not allowing refugees into the United States.

      • Funny how you find this one-sided! All main stream is severely one-sided. Thanks to Eva we are hearing the OTHER side!

    • Ariyana, there is no doubt that Assad runs a dictatorial regime and is a bad person but he is also the legal head of a sovereign state. Where would the security of any of our countries be if people could just decide that they wanted to remove our leaders at will without going through due process?

      During the so called Arab Spring I was reminded of the various times that people in the UK have rioted and wondered how that appears in foreign news media. It would be absurd if an Arab nation decided to ignore our sovereignty and invade to ‘save’ our people.

      When the ‘Arab Spring’ occurred in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States sent troops in to shoot protesters and quell the protests – which they did – locking up thousands. But when the same thing occurred in Syria they and the CIA conspired to finance, arm and train the ‘protesters’ so that soon there were hardly any real protesters left.

      Syria is a sovereign nation and should have been allowed to deal with it’s own problems internally, just as other countries have been allowed to do. You may not like it but that is international law.

    • >With even a fraction of the evidence
      >Charges worse than war crimes
      >Posts video of barrel bomb

      … Barrel Bombs are not a war crime. People are making a big stink about “oh the shrapnel” when, while it is more shrapnel than an RPG, on average Barrel Bombs do less collateral damage than say, land mines, IEDs, Napalm, SABLE rounds, depleted uranium, and on and on I can go on why this barrel bomb thing is nonsense. Do you know why people faked a “chemical weapons attack” by Assad, and why they are now making a big stink about his armed forces having to make do with limited weapons delivery systems? Why Russia backs Assad while all these western powers seem united in trying to bring him down?

      A pipeline. From Syria to Iran. USA incited and logistically supported a rebel force (which has now aligned with ISIS, who our government keeps claiming we’re at war with) to bring down Assad for an oil pipeline Israel and Saudi Arabia both found inconvenient. The Syrian rebels want to convert the country to Sharia law (and ISIS want to expand beyond their holdings in Iraq and Jordan). Russia backs Assad because the pipeline would have helped their energy costs long-term as well as China’s. NATO has helped to incite and fund a Jihad while propagandizing the people of Syria and of NATO aligned countries on the “Evils of Assad” that have somehow, in the age of cellphones, LAVs, and Sat Overwatch, have as much compelling photographic/video evidence as UFO abductions.

      • No one in their right minds would put a pipeline through Syria. This was considered madness years ago -long before the current situation. There was never any indication that it could be adequately protected from sabotage.

        Many Syrian rebels want to be rid of Assad and ISIS
        Both of whom show no regard for civilians and both lack in humanity and decency

    • Sorry Ariyana but for most people on the planet “American Journalist” is an oxymoron. And the Liberty beacon is , at best , the equivalent of a small town news source that has little credibility. We all know that Assad is a bad guy and done some terrible things but he’s a Saint compared to virtually all American Presidents since WW2. All intelligent educated and enlightened people now know that if US foreign policy is for something it’s most likely the wrong thing to do !

    • What is this media fixation on “barrel bombs?” Why is proof of their use supposed to be so devastating? Barrel bombs are just bombs, larger usually than RPGs but far smaller than other conventional bombs. Is it because “barrel bombs” sounds so cool and nasty and sinister, like “neo-conservative” – another term that rolls blithely off the tongues of users who for the most part don’t even know what it means?

    • Well I am Syrian and my brother is a martyr.. I lost him in this damn war that America and its allies launched. . We and only us got the right to raise our voices and judge… Assad is our leader we love him we believe in him…. And together we are going to reach our victory

  • I have listened carefully to this discussion, to be honest there was a reflex to stop she first time said “Zionist entity”. But I pulled it through and listened till the end. There is no doubt in my mind that the only people who are fighting the islamic fundamentalists are the Russians, Kurds and yes, Armenians (since Syrians shielded and accepted Armenians surviving the genocide Ottoman and Kemalist Turks committed in 1915). To me there is no question who are the good guys are and who the enemy of humanity is. However If she has a shred of proof for a claim she made that Israel is treating wounded terrorists and sending them back to Syria, I want to see it. Israelis are not idiots, they well know what happens if Assad falls, if Syria is taken by jihadists – they are the next ones in line. Israel is staying out of this conflict and if she takes a side, its on side of the Kurds and indirectly Assad. Every other argument claiming Israelis are helping jihadists is against plain and obvious logic and reason. Then again, if she has evidence of any Israeli involvement in this war, she must come forward with it. Then we will call this credible journalism.

  • The corporate agenda and media control are manufacturing news, thank you for an on the ground honest report

  • Tavistock Institute has run the media since King George the Fifth. Their programs of “victimization” and “desacration” of human values goes right back to the British Monarchy and Queen Elizabeth II.

    She must be deposed, for honest Monarchy to exist once more.

    • honest monarchy??

      wake up Emily…. there’s never been an honest monarchy, and there never will be, people will only put themselves in exalted positions to further theirs and their cohorts agendas, at the cost of the people beneath them.

      • Paul, I truly beg to differ. There absolutely was an honest Monarch but she was imprisoned and her Kingdom government overthrown; by Americans.
        Her name was Queen Liliuʻokalani.
        I doubt you will find my claim disputed by anyone living or any historical accounts.

  • Ruben, if you want proof the Israelis are treating wounded Jihadis all you need to do is google it. Have you ever wondered why there have never been any ISIS or Al Quieda attacks in Israel?

    • Well said MISTERS. Also, this “journalist” Ariyana Love and The Liberty Beacon are a serious joke and have all the legitimacy of a Facebook Page.

    • israeli secret intelligence service or ISIS, a name created by mossad for themselves in the seventies which had the same alpha bet appeal as cia or mi4, but never caught on !! till now!! ISIS LEADER Al Baghdadi is actually an israelli counter intelligence agent called Simon Eliot!!!

  • In what way is Israel in this war? I think this girl must be brainwashed living in Gaza, thinking that the Jews is behind everything that is bad…

  • Thanks Aryana I condivide your opinion. I had listen only half of the so called journalist that was enough. She is, evidently an activist, supporting Gaza terrorist as she refer to Israel as the promoter of the evil crime in Syria and ignoring all the other countries and regime involve, Islamic state, crime, Assad regime and insurgent against the last one, are all guilty, the first two much more. Assad brutal regime had cause in first place a protest of citizen that had take up army against his refusal to go away. Many million of Syrian including high runch military officer had deserted is regime. In my opinion Richie Allen is also allowing Eva to clearly misleading the public with is support.

    • Luigi, before you discount Israel’s role in keeping the Syrian war alive you should read the evidence. Israel have certainly, by their own admission. reached an accommodation with Jabat al Nusra in the Golan Heights and have been providing medical support and no doubt much else. This much is documented (see my links above) and even admitted by the Israeli government who see nothing wrong in it.

      Much worse however, is the purchasing of ISIS stolen Syrian oil at knock-down prices giving the ISIS terrorists an estimated income of $1m to $1.5m each day. The Israeli governments response to this was to say they do not care where the oil comes from as that is a matter for the traders.

      We know that the stolen oil is ‘laundered’ in the southern regions of Turkey and my Turkish friend told me that this is fairly common knowledge. What we now know is that the oil is shipped from Ceyhan and shipped down to the Israeli ports of Ashdod and Ashkelon.

      Without this income it is doubtful if ISIS could have kept going for as long as they have.

  • When Eva Bartlett is not reporting from Syria, she is busy talking about how evil the Jews are. In fact in one blog post, she talks about how evil “Jewish industrialists” are and how the Jews “come from Khazar blood.”

    See her article here:

    This lady is a racist and an anti-Semite who should be ridiculed and ignored.

  • The war has taken a long time And innocent people keep getting killed, by any chance is there anyone out there that might be interested in taking about a solution or even suggest work out plan to get out of this.

  • Western establishment knows that they can manipulate media and masses easily. So they are willing to keep the democracy facade to let people have a feeling of being in control. Syria and Iraq and more lies about many issues prove that there have to be much more to be done to make this democracy well function. Right now it is not. The worst failed democracy is in USA. It’s degenerating into a carnival season’s call.

  • Zionism is a Jewish branch of nationalism from the time when Europe was in nationalistic fever. European nationalism caused two world wars and Jewish nationalism helped Jews to get the land in Palestine and also the trouble afterwards. Nationalism is egoism in national scale. So the damage caused by it is inevitable. Jews sacrificed under European nationalism and get the land as compensation and transfer further the damage to Palestinians. The nations need a sincere soul searching to stop killing each other. Maybe the human being has not evolved so far.

  • There is no palestine and there is NO Palestinian people . Arabs of of egyptian and arab tribal descent . She is correct concerning the rebels but her anti jew and anti israel bias is very clear . She certainly refuses to acknowledge the cultural and morally corrupt islamic culture . She either is just ignorant as many westerners are when judging islamic culture , often seeing islam through the eyes of pseudo christian lenses . Islam the antitheist of christianity and judaism. It is totally opposed to western thought . A blood thirsty cult that western democracy has no place whatsoever. The two ideologies cannot , nor ever will mess . The only democratic country in the middle east and she demonizes it , ‘ Israel ‘ . typical stupid westerner , anti semitic liberal . she has some good points but most fools do .

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