Karen Hudes Exposed

Karen Hudes Exposed

I’ve voiced my concern to several people regarding Karen Hudes over the past several months and I’m glad to see the truth is finally coming out. — Editor

2012 the Big Picture: 

I was expecting this. As I said in a previous post (referenced by Alfred, below), she was sharing disinfo that was so far off the mark that she didn’t come across to me as a “whistleblower”, but a disinfo artist, a faux whistleblower implanted in the truther community by the cabal.

The other day Gramy J at Cosmic Voice FB said Neil Keenan had a new post exposing Karen Hudes but took it down to make some modifications and would be reposting it soon. As of the writing of this post, they have not yet reposted…

But Alfred Lambremont Webre shared this. Apparently Karen is not only spreading disinfo, but is now actively engaged in attempting to thwart the work of Rev. Kevin Annett in bringing to justice the child trafficking operation at the Vatican under the Black Pope Jorge Bergolio AKA Pope Francis.  ~ BP

Zionist disrupter Karen Hudes disrupting exposure of Vatican, introduces covert Israeli disrupter Eric Jon Phelps in attack on anti-Vatican activists


Child trafficker & Satanic infant murderer Pope Bergoglio –Israeli plane bearing Vatican logo to bring pope back to Rome after May 2014  visit

by Alfred Lambremont Webre

VANCOUVER, BC – Karen Hudes, a self-styled defector from the Rothschild controlled IMF-World Bank complex who designates herself as “Acting General Counsel of the World Bank” in letters of attempted intimidation against long-standing whistleblowers in the Exopolitics areas, has introduced a fellow covert Israeli-Zionist disrupter to disrupt the exposure of child trafficker and Satanic infant murderer Pope Jorge Bergoglio, now on trial before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels as an arch criminal who in some future scenarios attempts to introduce a global police state in conjunction with a world monarchy [UK Monarchy], under the sponsorship of City of London bloodline banking families.

Letter to a colleague attacked by Karen Hudes

In a letter to a colleague against whom Karen Hudes attempted an intimidation as “Acting General Counsel of the World Bank”, I wrote:

Hi! I am very sorry that Karen Hudes has extended campaign of her open information warfare from Kevin Annett of the International Common Law Court of Justice now to you.

 As an informal legal adviser to the Court and Kevin, I have been tracking her unwarranted attacks upon the court and its prosecution of an international ring on pedophiles in high places in government, finance, media and in the churches and the Vatican.

   After due consultation with other parties whom Karen Hudes has attacked, we have concluded that Karen Hudes (who I initially cordially welcomed as a fellow Yale Law School grad and activist colleague) is a mole and a controlled asset on a malicious and negative faction, tasked to disrupt the truth movement.

    Here is an article from my friend and colleague Jean Haines website and we have discussed Karen Hudes at length. The article documents some of Karen Hudes covert ties:

March 13, 2014

Karen Hudes: Whistleblower or Deceiver?


As to course of action, you can most readily decide what to do or ignore.

In some cases the best action is to take no action.

On the other hand, her own letter does expose Karen Hudes for what she is. And at the same time to engage her is to engage very negative energy.

 I have engaged her publicly and exposed her. The wisest course may be to just shield against this energy.

 I hope this helps.

 Please let me know your thoughts.


Analysis of Karen Hudes Disrupter operations

One public analysis of Karen Hudes disrupter operations states:

Both Karen and her husband are Marxist  Jews. They have a daughter, Elizabeth (about age 21). Karen is very careful never to reveal anything about her Ashkenazi Jewish background, family, private interests. Karen worked for the World Bank, controlled by Jews, as a senior lawyer for many years and her husband has also worked for the World Bank as well. So how come, all of a sudden, she leaves the World Bank to become a “whistle-blower” exposing corruption at the the World Bank, IMF, Federal Reserve, US Justice system and US government? – attacking her own  fellow Jews? – it simply doesn’t make sense does it?

The real truth is she is a Jewish ‘disinformation agent’ or ambassador of the bankers themselves working for the British. What she is saying is briefly this: “I am here to forewarn you all that the old, out-dated, corrupt, Bretton Woods banking system has had its day, and is about to be replaced with a new world order financial system and World Currency Unit.” It is really as simple as that.

Barry Spergel, her husband, was born on 23 May, 1952, and is an Environment Financing Consultant and international lawyer with his office at home. Amongst his many positions, he has helped design environmental funds in more than 25 countries, including drafting up legal documents, operations manuals, grant-making procedures, investment policies, and fundraising strategies. HE has also negotiated Debt-for-Nature swaps for the World Bank.  He has written global forestry laws and environmental protection laws; and designed new environmental taxes and user fees (user fees which will soon be introduced all around the world for the public to access their own privatized, UN-controlled national parks!!!!) and PES and REDD. He has also helped design and evaluate many projects for GEF, the World Bank, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), KFW, AFD, USAID, WWF, CI, TNC, IUCN etc.

Barry Spergel attended Yale Law School 1975-1978, which Karen Hudes also attended, and it is presumed that is where they first met and subsequently he became Karen’s husband. Karen was born in 1948.

Barry Spergel was Senior Legal Counsel and Director for Conservation Finance at the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) USA based at 1250 24th Street, NW Washington, DC, from 1989 to 2003, a very long time! The WWF was founded on 29 April 1961 by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, with five others including Julian Huxley and Godfrey A. Rockefeller (all eugenicists). Today the WWF is based in Switzerland, has HRH The duke of Edinburgh as its president Emeritus, has revenues of over 525 million euros, has over 5 million supporters worldwide, is the world’s largest conservation organization, and derives approximately 57% of its funding from individuals and bequests, 17% from the World Bank, DFID, and USAID, and 11% from corporations. Karen Hudes, his wife, interestingly,  was a Senior Legal Counsel at the World Bank. Both the  WWF (USA) and World Bank work together, and indirectly are controlled by City of London Jews with the British Monarchy at the head.

Mr. Spergel has worked with Michael Rothschild of the Walton Family Foundation on the Forever Costa Rica Project, the first such program in a developing country to permanently meet the UN Global Protected-Area Goals. He is involved with the 2013-2017 Mediterranean MPA Network Strategy to introduce UN-mandated Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean.http://www.medmpaforum2012.org/en/partenaires  He has developed the Practice Standards for Conservation Trust Funds for the Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA)http://conservationfinance.org/news.php?id=185

Above all,Barry Spergel has personally written the UN/World Bank/IMF global plan for global ‘Conservation Finance’ called Limitations and Opportunities for financing protected areas all around the world – through World Bank/IMF bilateral debt reduction for biodiversity conservation swaps, debt-for-nature swaps, introducing new property tax surcharges to pay for conservation land acquisition, greatly increasing visitor fees to conservation areas etc. This involves massively increasing the current global spending of $6 billion per year to $45 billion per year. You can read his presentation about his plans here:http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/Saxaphone-8300-ESSD-Roundtable-G-Finance-II-Barry-Spergel-PPT-CONSERVATION-FINANCE-Global-Cost-Biodiversity-Conservation-Macroeconomic-Solution-3-Approach-ppt-powerpoint/

We remember, in 1987, at the 4th World Wilderness Congress held  in Denver Colorado, (the now late) Edmund de Rothschild set up the World Conservation Bank. The outstanding author and speaker, George W. Hunt (some of his video material is still on Youtube), who attended the Congress, later explained how it (or an equivalent organization to it in the future) was to be used as the final decoupling mechanism to take over the entire assets of the collapsed banks of the world during a global crisis, by providing a new world financial system and global currency called the “world conservation earth dollar” (or something like it) issued against the collateral of 34% of the entire earth’s surface that has been transferred into UN Conservation Parks and Biodiversity zones. Our own country here in New Zealand has long been completed.

Its all a very clever, ingenius, evil, cunning, Marxist, British Socialist plot to take over the world, and I regret to say, both Karen Hudes and Barry Spergel are, right now, a very nasty and integral part of it.


Experience of Neil Keenan with Karen Hudes

This reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre in fact recommended Karen Hudes to Neil Keenan before I had even met her on the basis of a review of her website and the fact that she was a fellow Yale Law grad.  I assumed she was a good-faith truth movement activist and recommended her accordingly to Neil Keenan. Neil Keenan, to whom this reporter has served as an informal legal adviser, states that Karen Hudes in effect has acted as a disrupter in his project to restore the collateral gold accounts for the good of humanity.

As reported by Michael Henry Dunn, Neil Keenan states:

“Karen Hudes did work with Keenan – and then attempted to cut him out: Contrary to Ms. Hudes statements that she “never worked with Keenan, and would not work with Keenan,” she did receive direct and important help from The Keenan Group, which gave her a crucial introduction to S.C. Chiang – a powerfully influential figure with the Asian families who own the vast majority of Global Account assets.  Mr. Chiang stood ready to help Ms. Hudes in her dealings with the World Bank…until she attempted to go around Neil Keenan to work unilaterally, attempting to cut out the man who has earned the families’ trust.  This backfired badly, as Mr. Chiang informed Keenan of the incident, and withdrew his offer to help Hudes.”




Disrupter Karen Hudes introduces covert Israeli agent Eric Jon Phelps 

A few days after Karen Hudes sent her attempted intimidation to my exopolitics colleague, she posted a May 2, 2014 reply to my April 4, 2014 public question to her on Facebook : WHO DOES KAREN HUDES WORK FOR? That is my question. Will the real Karen WHO-DES? PLEASE STAND UP!! In Light, Alfred 😉


Karen Hudes reply to my question was to reference a public exchange with exposed Israeli diamond dealer and disrupter Eric Jon Phelps that I had after the Vancouver 9/11 conference at which I was a speaker.

Response of Karen Hudes to Alfred Lambremont Webre


“I am in a coalition of whistleblowers recovering the world’s gold for the benefit of humanity, as shown by my track record”: http://kahudes.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/exhibit3.pdf

Who do you work for, Alfred Webre?
Hi All – Thanks to Arlene Johnson, who forwarded me the latest salvo
from Eric Jon Phelps and Tim White:
FOR THE RECORD'” [SEE APPENDIX I below for full text of Karen Hudes reponse].

Eric Jon Phelps and Karen Hudes are fellow covert Zionist disrupters

There is ample prima facie evidence to show, in my opinion, that Eric Jon Phelps [who was tasked to my disrupt positive roles in the 9/11 investigations and in the ITCCS.orginvestigations of Popes, the Vatican, and the UK monarchy] and Karen Hudes in fact are tasked as disrupters of truth movement activists by forces within the Zionist, Israeli and Rothschild connected communities.

Please review the following 2-part article regarding Zionist disrupter Eric Jon Phelps, the male counterpart to female Zionist disrupter Karen Hudes, both of whom are tasked with disrupting legitimate Truth movement workers in the Exopolitics, 9/11, monetary reform, and Monarchy and Papacy-Vatican Disestablishment movements on behalf of Zionist-Rothschild interests.

Eric Jon Phelps Exposed, Part 1: Smear Artist, Israeli Diamond Trader and “Jesuit” Expert

[Editor’s Note: I have to thank the author of this series of articles for saving me a great deal of time. I felt it was necessary to invest some time in exposing Phelps, a Catholic hater of the first rank, for the mountain of unsubstantiated and unproven fabrications he has leveled against the Catholic church in general, but also against individuals he has chosen to smear and denigrate -including myself. Up to now, with the exception of Constance Cumbey, I had not seen anything in print that even began to earnestly evaluate and whittle down this outrageous blow hard to a manageable size. So this author-whoever he or she may be-has saved me a lot of effort by providing the expose which Phelps so richly deserves.

Eric Jon Phelps is the sort of person that a serious-minded and intelligent reader will quickly dismiss as a Merchant of Tripe. You just have to start reading his material to see that he’s over-the-top about everything. Big on accusations, but very short on substantiated proof, except, of course, the “source references” he provides in his writings-often naming himself as the reference source! Phelps is in the business of scapegoating and blame-assignment of all Evil Deeds to the Vatican, the Jesuits, and Catholics, while assiduously avoiding any mention of the role that his Zionist Israeli sponsors might be playing in shaping these schemes to push the Middle East (and the world) into an Armageddon waste land of death and destruction. His comeuppance is long overdue. …Ken Adachi]

October 24, 2008


Are you filthy rich? Do you have a lot of excess cash laying around? Are you in the market for fine-cut diamonds and gems? If so, then Eric Jon Phelps would like to hear from you.

Eric Jon Phelps, Vice President and Chief of Sales for an Israeli affiliated company, www.lowvehm.com, wants you to know that the diamonds and colored gems he and lowvehm.com sell come direct from Tel Aviv, Israel. Sure, they will cost you a lot but, Phelps insists, Israeli diamond cutters are the best in the world.

Yes, these fine, luxurious and expensive diamonds are now available for sale to Mr. Phelps “exclusive clients,” direct from Israel.

Whoa! Hold on…Wait just a minute! Eric Jon Phelps you say? Isn’t he the guy that authored the book, Vatican Assassins? Yes, indeed, they’re one and the same. It appears that Mr. Phelps wears many cloaks. As one source on the internet wryly notes, “Eric Jon Phelps is quite a chameleon. He’s a jack of all trades.” White supremacist, racist, Israeli diamond trader, former concrete mixer, author—Eric Jon Phelps is all these things and more. But he’s probably best known as the author of a very flawed and absurd book, Vatican Assassins, that its mysterious publishers bill as an exposé of the Vatican’s Jesuit Order.

Phelps Busy Labeling People “Jesuit” Infiltrators

Did you know that Alfred Webre, top 9/11 truther, is actually an undercover Catholic Jesuit operative?…that popular talk show host Alex Jones is secretly a Jesuit agent as well as a CIA plant?…that Christian author Constance Cumbey is a Vatican stooge and a “Romish Vixen” controlled by the Jesuits?…

Yep, that’s what this fellow, Eric Jon Phelps claims. He offers no proof, of course, but that doesn’t deter Phelps from smearing many good people. Phelps, if you believe him, is very busy spilling the beans on the evil Jesuit Order and its spidery labyrinth of paid secret agents.

According to Phelps, the Jesuits are responsible for just about everything diabolical. They ordered the hit on President John F. Kennedy; they covertly ran the Vietnam War; they secretly control all the world’s banks and they tell the U.S. Congress what to do. Phelps warns that their secret priests are everywhere. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is a Jesuit stooge; so are Obama and McCain.

Phelps, never shy in asserting his arrogant claims, says that the Jesuits are behind the Order of Skull & Bones. They supervise the Council on Foreign Relations; they control Wall Street’s billions, and if Phelps is to be believed, the Catholic Jesuits are the founders of Communism and Nazism alike. 

Zionist Jews? By Phelps reckoning, the Zionists and Israelis are meek little lambs; certainly they are not behind any conspiracy. Phelps absolves the Jews of blame for anything. And even if the ADL is made up of a bunch of Christian hating rabbis, Phelps asserts that the ADL is secretly under control of the Jesuits. They, not the Jewish leaders of the ADL, are the culprits who are defaming Christianity. Tsk Tsk, the Jesuits do the dirty deeds and the poor Jews always get all the blame! That’s Phelps assertion, being, as he is, an Israeli diamond profiteer.

Phelps seems to have a special dislike and disdain for Christians who oppose New Age occultism. Take, for example, Constance Cumbey, author of the bestselling Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow. Ms. Cumbey, a pioneer in exposing New Age occultism, has become a key target of his wrath. Phelps forthrightly labels her a deceiver and, he trumpets, a Jesuit monster. Phelps warns that Cumbey is nothing less than a “Conservative Baptist Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor.”

Phelps writes on his website that Cumbey is a dangerous woman; indeed, according to Phelps, Cumbey is a “cunning female Coadjutor for the Jesuit Order, a covert member of Opus Dei, Catholic Action or the Dames of Malta.” Whew! Quite a list there.

Cumbey is so evil that he, Phelps, considers it “necessary” to expose this woman whom he colorfully describes as a “venomous, vicious, Romish Vixen” with, he colorfully adds, “notorious connections with Rome.”

Constance Cumbey a “venomous, vicious, Romish Vixen” involved in “perfidious dealings” with the wicked Jesuit conspiracy? She denies it, says it’s laughable (http://cumbey.blogspot.com/search?q=eric+jon+phelps), and Christians who know Cumbey’s long-standing service believe her, not Phelps. Still, smear artist, mud-slinger Phelps labors on, working for and promoting the Zionist cause.

What evidence does Phelps introduce for his outrageous claims against Cumbey, Jones and others? Zilch, nada, not a shred.

Phelps: “Rothschilds Work for the Jesuits”

Amazingly, if Phelps is to be believed (not!), even the Rothschilds, the most infamous of Zionist Illuminati, are not really the guilty source of crimes or conspiracy. Phelps says the Jesuits are actually the hidden controllers of the Rothschilds. (What supermen these Jesuits seem to be!) The Jesuits run Hollywood, too, and the Jesuits are masterminds of the pornography industry. According to Phelps, the Jesuits are guilty of, well, just about everything. They’re probably even behind the extraterrestrial and UFO aliens.

Is Christian author Constance Cumbey or 9/11 researcher Alfred Webre an evil Jesuit infiltrator? Of course not. Neither is Alex Jones a CIA disinformation agent, as Phelps so pompously and ridiculously insists. And that cockeyed theory that Jesuit killers carried out the JFK assassination? Oh boy, is this guy a bizarre and rough-shaped oddball!

Phelps: Silly, Harmless Oddball?

But, is that all that Eric Jon Phelps is—a bizarre and silly, harmless oddball? Defamation, libel, and slander are never harmless. Such crimes leave behind victims and sometimes damaged reputations, and they do injustice to the truth. Consider this: Phelps has guested recently on a number of patriot radio talk shows spouting his ridiculous theories, accusing hapless victims, undermining the truth, and aiding and abetting those who do not want Americans to know the truth about the 9/11 cover-up, Zionist crimes, and the world financial crisis.

Because of his extravagant claims and pretense of being an “expert,” Phelps has apparently gained a sort of “cult” following. Boasting that he is a died-in-the-wool Reformation Protestant opposed to Jesuitism, he has suckered in many who rightly are concerned about the error of the Vatican. Others just seem drawn to his absurdities. Then there are the neocon evangelical, pro-Israel crowd—zealots convinced that the Jews and Israel are the good guys and that the Christians like Cumbey, the workers in the 9/11 Truth Movement, and the patriot leaders are covert agents of Rome.

Phelps has even been invited to a conspiracy conference as an “expert.” Quite an achievement for a guy who has little formal education and who formerly laid cement for a living.

Phelps’ victims, unfortunately, are growing in numbers. Phelps’ unsupported attack on those leading the 9/11 Truth Movement is especially sad and damaging. He fraudulently labeled Alfred Webre a “covert Jesuit agent.” Who is Alfred Webre? A person who has worked diligently cobbling together the International Citizens 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal, seeking to hold to account Bush, Cheney, Netanyahu and other 9/11 criminals. For his sterling efforts, Mr. Webre was blasted with unsubstantiated false libel by the pompous, loose cannon Zionist zealot, Eric Jon Phelps. Phelps, cloaking himself as “Brother Eric,” sent out this accusatory letter on the internet:

“Dear Brethren and Friends:

I consider Alfred Webre to be a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor…The same holds true for Alex Jones and several others…”

Sincerely in Faith, 
Brother Eric

Brother Eric, indeed, “How about false accuser Eric?” In fact, Alfred Webre has been at the forefront in exposing elitist machinations, exactly the opposite of what Phelps contends! Talk about sowing confusion and dissension!

Webre is joined as a victim by many others, all good people unfairly smeared. Many of whom are dedicated patriots, 9/11 Truthers, and Christians devoted to exposing the elite. But Phelps sees otherwise, branding them all as Jesuits in hiding.

Phelps: Anti-Semites and Jesuits Are Everywhere!

Eric Jon Phelps gets a kick out of calling targeted people “anti-Semites,” but he especially loves to brand his innocent victims with the label of “Jesuit temporal coadjutor.” According to Phelps, the conspiracy theory woods are just full of Jesuit spies, Jesuit killers, Jesuit provocateurs, Jesuit covert priests, and assorted Opus Dei and Knights of Malta secret operatives.

Phelps even suggested that Congressman Ron Paul is a covert Jesuit, and Michael Collins Piper, author of several excellent books exposing Zionism is, naturally, also a “Jesuit” in hiding. Yeah, that’s right, Phelps accuses Ron Paul, Collins, and a whole host of other folks of working clandestinely for the “Black Pope.”

Just who is this Eric Jon Phelps? And what about his bloated, but unscholarly anti-Catholic book, Vatican Assassins? Who really wrote it, published it, and is now distributing it?

Well, leave it to resourceful true patriots and Christians to come up with the answer to these intriguing questions. Lately, more and more facts about the shadowy Mr. Phelps and his rather unsavory friends have been uncovered by inquiring researchers.

Phelps An Israeli Diamond Merchant

As I stated, it turns out that Eric Jon Phelps has been neglecting to mention on radio the fact that he is Vice President of a Newmanstown, Pennsylvania, firm,www.lowvehm.com. According to the firm’s website, Phelps is a trader and merchant of wholesale diamonds and colored gems from Israel. In a letter posted on the lowvehm.com website with his signature as Vice President, Phelps boasts:

“Lowvehm, Inc. offers the finest quality diamonds on today’s market. Israeli cutters being the best in the world, we order direct from Tel Aviv (Israel’s) famous diamond district. All sales are final. No refunds are given…”

Phelps then closes the offer with:

“Sincerely for your gemological satisfaction,”

Eric Jon Phelps 
Vice President 
Lowvehm Inc. 
203 South Fort Zellers Rd., Suite D 
Newmanstown, PA 17073

Phelps also brags on the lowvehm.com website that he can assist “our wealthy clients” with “customized,” exclusive international business consultant services. He promises to help “men and women of wealth” survive and prosper in the 21st century.

According to the website, the tenets and beliefs of a Jewish medical doctor, Mendelsohn, are endorsed.

At one point, in his promo to “men and women of wealth”, Phelps actually mentions his book, Vatican Assassins. One supposes this is particularly of interest to wealthy Jewish clients who despise all Christians and would appreciate doing business with a Tel Aviv, Israel, diamond trader who has taken Christians to task.

Phelps A New Ager, says Cumbey

Phelps, on the same website, lowvehm.com, also pushes what most would consider various kooky “New Age” health products, ranging from magnets to magical energy water, hyperbolic pressure chambers, orgone accelerators, and other strange things, such as “healthful, beautiful, inspiring music.” His ad for these “high energy” products seem to be similar to bogus alternative health claims made by rabbis on a number of Jewish cabalistic websites. Cabalist devotees Madonna and Paris Hilton would no doubt appreciate these New Age health aids. Indeed, entertainer Michael Jackson, also into cabalistic sorcery, once used a hyperbolic pressure chamber as an “anti-aging” tool.

Jewish cabalistic rabbis are steeped in magic and New Age practices. They, too, have many websites selling “blessed energy water” and other quack products. And remember Constance Cumbey, the Christian author whom Phelps ridiculously blasts as a “venomous, vicious, Romish Vixen” agent of the Jesuits? Cumbey’s own website reports that after carefully reviewing Phelps’ Vatican Assassins book, she concludes, “The book is a New Age book with a New Age agenda.” “It is moreover,” she says, “an ugly book.”

Cumbey also notes that Phelps enthusiastically endorses the New Age “hollow earth” theory. Phelps, however, responds claiming this gobbledygook theory is “truly Biblical and scientific.”

Journalist Forum Exposes Phelps

The very reliable Curt Maynard blogspot has unmasked Phelps and Israeli Zionist diamond connectionscurtmaynardsnewestblog.blogspot.com/. The Outlaw Journalism Forum, too, has an especially enlightening discussion regarding the ridiculous and unsubstantiated—yet harmful—accusations by Eric Jon Phelps against good Christian believers, patriots, and 9/11 truthers (www.outlawjournalism.com/forum/dirtonericjonphelps).

So now we know why Phelps may be so ardently attacking Jones, Piper, Webre, Cumbey, Paul and others. By his own admission, he is a Zionist, an Israeli diamond merchant, a White Supremacist and a “good racist.” Still, questions remain:

  1. Phelps is a trader in Israeli merchanted diamonds and gems. Do those Jewish agents finance his bogus anti-Jesuit tirades?
  2. Who really owns www.lowvehm.com?
  3. Phelps, on his separate Vatican Assassins website, admits that www.lowvehm.com holds the “license” to his book and is the distributor. Yet, Phelps says that he as author, has no legal connection withwww.lowvehm.com. We have shown this, however, to be untrue. It is lowvehm.com that licenses and distributes the book, yet Phelps, its supposed author, as “Vice President” of lowvehm.com, has no legal ties? Incidentally, lowvehm.com’s listed address is “Newmanstown, Pennsylvania, and Phelps resides in…Newmanstown, of course…
  4. The original publisher of Phelps book is said by him to be a California company named “Halycon Unified Services.” Who is this? Did Phelps really write this book, or was its author the Israeli Mossad? Do the Jewish diamond people own an interest in either “Halycon Unified Services” or lowvehm.com? (According to Amazon.com, Halycon Unified Services only published this one book and no others, before or since.) Hmmm.
  5. Is Eric Jon Phelps a covert Mossad operative? We have no concrete evidence that he is. Still, his business connections with Israeli-affiliated lowvehm.com and other information uncovered, in our opinion, surely taint anything he says or writes on the subject of Israel, Zionism, Christianity, and foreign affairs.
  6. Is Eric Jon Phelps secretly himself a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor? Consider the fact that he often savagely attacks good Christian people who have exposed Catholicism’s errors. Moreover, his book is so preposterous and unscholarly and his claims so ridiculous it causes the public to laugh at and scorn legitimate Jesuit exposers. These are the marks of a clever Jesuit agent. Phelps could be exactly that!

A final summation:

Eric Jon Phelps has greatly harmed and injured the reputation of a number of outstanding patriotic people with his vicious attacks. We now see why Phelps, in bed with Israeli diamond traders and pushing what some believe to be New Age related products, is so cleverly and insidiously spreading lies and disinformation. He’s been able to dupe many gullible followers.

Phelps heartily supports the Zionist Illuminati agenda by creating “Straw Men” and by authoring a book so flawed and absurd it discredits the whole Truth Movement.

We can easily see that Eric Jon Phelps is a Zionist shill, a false Christian (in our opinion, based on our investigation), and a “White Supremacist.” But let us be on the lookout for future “Eric Jon Phelps” types. Before you take such agent provocateurs at their word, please, check them out. They, too, may just be up to their necks in the Israeli diamond trade and other lucrative pro-Zionist ventures. Don’t be deceived.

Source: http://educate-yourself.org/cn/ericjonphelpsexposed1part24oct08.shtml

October 25, 2008

Eric Jon Phelps Exposed, Part 2: Putting Israel First, Promoting the Zionist Agenda (Oct. 25, 2008)


Eric Jon Phelps, proven to be an Israeli diamond trader and alleged to be author of Vatican Assassins, is under fire from many in the Patriot, Truth, and Christian communities as a fraud and liar. He’s also alleged to be a smear merchant, putting out false information claiming that Alex Jones is a paid CIA and Vatican agent. He also has falsely claimed that Pastor Butch Paugh, Texe Marrs, Jeff Rense, Constance Cumbey, Dr. Stan Monteith are all secretly Vatican Jesuit infiltrators. None of this is true, leading investigators to question who Eric Jon Phelps is and who is behind his smears and disinformation.

Daryl Bradford Smith, (www.Iamthewitness.com), says that Phelps “should be considered part of the Zionist criminal network.” In a June 4, 2006 article entitled “White Supremacists—Are They Real Nazis or Ashkenazis (crypto-jews?),” Smith suggests that Phelps, an admitted white racist and separatist, may actually be an agent-provocateur faking his beliefs to attract support from Nazi-Aryan White Supremacist groups.

Smith may be right. Reportedly, Phelps was honored as guest speaker by a University of Oklahoma Hasidic (hard-core Zionist Orthodox) Jewish group. Hasidic Jews have a record of deep involvement in the Christ-hating Talmud and the sorcerous Cabala. The topic of Phelps’ address was “Jesuits, Jews, and Israel.”

Phelps, the Israeli Diamond Salesman

Eric Jon Phelps admits that he is a merchant to the wealthy of Israeli diamonds, direct from Tel Aviv (http://lowvehm.com/diamonds.htm). We are not told by Phelps who the Jewish merchants in Tel Aviv are from whom he gets his diamonds wholesale. What we do know is that Phelps fails to tell his prospective gem buyers that Israeli crooks and gangsters run most of the lucrative “blood” diamond business, robbing and exploiting the people of impoverished African countries like Zaire, the Congo, and Liberia. Annually untold hundreds of people are murdered in a continuing holocaust in these primitive diamond regions in the quest for diamond profits.

Reportedly, among the Jewish billionaires responsible for this diamond-lust genocide is Maurice Templeman, who has given huge sums of campaign money to both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Israel’s Emaxon Finance Corp is a major perpetrator in the Congo. Other Jewish diamond firms are run by DeBeers, Oppenheim, Hertzov, and Gertler. The latter man, Danny Gertler, is called “Mr. Diamond” by his associates.

These Israeli bums “steal” the diamonds from the poor black Africans and send them to Jewish firms in Tel Aviv, Israel, which controls over 65 percent of the worlds gem market.

Mr. Phelps claims to be a “historian and researcher.” If he is, then surely he knows of the misery, pain, and suffering inflicted by the Israelis in their greedy grab of diamonds and other natural resources of Africa. When the local people of darkest Africa object to their exploitation and slavery, the Israeli-controlled and bribed government troops move in to brutally put down the insurrections. Does Phelps know these things? Does he care?

The rich Jews in Africa even fly in their cabalistic rabbis for sacred Jewish rituals. Insiders report that these rabbis are regularly flown in from New York and Brussels.

To further his diamond business and perhaps to ingratiate himself with Israeli gem merchants, Eric Jon Phelps has made trips and visits to Israel. There he met with Israeli author Barry Chamish, a Zionist who criticizes and lobbies for his government to retain all the lands stolen from the oppressed Palestinians. Chamish, a supporter of an aggressive Israeli foreign policy, says that Phelps’ diatribes against the Catholics have been a “deep influence on my work.”

Eric Jon Phelps and Chamish met twice after Phelps arrival in Israel by air, May 28, 2003.

Phelps is an Admitted Tax Dodger

Eric Jon Phelps, of Newmanstown, Pennsylvania, brags that he is a tax dodger and has urged others to join the tax resistance movement as well. (www.letsrollforums.com/eric-john-phelps-income-t17087.html?s=c0aca62b1fb599b7602113cf3c030a6c&) He admitted in a letter to his followers that he has not paid income taxes or filed IRS tax returns for some 25 years. He also refuses a social security number.

How does Phelps get away with this? Do his Jewish pals take care of him as far as IRS enforcement is concerned?

Strangely, while stoutly defending Israel and savagely attacking anyone who dares oppose Zionism, Phelps self-styles himself a “White American Freeman.” He says he believes in racism and racial separation, but insists he is a “good racist.”

Phelps: “I Am a Zionist”

Proclaiming himself to be a “Hebrew Israelite,” Phelps has also declared, “I am a Zionist” www.vaticanassassins.org. He even goes on to say that his goal is a “Fifth Monarchy” Israel Kingdom. “The beloved Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites people have a right to live in their promised land,” Phelps writes, adding, “I am of the fifth category of Zionists.”

The folks at www.infoundergroundradio.com (10/3/2002) call Phelps a “hit man for the Jews, a complete shill,” brimming, they say, with lies and disinformation.

Can a White Supremacist embrace Zionism and Israel? If so, why doesn’t the Jewish ADL endorse David Duke?

Phelps Welcomed on Israel National Radio

Phelps calls the Jews his “beloved,” and they sure respond to his flatteries. According to Israel National Radio, Phelps anti-Catholic views were warmly welcomed in Israel as Phelps guested on that network’s popular “The Tamar Yonah Show” (http://www.podcastdirectory.com/podcasts/19461). Tamar Yonah, host of the government subsidized Israeli radio program, bills her show as one that conducts “interviews with the movers and shakers in Israel.”

Is Phelps, a former concrete mixer and Bible School student and now an Israeli diamond merchant, one of those “movers and shakers” in Israel?

John Kaminski, well-known internet researcher and essayist, says he believes flat-out that Eric Jon Phelps, masquerading as a “White American Freeman,” is, in reality, simply a Jew. Kaminski also suggests that Phelps is likely a FBI stooge. According to Kaminski, Phelps uses special codewords to let Jews know he is one of them. For example, Phelps says that, “Jesus is the Jewish Son of God.” Does this mean that Jesus is today a fleshly Jew in heaven? Does Phelps deny the bible’s clear teaching that our majestic God is a Spirit and has no fleshly body?

Phelps Smears 9/11 Truth Movement

Eric Jon Phelps has savagely attacked most of the patriots and constitutionalists who are courageously working to get out the truth about the monstrous 9/11 cover-up. Phelps does the dirty work of the elite and brands such people as Dr. Stan MonteithAlex Jones, Eric HuffschmidtTexe MarrsButch Paugh, Eustace Mullins, and Jeff Rense Vatican agents of the Black Pope of the Catholic Jesuits. This even though many of these good people—Texe Marrs, Butch Paugh, and others—have long been in the forefront of unmasking the errors and crimes of the Vatican, way before Phelps came on the scene with his bogus book and his lying smears and libels.

According to Phelps, “The 9/11 Truth Movement is totally compromised,” and its leaders, he claims, are “treasonous traitors” and “gatekeepers for Rome.” Again, no proof, just smears and lies.

Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, and other neocon criminals who perpetrated 9/11 must be very proud of the support they are getting from Eric Jon Phelps. His lies are greatly assisting their continuing cover-up.

The Craig Oxley Connection: Promoting Zionism & Israel

One of Phelps more avid supporters is a mysterious character named Craig Oxley from Europe. “Oxley,” if that is his real name, has a website and internet radio show called “Unhived.” When told by concerned patriots that Eric Jon Phelps, unbeknownst to most of his adoring anti-Catholic fans, is, in fact a merchant of Jewish supplied diamonds and a rabid Zionist, Oxley admitted that, yes, he knows these things. But, so what? “We must remember,” Oxley wrote, “that Israel is simply the 51st state in the United States, in reality.” (seewww.outlawjournalism.com/forum/craigoxley)

Possibly, Zionist apologist Mr. Oxley is blissfully unaware that an Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard, is now locked away in an U.S.A. prison cell. Pollard was convicted of stealing some of America’s most precious military secrets and funneling them via the Israeli Mossad to Communist China, one of socialist Israel’s fast allies.

Phelps: Strange and Bizarre Zionist Profiteer

So there you have it. Eric Jon Phelps, Israeli diamond merchant, Zionist advocate, Jesuit “exposer” (not!), and “White American Freeman” of the “Fifth Monarch” of Israel. Strange and bizarre, indeed.

The Zionist criminals are well aware of the schism between Catholics and Protestants. They intend to use this divide to insidiously plant gossip, rumors, lies, and disinformation. Phelps, whether knowingly or unknowingly, whether duped or paid intentional provocateur, is greatly assisting them with his false and unfounded accusations against patriots, 9/11 Truthers, true Christian believers, and others. He is, in our opinion, a “Zionist Profiteer,” and deserves to be exposed for his falsehoods and underhandedness.

Many  think that Phelps is simply a “crazy” and a dupe. Maybe, but true Christians have labored for many years unmasking the New Age movement, the global conspiratorial elite, and yes, the Jesuits and the Vatican. Phelps’ ridiculous claims about the Jesuits cause many to scorn and ridicule the work done by legitimate researchers. If this individual is not a government or Mossad-paid shill, he certainly is a good imitation. All lovers of freedom and truth are urged to shun Mr. Phelps and to pitch his flawed and worthless book in the trash can.




Hi All – Thanks to Arlene Johnson, who forwarded me the latest salvo
from Eric Jon Phelps and Tim White:


1. Tim White first called me in the Spring of of 2007 at my home in
Vancouver, BC. We spoke once or twice on the phone. Prior to the
2007 Vancouver 9/11 Conference, Wayne Prante the conference organizer
called me to ask if I knew Tim White, as the organizers were concerned
about his behaviour. I replied that I had not met Tim White. At the
Conference, Tim approached me and fellow speaker Leuren Moret and we
spoke inside the conference. The conference organizers approached me
and asked if Tim White was bothering me. I replied “No, he is not.”
During the conference, Tim White approached me and fellow speaker
independent scientist Leuren Moret as we spoke outside the conference
hall. Tim white asked me if I had read Vatican Assassins. I said no.
I said my uncle Richard Chisholm, SJ had been a Jesuit assistant to
Pedro Arrupe the Black Pope during Vatican II. Leuren Moret then
asked me to break off the conversation as she was made uncomfortable
by Tim White’s intrusive style. I did so. At no time did I threaten
Tim White or report Tim White to conference authorities or to the RCMP
or any Canadian authorities as an illegal alien in Canada.

RE: Eric Jon Phelps

Below is my response to a letter just received from Eric Jon Phelps,
which much be the letter that Tim White is referring to.

This is for the public record.

With all best wishes, Alfred Webre
Vancouver, B.C.
Sept 30, 2008

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: CAMPAIGN <[email protected]…>
Date: Sat, Sep 27, 2008 at 1:24 PM
Subject: Re: To Eric from Alfred – Trailer: Deliver Us From Evil
To: Eric Phelps <[email protected]…>
Cc: CAMPAIGN <[email protected]…>

Dear Eric – Zionism is a derivative of the Lucifer Rebellion and goes
back at least 200,000 years. Zionism seeks to further enslave
humanity in an oppresive system, first engendered during the rebellion
of Lucifer and Satan against the Universe Administration
representatives Adam and Eve. This historical drama is allegorically
depicted in sacred texts of our civilization such as the Book of Genesis.

You are obviously caught in the trap that human history began
approximately 6000 years ago, and no great civilizations existed on
Earth prior to the Great Flood.

UNIVERSE (Universebooks.com)

I had not realized before that you were Exopolitically illiterate.

With all best wishes, Alfred

On Sat, Sep 27, 2008 at 11:50 AM, Eric Phelps
<[email protected]…> wrote:

Dear Dr. Webre,

Herein is my formal reply to this, your second email to me. My
formal reply to your first email demanding a full retraction and
apology was sent to you last night, September 27, 2008. I resent it
again adding the name of Tim White as an aide in documenting your beliefs.

Below, you tell me not to go after “whistleblowers like me who
have been exposing the Vatican for longer than you.” You then
predicate your “exposure” of the Vatican by stating:

“BTW, the Vatican is just a front for the Zionists and the City of

This admission and confession betrays your true intent behind your
supposed “exposure” of the papacy.

The facts, as set forth in Vatican Assassins III, are these:

1. The papacy has claimed the right to Universal Spiritual
Power (as of 606 AD) and the right to Universal Temporal Power (as of
756 AD). The right of private judgment regarding biblical and/or
religious matters and the right of national sovereignty without
oversight and/or control by the papacy are strictly forbidden. If
these two basic rights of private judgment and nationalism are
asserted by any people in the face of the pope’s “power of the two
keys,” those individuals or nations are punishable with death or war.

At this time there was no financial colossus called “City of
London” or the political movement called “Zionism,” the prevalent
“Zionism” of today being “Labor Zionism.”

2. From approximately 606 AD to 1517 AD the papacy ruled
Europe. Kings and people quaked at the dictates of the false “Vicar
of Christ” in Rome. Then God, in his great providence, sent the
Protestant Reformation into Europe via the hand of Martin Luther. The
Bible began to be circulated in the “vulgar” tongue of the Northern
European peoples to the utter rage of the papacy. Because of the
Bible being read by the common man in his own language, the pope’s
Universal Spiritual Power began to be broken. This foundation
provided the impetus for the breaking of the pope’s Universal Temporal
Power, the White Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Protestants and Baptists ending
Rome’s Dark Ages and birthing the Modern Era with the end of the First
Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) and the end of the Dutch Civil War
against Spain that raged for eighty years (1562-1648).

At this time there was no financial colossus called “City of
London” or the political movement called “Zionism,” the prevalent
“Zionism” of today being “Labor Zionism.”

3. As a result of the Protestant Reformation breaking the Dark
Age, feudal empire of the papacy, the Devil brought about his Counter
Reformation via the hand of his most devoted servant, Ignatius Loyola.
Loyola would found the Society of Jesus, first known as the Knights
of the Virgin Mary, to fight and down the Protestant Reformation. The
Order would also be used to continue the Vatican’s quests of: taking
Jerusalem from the Moslems; and the systematic theft, persecution and
murder of racial Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites dispersed among the nations
of the earth. The Order would come to be the greatest persecutor of
both the spiritual seed of Abraham and the physical seed of Abraham.
Both of these seeds are illustrated in the constellation of
Pisces—the two fish, one pointing heavenly, the other earthly.

At this time there was no financial colossus called “City of
London” or the political movement called “Zionism,” the prevalent
“Zionism” of today being “Labor Zionism.”

4. The forces of the Bible-based Protestant Reformation and the
anti-Bible Counter Reformation would clash throughout the 16th, 17th
and 18th centuries. By 1750 the Jesuits would be the confessors and
advisors of nearly every king in Europe not to mention the Emperor of
China. Then the risen Lord Jesus Christ stretched out his hand
against the political/temporal power of the Black Pope ruling the
papacy, including the White Pope. In 1759 the Jesuits were expelled
from Portugal; in 1764 they were driven from France; in 1768 they were
driven from Malta ruled by the Knights of Malta; and in 1767 they were
expelled from Spain. These legal expulsions, pronounced by the
monarchs aided by their Freemasonic secretaries, included the
jurisdictions of all the South American holdings of Portugal and
Spain. In 1773, the pope himself signed the Bull “Dominic ac
Redemptor noster,” suppressing and extinguishing the Order “forever.”
At this time the first Great Masonic Schism was in full force, it
being used by God to set back the ubiquitous power of the Society of
Jesus. The Devil’s house was now divided—for a time! In 1774 both
Austria and Bavaria would expel the Jesuits in obedience to the pope’s
Bull of Suppression.

At this time there was no financial colossus called “City of
London” or the political movement called “Zionism,” the prevalent
“Zionism” of today being “Labor Zionism.”

5. With the military Company of Jesus suppressed, it fought
back. In 1776 the “Chiefs” of the Order created their Bavarian
Illuminati. Bavaria was the Order’s greatest stronghold north of the
Alps. The Wittelsbach dynasty had been the faithful servant of the
Order for over 150 years, directing the First Thirty Years’ War. Now,
the Wittlelsbach King of Bavaria, loyal to the pope, expelled the
Order from his dominions. Therefore, under perpetual vows to the
General of the Order, and in obedience to the maxim that “the ends
justify the means,” the Order secretly continued as several secret
societies under new names. One of those secret societies was the
Illuminati; Weishaupt occupied the Chair of Canon Law at Ingolstadt
University, he being the first man to occupy that office without being
a Jesuit priest. Thus, at that University, the Order created its
Illuminati by which it would: seek to punish the Wittelsbach dynasty;
unite all the Freemasonic societies, thus ending the first Great
Masonic Schism; cause the French Revolution, including the beheading
of French Bourbon King Louis XVI and his Austrian Habsburg wife, Marie
Antoinette; punish and mass-murder the Dominican Order for taking the
Holy Office of the Inquisition away from the Jesuits; bring Napoleon
Bonaparte (the Jesuit Avenger called “Robespierre on Horseback”) to
power from their island prison of Corsica who then would punish the
Vatican Empire and the Roman Catholic monarchs who dared to suppress
the Jesuit Order; destroy the Protestant Dutch Republic and weaken
Protestant Prussia—just to name a few of the goals. With the Order
formally protected by Frederick II “the Great” of Prussia and
Catherine II “the Great” of Russia, the pope was poisoned in 1774, and
the Braganzas of Portugal and the Bourbons of Spain were driven into
exile. The Order, via Catherine II, began to herd the Jews of Russia
into what became “The Pale of Settlement,” later to serve as the
killing ground for the migrated Jews of Khazaria (who were in fact
racial Jewish Israelites descended from the Assyrian captivity of the
northern ten tribes in 722 BC); thus Jesuit Hitler’s SS and Jesuit
Stalin’s NKVD—working together— would see to that “burnt
offering.” The Knights of Malta were driven from Malta into Russia by
Napoleon in 1798; the Mamluks, they being the bodyguards of the Sultan
of Cairo, were annihilated with Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt, this
deliberately failed campaign of Napoleon being in fact secret Jesuit
vengeance for the Mamluks driving the Knights Templars from the
Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1291—thus ending that Kingdom the Order was
now plotting to re-establish. In fact, Napoleon called for
“Palestine” to be a homeland for the Jews, betraying that fact that
the Jesuits, advising Napoleon via Abby Sieyes (the second Consul), at
that time began to put their plan in motion of re-establishing the
Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.

At this time, the Jesuit Order began to use the Hebrew/Jewish
Rothschilds as the keepers of their vast fortune which financed the
Black Pope’s war on the Vatican Empire and upon the Empire’s Papal
Caesar who would dare to suppress the Society of Jesus. In full
control of King George III since no later than 1761, the Order was
protected by this damnable monarch. Thus, during the entire
Napoleonic Wars (1798-1815) the Black Pope would be in full control of
both the British Crown and the French Emperor. He would direct both
sides to the ends of his pleasure. In 1814, George III would “rescue”
Pope Pius VII from his captors in France, restoring that antichrist
and enemy of the English Reformation to “the Chair of St. Peter!” In
1815 Napoleon would deliberately throw the battle of Waterloo
(according the General Stonewall Jackson after he reviewed the
battlefield), sacrificing his truly nationalistic troops thereby
enabling Louis XVIII to return to France, readmit the Jesuits and
re-establish the Inquisition. Further, it was arranged that a message
would be sent via roost to London from Waterloo stating Napoleon had
won the battle. With the stocks dropping to pennies on the pound, the
Order’s faithful Rothschild bankers were there in London to buy up the
market. When the truth was finally told, stocks rose once again but
now the Company of Jesus was in full possession of their new world
financial colossus—the City of London—and the Order’s Illuminized
Freemasonic Rothschilds would continue to serve as the Order’s
bankers. When the Jesuits were restored by the pope in 1814, the
papacy was then back in their hands and their “money-men”—the
Rothschilds—became the “Keepers of the Vatican Treasury” as they are
at this moment.

At this time, the Order ruled their City of London, but
Freemasonic Labor Zionism was not yet born.

6. Throughout the 19th century, the Jesuit Order used its
Freemasonic leaders, including the treasonous Queen Victoria, ruling
the British Empire to implement the maxims of the Black Pope’s wicked
Counter Reformation Council of Trent. This is why the Order,
beginning in 1842—one year after the Order was readmitted into
China—used the British to conduct its Opium Wars against the
Chinese, who were ever loyal to their Manchu Emperor—who hated the
Jesuits. This is why the Order used the British to ignite the
American War of 1812 and later, the War Between the States
(1861-1865), thereby destroying our once anti-monarchical, Calvinist
Republic of Federated Sovereign States (these United States of
America). That limited Republic was replaced with the pope’s “Holy
Roman” Fourteenth Amendment, Socialist-Communist, Corporate-Fascist
American Empire (1868) to be used to restore the pope’s Universal
Temporal Power around the world for over one hundred years—including
the present Crusade against the Shia Moslems in Iraq. This new Jesuit
Empire would be united with and subordinated to the English monarchy,
that witch Queen Victoria giving the “Resolute Desk” to President
Rutherford B. Hayes in the 1880s—disgracing the Executive Mansion,
later called by President Theodore Roosevelt, “the White House.”

At about this time, the Zionist Movement was born calling for the
creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine held by the Moslem Ottoman
Empire. Please note that from the founding of the Order in 1540 to
the 1880s, over three hundred years had passed with no presence of
“Zionism.” Obviously, the Jesuit Order came first—with its control
over centralized, Illuminized Freemasonry—then came Freemasonic
Labor Zionism. First the chicken, then the egg. Yes, the Jesuit
Order hatched the egg of Labor Zionism.

7. By 1880 nearly seven million Jews had been confined to the
Pale of Settlement which included Western Russia and Eastern Europe.
Most of these racial Jews were migrants from Khazaria after it fell to
Byzantium, Islam and later Ghengus Khan. As referenced above, the
Order began to create this Pale of Settlement in 1791 using their
protector and notable whore (according to her son, Paul), Catherine II
“the Great,” Empress of Orthodox Russia. By 1880 this Pale of
Settlement contained approximately 40-50% of the world’s Jews. But
Czar Alexander II was a good, and truly liberal Czar, which liberality
included removing legal restraints upon the Jews of the Empire. For
his emancipation of 40 million serfs, his breaking off diplomatic
relations with the Vatican—as did Bismarck in the 1870s—, for
seeking to eliminate the Okhrana (the Russian secret police) and for
being about to sign a Constitution limiting the powers of the Czar, he
was murdered by anarchists (blowing off his legs), which anarchists at
that time were the Black Pope’s international secret society of
assassins. For this terrible murder in 1881, the Jews were blamed.
Pogroms broke out all over Russia, and in 1882 the Jesuit-authored May
Laws were passed greatly oppressing the Hebrews. As a result, these
persecutions and May Laws (which laws were in place for over thirty
years, only to be rescinded in 1917 with the abdication of Czar
Nicholas II) forced the emigration of over two million Jews from
Russia, all of them going to historic White Anglo Saxon Protestant
lands—America, Canada, South Africa and England. The majority of
these destitute Jews who had lost all their property via the theft of
the Jesuit-ruled monster, Czar Alexander III, immigrated to America.
They were aided by Sephardic Jew Emma Lazarus, she being the author of
the poem placed within the Statue of Liberty titled “The New
Colossus.” Thus, that statue became a symbol for the Jews of the
world denoting America to be a safe haven for themselves and their
children. (This is another reason why I believe the Statue of Liberty
must be blown up by the Order’s SS/CIA/FBI/NSA/DIA, for America will
cease to be a haven for the Jews in the very near future. No statue,
no haven.) God, used the May Laws to drive the physical seed of
Abraham, yet to inherit the promises given to the fathers, to lands of
refuge that would not be touched by the Black Pope’s coming Eurasian
Jewish Holocaust.

It was about this time, in the 1890s that the Order authored two
events that would serve to begin the creation of the re-establish
Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Those events were the Dreyfus Affair and
the production of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. As you
must know, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish officer in the French
Army, was accused of treason in favor to the Germans. He was tried
and unjustly convicted for the treason of Roman Catholic Charles
Esterhazy, and sent to Devil’s Island. In the courtroom was the
father of the Labor Zionist movement—Theodor Herzl. This Jesuit
design of injustice served as the impetus for Herzl to call for the
establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, then controlled by
the Turks. What we are not told is that Herzl was a Freemason, a dear
friend of Vatican Treasurer/Bank of England director Lord/Baron Walter
Rothschild, and that Herzl had an audience with the pope in 1904!
Dreyfus was freed two years later, in 1906. The Protocols served to
begin to place the blame on the world’s Jews for the deeds of the
Jesuits. Irish ex-priest Leo Lehmann declared in his Behind the
Dictators, that the Order wrote The Protocols.

From this time on, the Jesuit Order was not only in control of the
British Empire, including the Bank of England as well as the City of
London, it was also in full control of the Black Pope’s Freemasonic
Labor Zionist Movement backed by the Order’s British Labour Party,
backed by the Order’s Fabian Socialists who were an outgrowth of the
Roundtable overseen by 33rd degree Freemasons Cecil Rhodes and Alfred
Milner—the murderers of the White Protestant Boers. And further, it
was Henry Cardinal Manning, Archbishop of Westminster, who was also a
member of the Roundtable! And Manning was the tool of the Jesuit
Provincial in London!

Concluding Remarks:

Dr. Webre, you asked me if I was a Zionist? My reply is “What
type of Zionist?” There are six types of Zionists. They are:

1. Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists: These are evil Jews ruling
the revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem for the papacy. Thus, these
“Court Jews” rule the Israeli government, the CIA/Nazi-SS/SD-created
Mossad, and all that transpires in Israel, to the detriment of the
Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites who live in their land promised to the racial
descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Case in point: the removal
of the Jews from Gaza which is historically part of the land given to
the tribe of Judah.

2. Revisionist Zionists: They were Jews who sought to truly
establish a nation for Jews, to be ruled for the benefit of Jews.
These Revisionist Zionists were either driven from power or murdered,
including Vladimir Jabotinsky, falsely labeled to be a “fascist.”
These Zionists no longer exist.

3. Orthodox Talmudic Zionists: These are religious Jews loyal
to the Talmud who do not believe that any Jews have a right to their
land prior to the coming of Messiah. This position is an outright
denial of specific prophecies regarding the coming of Messiah to a
revived nation of Israel and a Jerusalem inhabited with Jews (Ezekiel
38:8; Zechariah 12:10). These Orthodox Zionists unite with the
Moslems against the prophetically revived nation of Israel, which
nation is considered by the Vatican to be the pope’s revived Latin
Kingdom of Jerusalem.

4. Arminian Dispensational Christian Zionists: These are
supposedly Bible-believing Christians, most of whom have departed from
the Reformation Bible, the AV1611 for English-speaking peoples. This
type of Christian Zionist backs both the Jesuit-ruled, CFR-directed,
evil government of Israel as well as the right of the
Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic people to live in their land in accordance
with Genesis 15 and a host of other OT passages to be read literally.
I was once of this erroneous position.

5. Calvinist Dispensational Christian Zionists: These are
Bible-believing Christians who have not departed from the Reformation
Bible, the AV1611 for English-speaking peoples. They read the
prophetic scriptures literally even as they read the other scriptures
from which they derive the doctrines of grace promulgated in such
confessions of faith as the Westminster Confession of Faith, the
London Baptist Confession, not to mention Calvin’s Institutes of the
Christian Religion. Thus, they despise the Jesuit-ruled,
CFR-controlled, evil government of Israel, yet defend the right of the
racially Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic people to live in their own land,
promised to them via the racial Abrahamic Covenant of Genesis 15. I
tenaciously hold to this position. Luther believed in a future
restoration of the Nation of Israel under the governance of her
returned Messiah. For that to happen, her Messiah must return to a
regathered, geographic nation of Israel, in unbelief not knowing her
Messiah, and about to be annihilated by the Gentile armies of your
World Government controlled by the final pope, risen from the dead
after his murder, then to be the Beast/Antichrist.

6. The Lord Jesus Christ: The promised Messiah, the Hope of
Israel, is the ultimate Zionist. He will bring peace to Zion as per
the prophecies of Isaiah and all the other Hebrew prophets.

“Therefore, thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I lay in Zion for a
foundation stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure
foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste.” (Isaiah 28:16)
This passage is quoted in I Peter 2:6 referring to the Lord Jesus
Christ. He is indeed, the ultimate Zionist who will bring peace to
Zion—the surname for Jerusalem.

Your second question inquired if I was an “agent for the City of
London.” This question is answered by my first, most thorough
response to your previous question. But for the record, I am not an
agent for that damnable papal conclave called the City of London. Its
Lord Mayor and all the high Freemasons and Knights of Malta who rule
that city for Rome are traitors to their English and Scottish people.
Just as Rome rules London, she rules Washington and New York. I
attack all the governments of those cities as nothing more than papal
conclaves serving as home bases for the pope’s International
Freemasonic White Power Structure.

Dr. Webre, since you believe that Zionism and the City of London
are the real powers in the earth, that the Vatican is merely an agent
for what are in fact the creations of the papacy, you, Dr. Webre, are
just as much a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor as is Texe Marrs, Michael
Collins Piper, Webster Tarpley, the late radio priest and father of
hate radio, Charles Coughlin and any other disinformation specialist
who has the nerve to deny obvious, easily documentable history. I
believe your purpose is to foment fanatical anti-Jewish fury here in
North America. May the risen Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ,
reward you according to your works.

Sincerely in faith,

Eric Jon Phelps



Vancouver, BC

May 4, 2014

Source: Exopolitics


  • There are different arms of the octopus unfortunately not many people seem to understand this fact. At least the event chronicle does! I wish more people would research pseudo whistleblowers before running around and repeating everything they say without examining it.

    • Thank you for your kind comment, Tim. I’m pretty intuitive, as well as a natural skeptic. It makes for an interesting dichotomy at times, but it really helps me to analyze things and read between the lines. I appreciate your support. 🙂

  • It is all very complex. Though I believe the Vatican is corrupt (still not all priests and men of God are corrupt) ; I do not believe Pope Francis is exactly. I believe he has a special agenda here on Earth to fulfill. Truth will come out and time will tell.

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