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Marco Missinato: Unfolding Secrets
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Saturday, May 3, 2014

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Cobra: On May 3rd, we will be assisting the birth of the New Renaissance. Marco Missinato, a composer of beautiful New Renaissance music, will have a concert in Sedona. This concert will be streamed live, attempting to reach the critical mass of 144,000 listeners and thus creating the right energetic conditions to accelerate the birth of the New Renaissance:

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Astrological chart for that event reveals Jupiter, Chiron and Saturn creating a Grand Trine, easing the energies of the cardinal Grand Cross and creating perfect conditions for the flowering of the New Renaissance:

Unfolding Secrets: May 3, 2014 Astrological Chart

UNFOLDING SECRETS – Symphony of the Heart (Teaser)

Alexandra Meadors Interviews Marco Missinato and Cobra on Galactic Connection Radio

Original Broadcast: December 10, 2013

Listen to the Interview & Read the Transcript Below:

In 2013, Marco composed and produced a new album, “Unfolding Secrets”, featuring soprano vocalist Kristin Hoffmann. “Unfolding Secrets” will launch a series of global Sounds of Oneness concerts intended to uplift, inspire and bring more peace to the world.

Strongly evocative, Missinato’s romantic melodies inspire listeners to open up to their highest and truest selves. His goal is to reach for the inner depths of the soul to let people feel and experience the powerful sound of music.

Marco’s Website: http://unfoldingsecrets.com
Cobra’s Website: http://2012portal.blogspot.com

Transcript: Interview with Marco Missinato and Cobra

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Good afternoon everybody this is Alexandra Meadors of GalacticConnection.com, and today is December 10th 2013. We have a very special show today with three really interesting people, two of which will have a very active role in this interview, Marco Missinato of ‘Unfolding Secrets’, and the other is Cobra, which we all know about. So Marco Missinato has a very interesting background. He is the composer and executive producer for ‘Unfolding Secrets’. And he was raised in Rome, which is very cool, and a blooming musician all the way from the age of six on. I can’t believe this story about you Marco; I am very interested in it. And he came out to Los Angeles and dedicated himself to his passion in music. Graduated from Hollywood’s Musicians Institute and was able to record his first album a year later called ‘Nostalgia’. He has been involved in all sorts of cool things, like an Oscar nominated actress Sally Kirkland brought him on board for a theatrical show called: “Nonnie Bruce and the Power of Love”. He’s also been involved in theatrical productions such as: ‘Melrose Place’ and ‘Port Charles’ and many many others. So if you want to hear more about his background and his bio you can always reach this through the BBS Radio page, landing page.

Alexandra: So Marco I just want to welcome you and thank you so much for coming aboard to discuss new things with us regarding music and the renaissance. Hello and welcome.

Marco: Hello, hello Alexandra and thank you, thank you. So lovely to spend some time with you and Cobra tonight. Thank you for inviting me.

Alexandra: You are welcome; you are welcome and thank you Cobra for coming on board again.

Cobra: You’re welcome as well.

Alexandra: So we have kind of an interesting show today that we want to discuss. The unfolding of this new renaissance that we are starting to step into. Marco is a very key role in this. If you have a chance while you are listening to the show please go visit his site at ‘unfoldingsecrets.com’ and you will be amazed at the brilliance and beauty of his music, I mean it is spectacular. And as everyone knows Cobra has been a major torchbearer bringing forward the Renaissance and motivating all of us to step forward with passion regarding music, and beauty and things like that, art and entertainment. So Marco first of all please do us a favor and tell us how you have found yourself affecting you know the so called ascension process with your music.

[pullquote]“Since the very beginning of my physical experience I’ve been longing for a world of unity and love. I have always felt it in those brief moments when music was playing… That is why I write music”.

“Music is the door, the bridge between us and our soul.  It is like a ray of light which illuminates the darkness of our fears and disintegrates all inhibitions.”
— Marco Missinato[/pullquote]

Marco: Well I guess the quickest answer to that question is just by following my joy is really that simple. Just follow your joy with no expectations. Since I can recall, since the very beginning of my physical experience, my joy was always take me to music. So I just followed that path. Of course there was a tremendous amount of resistance that I had to face as we all of course have to, but it’s been a wonderful journey so far.

Alexandra: Oh that’s fantastic, and we need more people like you to step forward. There’s been such a depression of the arts and entertainment throughout the years. I know that personally because my Mum was a graduate of Juilliard and an Opera singer.

Marco: Yes.

Alexandra: Very involved in the musical end of things. And I heard that from her all of the time, how the schools have dropped all the arts and music programs you know because of lack of funding. It’s very upsetting.

Marco: Yes, yes. It is a necessary part as being a very male oriented energy even in the music industry which is supposed to be a female energy but until now has been male. But it’s been a very necessary process for humans. So now we are ready to go into the female. We are learning through contrast the difference between the male energy and the female energy. So now it’s exciting because the music industry has many other entities that are completely collapsing leaving a spaciousness for a new, like Cobra says, a new renaissance. It’s wonderful to be here at this time.

Alexandra: Well that brings me to a question for you Cobra and that is how do you feel that music bridges the old with the new. What exactly are the secrets behind the music as far as what it’s bringing to us now?

Cobra: Well actually music raises our consciousness in a way that most other media cannot because it speaks to the language of our sole and also it teaches our sub consciousness. It reaches that occupied level within ourselves. And the music, which is being created right now as a response to this new power of the renaissance, it’s going to help us evolve a new myth that we as a species are creating right now. And this new myth does not include darkness. This new collective of humankind will be the return of Verdi?? And that is what this new music is about.

Alexandra: That is so beautiful the way you described that. Marco how do you define your music? Where does your music come from?

Marco: Well, my relationship with music is always for me is a way to go back home basically. When I was a little child particularly the density that I had to address was very intense and so for me in rit you?? from me to step out from the idea of separation and go back home I would go to the music and so that was always the trigger factor for me. A tremendous amount of joy for my way to connect with source. So that’s where music came for me, from home.

Alexandra: Beautiful. And so Cobra this is a question for you. How do you recommend that those that don’t feel that they are musically oriented, how do you recommend that they tune into their own symphony and create their own music?

Cobra: Actually it’s not just about the music, any expression of the soul. Any expression of great new balance. Any expression of this new paradigm, this new collective myth is just as important as music. So different souls have different ways of receiving that impression and different ways of expressing themselves and with all those combinations we can now make this new awakening possible.

Alexandra: Yeah, I agree and I also think that it’s one of the greatest ways for us to counteract the dark at this point. It’s for each and every one of us to step into our own and I mean when I say music, I mean our own special gifts because each and everyone of us has one and to be able to cancel out whatever dark intensions have been going on in the planet. It’s like having a whole new canvas; we’re painting a whole new picture of ourselves now.

Cobra: There’s more, it’s very important to disentangle yourselves from the mass media, the newsproduction, the music industry which is cabal controlled because what they do is shape human consciousness and especially sub consciousness with the music they create, with the movies they project and the media with the news they put it into the minds of the people, so its important to distance yourselves from that and find a the music and the art and the expression which resonates with your own nature and beyond that horrible mass vision.

Alexandra: I am really glad that you bought that up because if you could be so kind as to explain to everyone how music caries like a cosmic pattern and within that pattern it greatly affects us and our frequency.

Cobra: Actually music is not just a physical sound. We create our resonance waves not only on the physical plane but also on higher non-physical planes and it influences our sacrifice and the cabal knows exactly which frequencies to use to block human creativity and to block who we were and to focus the mind. And their intention in using those frequencies in the music which is being mass produced in the music and also used in the movies and to not mention subliminal programming and many other things.

Alexandra: Correct, yeah definitely. So Marco how do you create your music to be so, to bring people into that sacred place. I mean what exactly do you feel is very special about your music? What are you bringing to the forefront?

Marco: Well the process of creating melodies is really a mysterious process. It’s really hard even to talk about it. Basically, the way how I approach it is by stepping in a situation of no mind, its an approach like a little child, that is innocent, it’s completely getting immersed in the joy and the now and really positioning himself like in a situation where he knows nothing. I position myself literally as knowing nothing about music. It’s not about knowing, it’s about allowing and the melodies usually comes through in a very short, brief amount of time, like a few seconds and then it’s done. And actually I have to record what comes through because I cannot play it again.

Alexandra: Ahhh, how beautiful! And again I really encourage everyone to listen to his music. You can just feel, you can just feel the beauty and intensity Marco it’s gorgeous.

Marco: Thank you.

Alexandra: Now when you said you were in that place of innocence working with the Light Beings, I mean do you actually envision them with you as you’re composing music?

Marco: Well I’m sure at a certain level, something like that happened. Mostly a feeling of profound emotion. Mostly love, I just feel a sense of oneness. Again it’s like going back home. It’s like you don’t exist anymore. You’re just part of one, of everything, and that also keep feeding me with this vision that I had since I was a little child with this creating the concerts, to bring messages of oneness. To recreate, to dissipate the illusion of separation into oneness to show the power of music. So that’s what happens in those brief moments and I don’t have any control about it. In fact it was interesting because there was a time where their conditioning were trying to educate me musically and in a sense I always had a feeling a certain resistance to kind of educational training. Intuitively I felt like I had to maintain myself neutral. I had to maintain myself pure to the approach in order to be able to host whatever is to come through source.

Alexandra: Very beautiful. Go ahead I don’t want to interrupt you.

Marco: So that was what I was saying. So I maintain myself untrained and then I just follow the joy. Its synchronicity that took me to different situation, different places. The first time in my life I had to sort of walk in solitude because I had to go through the layers, the experience of being human in order to be able to relate with humanity as human. So if now someone says I’m afraid or I’m sad or I feel insecure I can relate with them and that was a tremendous amount of wonderful experience for me to achieve in order to become a match to the vision that I’m about to crystalize at this point of the journey.

Alexandra: Beautiful! Oh my gosh! This is such a high to listen to you guys. Well I also saw a quotation from Plato and he was discussing how music was one of the strongest of life’s influences and he brings about the discovery of the platonics solids. And I thought Cobra that would be a great opportunity for you to tell us a little about how do platonics solids fit in with music.

Cobra: Actually the Platonic solids, especially some of them are not just expressed through music they are basic ingredients of the basic structure of the universe itself so musical expression is just one way of expressing cosmic diversity and Plato came to this awareness through the mystery school which was actually a reflection of the old mystery schools from Atlantis at that time they knew how the spheres works and how many of the spheres were actually resonate frequency waves which hold the planet in the orbit. It’s actually the cosmic music is a combination of force fields which keep this universe in balance, so from a cosmic perspective music is much more than what we hear through our ears. It can be felt through higher energy bodies. It can be experienced directly in higher states of awareness and its even more beautiful than what we can experience here in human bodies.

Alexandra: So are you also saying that, if more people were in resonance with beautiful music, art, beauty that sort of thing, sculpturing, if we were all in that essence then would that also be affecting the planet earth?

Cobra: It would not change the world because the forces, which keep the orbit of this planet, are much greater than the sum force of humanity but I would say that such connection of humanity would definitely influence the future destiny of this planet especially the human civilization on the surface of this planet.

Alexandra: So now Marco how do you feel music is your way of giving to the planet for example, you had mentioned, we have exchanged emails and you had mentioned that we do have a responsibility as humans to bring forth our gifts at this time. Can you talk to me a little bit about that?

Marco: Yes, firstly I believe everybody is unique. Everybody carry within a unique gift. This gift has been given to us, to each of us for two reasons, one, for personal evolution, personal growth. A second, is also because there are people that are waiting for such gift, they need for some gift to bring into light. One of the main intents that the music path that I am following is by expressing my gift is to inspire others to do the same with theirs. Basically the communication is everybody is special. So here I show you how special I am so I can reflect in you what you are special about and so you can also show it to me back and you can show it to everybody else.

Alexandra: Beautiful. Now it has been said that the fifth in the interval is found in almost all sacred music and I was wondering is this something that you use in your music at all consciously. I know that you try not to use your brain. You’re pretty much going from your sole but I was wondering how you feel about that when you’re composing your music?

Marco: Yeah! There are moments where I use that frequency. When I do it I am not aware of it, it just happens but yes there are moments definitely that I use that frequency absolutely.

Alexandra: And they say that the fifth is so beautiful that it demonstrates how the universe works.

Marco: Yes.

Alexandra: Do you feel that to be true?

Marco: Yes. In my perception yes. It’s such a warm tone its so heart felt at least in my perception. So yes absolutely, it has that kind of a way to expand love, absolutely yes.

Alexandra: So Cobra, where do you feel this new renaissance is taking us? Do you feel that we are actually are beginning a new renaissance, are we already in the midst of it beginning?

Cobra: We are at the very beginning right now. And after some generations when people will look in our time they will see this moment those two years where we are right now they will see this as a three year point when the new renaissance was born. But this is just a very very faint beginning. It will go much, much deeper and much more beautiful and it will become much more mainstream after some time. Especially after the event. It will be a great expansion of creativity. A great expansion of true art and this will definitely be a great inspiration for the future generations to come.

Alexandra: In fact I would encourage everyone to read up on the renaissance because you will get a glimpse of how we are truly re-living that era now. They were coming out of the black plague and I don’t know about you guys but in the 20th century I don’t know about how much darker it could’ve gotten its very similar to the time of the black plague back then.

Now Marco tell us a little bit about your intentions. Where do you want to go with ‘Unfolding Secrets’? What exactly is your dream?

Marco: Well Unfolding Secrets is part of a dream that I had as a little child. It’s the first layer, it’s the first generation of a series of events that will have as an intent to activate the female energy within humans with real messages of love, and peace and oneness and also supporting the awakening process. And this time of the journey is going to be, my perception is that I have the feeling that it’s going to be a very fragile moment for humans because the reality as we know it is going to collapse, its going to come down. So all the people the millions, most of the whole population is completely identified with this reality, therefore once they see it going down they will have some challenges and that’s where the artist will position themselves. Be supportive in the bridge that they have to pass in order to go through to another level of consciousness. The Unfolding Secrets concerts will have that intent to be supportive and awaken the female energy and to open the heart of humans and move forward.

Alexandra: Now with these concerts all over the world are you going to be needing assistance with people at various communities and cities?

Marco: Absolutely. That’s what we’re working right now. We’re stepping in a time where the key word is co-creation. It’s a time of where we have to co-create through the idea of resonance. Because the density is still very thick so by yourself as a single person it’s really hard to move forward but when you engage with people that are in the same frequencies, you amplify the vision, the energy field and something starts to move and crystalize much faster. We are attempting, we are spreading the music as much as possible in order to attract those resonating soles, they recognize us and they want to be part of the journey so that we can then make things happen.

Alexandra: Nice, nice. Wow, what an exciting time to be around.

Marco: It is. It is wonderful.

Alexandra: Oh my gosh! (Laughter).

Marco: (Laughter).

Alexandra: So Cobra, tell us what your words of wisdom how the Fibonacci and sacred geometry fits into this?

Cobra: Ok, now the Fibonacci sequence, the Fibonacci spirals, actually the goddess spirals is the energy, or shall I say, not only energy it’s the presence which will dissolve the matrix. So as the feminine energy, the Goddess energy, the true clear feminine presence is entering into the surface, into the structure of the surface of this globe. We are actually creating this new myth. This new myth, this new collective story of mankind which is without darkness because in the full presence of the goddess darkness cannot exist, force cannot exist. Its not possible and all those things will be removed from the planet when the goddess returns and the goddess will return through the goddess spiral, through the Fibonacci spiral through the sacred geometry energy pattern and through that sacred presence which is about to be disclosed from the Event onwards.

Alexandra: Ok. So are you also, is that indicating that the goddess spiral is present in all of the higher dimensional levels from where we are?

Cobra: Yes.

Alexandra: And it’s in tact?

Cobra: Yes. It cannot be destroyed. It was suppressed on this planet by the Cabal or should I say by the Archons but it is not possible to destroy it. It’s indestructible.

Alexandra: And I noticed you put out a very powerful message today by the way. Wow!

Cobra: Yes, that’s true.

Alexandra: Yeah that was very exciting and that kind of showed me how interesting it was that we were doing this interview at this time about the renaissance because it really sounds like some things have really turned in the direction of supporting the light in a big way financially.

Cobra: Yes there was I would say a more dramatic way through in the last few years happened in this last weekend because the Archons were going a little bit too far and they were supposed to be supporting this movement, took some action and you can read the report in my blog about it. Basically to summarize it we are much closer than we were last week. It was a big step forward.

Alexandra: That is so fantastic and we all really need to hear stuff like this because we are getting tiered. (Laughter). So Marco, if you were to talk to the up and coming musicians of the world what would be your best advise for them now to really put out and create some beautiful symphonic sacred music that’s assisting all humanity?

Marco: Well musicians have a tremendous responsibility because everything comes from sound. My way to perceive reality is the whole existence is a big symphony. And the way I see it, it’s because we have been living for such a long time in an artificially created reality we are a little bit out of tune. So musicians when they connect with source they have the ability to manifest a melody and a frequency that can retune back humanity into the symphony of life. The biggest challenge for a musician is the programing they too have been under because they’ve been under school in the music industry so its going to be a challenge for them is the one to really try to in a way forget what they know about music and go back to the real reason why they came close to music the first time which was the joy, the feeling of love, the enthusiast, the fun the passion and then create from those sources but it can be very challenging because the programing is very strong. Many, many times I deal with musicians who are wonderful, they’re extremely talented but they are so congested, contaminated with the so called right and wrong, rightness and wrongness to do music and therefore they cannot step out of there – they conform a way to do music. It just doesn’t reach the high frequencies.

Alexandra: And basically creating their own music through someone else’s rules and regulations.

Marco: Yeah. Apart from any rules and regulations particularly let go of the attachment, the attachment to be recognized, the attachment to fame, to money, to the mundane part of the lone activity and studying to just, I am doing this because I love it, you know just because I really feel almost an orgasmic experience by connecting to source. But that means again that your female part has to be completely active, your heart has to be completely open and you have to allow vulnerability to step in, and you have to allow to again to let go of the mind. For many it’s a very scary process.

Alexandra: Yeah, because you have to be fully authentic.

Marco: Yes. That’s where you have an attachment. We’ve been so programmed with the idea of scarcity, with the idea of separation, its challenging but I think what is going on right now in the world in terms of waves of light that’s coming through finally the process is going to be easier and easier as we progress.

Alexandra: You know Marco I wanted you to really clarify for the audience the difference between the 432-Hertz versus the 440-Hertz, and creating music within those ranges and how that’s affecting our society.

Marco: Well yeah, from what I know during I believe the second world war the standardization of tuning, instrument tuning has been alternated in order to diminish the power of music and so we went to frequencies that are not organic and so now we need to tune back to those frequencies that the classical musician used to tune their instrument with. Which probably was very much in line with the nature, with Gaia, with earth with the frequencies, with the star frequencies, and so that’s why it comes to those numbers and so that’s where we need to go back to if we want the music to penetrate at a cellular level and really create the transformation. It’s like using music at full power you know, yes.

Alexandra: Very good point. So Cobra can you tell us a really good example of how music or sound was used to build structures on this planet at one time?

Cobra: It was not designed to build structures. It was designed to manifest ideas. And actually the whole ideas were expressed to music to be later – and those ideas were later were used towards the thinking process to the masses. And then the thinking process spread to the masses. And then the masses manifested those ideas into reality through work. This is how this process works. So musicians are actually expressing ideas when they are able to be free of course. They are expressing a music that will become a manifestation maybe generations later. Now this process works faster. But now the situation we have, is that most musicians are of the system, of the matrix and those few musicians who are expressing themselves freely are actually grounding the vision of the New World age. And people who are listening to that kind of music begin getting ideas in their mind of how that Golden Age will look like. Then they begin to write books, they begin to ?32:28?, they begin to envision in more detail how this Golden Age will look like. And after the Event when the financial system resets, money available to manufacture those ideas into reality.

Alexandra: It’s actually like your describing becoming a form of expression instead of just living, just existing. You know like expressing your soul, expressing your purpose.

Cobra: Actually expressing your soul is a natural state when you are who you are because when you express yourself as you are, you cannot not express yourself as a soul.

Alexandra: But now wasn’t it true that they used sound to move and lift gold, you know from certain parts of the world?

Cobra: Yes that was happening in some parts of civilizations to lift physical objects.

Alexandra: Yes that’s what I thought. I know Tellinger just came up with the most amazing thing about these circular mounds that he’s found all throughout South Africa. He determined that they were actual pathways where the sound moved the extracted gold from the actual planet he found. Did you see that? It was really interesting. He actually found rocks, that were shaped kind of like pyramids, sort of and he was able to tell that they were used as musical instruments at one time.

Cobra: Yes this is the way to move matter. Some of the more advanced civilizations in the past used this but now most of them use teleportation, which is based on the empiric plane location so it’s a different technology.

Alexandra: So Marco getting back to your co-creation of these worldwide concerts. Give us a little bit of an idea of what that co-creation appears to you as. Are you thinking in terms of actually entertaining with other musicians on the stage or what are you perceiving this to unfold as?

Marco: Well what is going to happen eventually is that the first stream of live concert will take us to a higher level of financial freedom and at that point we will introduce the original, the ultimate vision which I call ‘Sounds of oneness’. This is going to be a concert that will also include many many other situations like Sacred Geometry, like Light and Movement. We definitely want the energy of the children on the stage, very important. So a children choir. There are brilliant little children that play incredibly well instruments. And we will have other devices for example, I will shape the stage in a way that there will be no separation between the audience and the musicians and we most likely will start the event with the opening so everybody will sync in vibrationally. Then we will start the experience and then we will have all kinds of situation. Every song has its own caller. Every piece of music will have its own smell. We will use aromatherapy, we will use crystals. So it will be a very powerful experience. In fact it might happen but the concert will be just the first part of the experience because it’s going to be so transforming that after the concert there will be a sequence of supportive healing sessions. So I can see eventually the concert becoming a sort of retreat or workshop or seminar where people begin and start to open their heart with the music and then they also have other healers being part of the process and they will support what just happened on stage so it’s a much, much bigger scenario. We will see also a pyramid shaped stage. We will be very careful how we use the color and the lighting. Right now I’m connecting with a wonderful sacred geometry expert who has the ability to create three-dimensional shapes, a sacred geometry effects that dance with music. So it’s going to be a completely different experience.

Alexandra: Wow! It’s very similar to the way that we’ve been planning some of the healing seminars we’ve been working on.

Marco: Absolutely, yes.

Alexandra: Wow! So marrying all the different matters.

Marco: Yes, yes, yes. This is not my idea. This is an idea within all of the light workers. Everybody is more or less sharing this idea, with music and with multi media 5th dimensional experience. It is something that we’ve all been feeling at a certain level since we are here in this visible shape.

Alexandra: Yes I agree. So now we all know that music is very healing and sound is very healing. Can you share with us Marco some of your own experiences through your music where you actually saw that healing taking place within an individual?

Marco: Absolutely, right now we are collecting thousands of testimonials of people that describe how incredibly their life is feeling since they heard the music. The thing is that, there is sound healing which is basically sound to address in specific frequency and that creates a healing. What I add to the equation is melody. Now when you add melody to the sound you create an emotion. An emotion, which is energy in motion. So basically the attempt is not only to use just sound for healing but also to give permission to people to fully feel the emotions because we have been in a society that teaches us to repress the emotions, so there is a lot of energy that is stuck within our body and with the melodies you trigger this emotion to come out and give people permission to feel their anger, feel they’re sad and feel they’re love. Whatever emotion is there needs to come out and that’s their healing part that I’m noticing many, many people are experiencing when they listen to the music.

Alexandra: That is so true. Now Cobra do you equate that to the up and coming and unfolding of the goddess energy?

Cobra: Yes absolutely because the goddess energy is the energy that brings us in touch with our emotions and actually help us to heal our emotions. Because within our emotions is our greatest power and if we can access that power we can change the world. And there is always guidance and wisdom in all of our emotions And there is by healing our emotions we get the message and we get the guidance and that balance brings us closer to our individual liberation and also to our collective liberation and the guiding force that is guiding us here is the Goddess presence, the Goddess energy. Clear and healed feminine aspect of ourselves and the feminine aspect of the universe itself.

Alexandra: God Cobra that was beautiful. You know I saw this Marco on your website. It says, “Enter into the innermost depths of your heart, and experience the divine musical journey of ‘Unfolding Secrets’. This inspirational symphony for the heart draws forth the divine energies of ethereal vocals and celestial music. It will unfold you with the joy and the peace of becoming love made manifest now on earth”. And I have to say to you its like all you feel when you’re listening to your music is this profound deep sense of connection to source. So I just want to commend you because I’m a musician too so I really, I really honor people that create these kind of magnificent masterpieces as you’ve done.

Marco: Thank you.

Alexandra: So Marco please tell everybody what is the best way that they can contribute to this dream of yours and of course Cobras which is to bring about this new renaissance? What is the best way for them to step forward? If they are feeling compelled to reach into their musical or their artistic side what do you recommend?

Marco: Well again, the key word right now is team community together by bringing their gift so the best way to support a process like mine or somebody else is to first of course feel the resonance, and then addressing the joy of such resonance gives you and then through the joy make use of your gifts – ‘I love this project of Marco, ok, so what is it within myself? What is the gift that I carry on within myself that I can bring to the project? So the project amplified’. So that is the simplicity of the formula, just to follow the joy and your bliss. In a more three dimensional world of course like right now like most of us we are looking for the funds, for the investors, for the sponsors but that too has to come from that kind of resonance, it has to come from that kind of energy. Otherwise there is an agenda and if there is an agenda, then manipulation steps into the process and then the frequencies are not as pure as they should be. So even the people that are the so called business people, and the people that have money and want to invest, they have to come from that kind of heart purity in order to maintain and to actually amplify the possibilities that such journey has.

Alexandra: That is such a good point. Unfortunately its one of the main reasons why a lot of projects like myself have not gotten off the ground.

Marco: Yes.

Alexandra: (Laughter). You know, its to find people that have the pure hearts and can allow the individual that has the original vision to stay pure to that original vision.

Marco: I personally feel very positive. I think we are at the end of that tunnel. I think all these beautiful projects are going to be supported very soon with wonderful pure energy like money and like many other beautiful energy that are available right now and they are unfolding. The reason why I called the album ‘Unfolding Secrets’ is because it’s exactly what is happening right now. All the secrets need to unfold, we need to reach a transparency in order to continue our journey as humans we need to let go all the secrets. We need to become transparent and therefore particularly in fields like business, like corporation, we need to allow ourselves to let go all the secrecy and unfold those secrets and become transparent.

Alexandra: Yeah, I was going to ask you that question because I just love the title of your new CD. And so Cobra, how do you feel about the unfolding of the funding being able to support some of these new visions and projects around the world? How do you feel things are going in that direction?

Cobra: I would make a suggestion for people who have some of that funding and would like to dedicate it to projects, to pool their resources and to start supporting those kind of projects because I know there are many people out there and some of those people have money and they don’t know what to do with their money. Better than investing it in to the stock market.

Alexandra: Yeah! (Laughter).

Cobra: It’s much better now to put it into something like this. And I would suggest that you play a little bit of Marco’s music for people to have an impression of what we are talking about.

Alexandra: Oh boy! Ok. You caught me off guard. So ah I can do that. Honest to God, I usually close everything down so that I don’t have any technical difficulties because there’s plenty of those Cobra when I interview you! (Laughter).

Cobra: (Laughter).

Alexandra: While I’m pulling that up (laughter), thanks Cobra! (Laughter)!

Cobra: (Laughter). You’re welcome.

Alexandra: (Laughter). He just says it very kindly. (Laughter): ‘you’re welcome’.

Cobra: (Laughter).

Alexandra: (Laughter). Oh my God! Ok. Oh, I’m going, I’m going, I’m going, ok! In the meantime while I’m pulling this up…

Cobra: (Laughter). Yes.

Alexandra: Marco take it away. (Laughter). Talk to me a little bit more about ‘Unfolding Secrets’.

Marco: Ok, I’m the fill in guy (laughter). Well what can I say, ah, we said so much already. Well let me share the gratitude and the amazing love that I’m starting to feel more and more in this density. I always felt, I always felt love for humanity, for the planet but it seems we are stepping really in a situation where energetically we’re starting to feel in like the same frequency before we came here, not quite yet but we are getting there (laughter)

Alexandra: Yes, yes, ok. So everybody this is one of my absolute favorites of Marco’s CD called: ‘Unfolding Secrets’. I was just playing it, this morning and I just love this. Here we go. (Music played from ‘Unfolding Secrets’). Ok

Alexandra: And I hate the fact that I had to cut it off that dramatically. (Laughter). But I don’t have like the mixing thing going on here guys. Oh Marco! I could actually make my remedies to this piece. Because I’m very picky about the kind of music that I play when I’m making my own essences. It’s just so spectacular.

Marco: Thank you.

Alexandra: Ahhh! So listen we are getting to the bottom of the hour and I wanted to thank both of you, Marco and Cobra for being my guests today. And I hope this really inspires you out there in cyber land to really consider stepping up into that joy and that love and that bliss within your heart that you want so much to create and give back to the world and to yourself. I want to thank Marco for bringing forth such a beautiful gift. And Cobra as always we just love you because of all your wisdom. You never cease to amaze us. So Marco is there anything you would like to say before we go?

Marco: I just want to quickly acknowledge the soprano singer in this album her name is Kristin Hoffmann from New York and she’s been a beautiful gift for the album and really made a big difference in the frequencies that the album now has. So I just want to acknowledge her and other than that I thank you so much Alexander, its lovely to spend time with you and Cobra and I hope we will be able to continue whatever shape and form it’s going to be but I’m sure that divine synchronicity will continue our relationship in the future.

Alexandra: Yes, I agree, I agree. I’m very passionate about what you are doing. And Cobra are there any last minute comments you would like to make?

Cobra: Yes, I would like everybody to just take some time and listen to Marco’s music. It is really wonderful and also go to my blog and read the latest update, very important about some event developments and there is also a certain situation that you can vote about. We make some great progress lately and it’s ??51:40? I was here.

Alexandra: Yes and by the way Cobra I couldn’t get, I couldn’t find the vote thing.

Cobra: It’s very easy. It’s on the top right corner of the box.

Alexandra: Ah right it says top left, ok. Well now every body knows. So go and vote, it’s very important that you do and it’s regarding whether you want to go for it or wait a while and be safe. (Laughter). Right Cobra? (Laughter).

Cobra: (Laughter). Yes.

Alexandra: (Laughter). Ok, Marco thanks again for what you bring to the world. We bless you, bless you, bless you for your beautiful musical gifts.

Marco: Thank you.

Alexandra: And Cobra you as well. Thanks everybody for listening. You guys have a great day and we’ll talk to you soon.

Marco: Bye bye.

Alexandra: Bye.

Source: Galactic Connection

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