Message for the Resistance Movement: July 27, 2018

Message for the Resistance Movement: July 27, 2018

P501 link confirmed

The above is a coded messages for the Resistance Movement as communicated by Cobra on Portal 2012. These messages are not meant for the general population, and are not meant to be understood by us.

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      • ^ BUSTED.

        Dr Jim Willie on Rogue Money talked about recent arrests involving NVIXM and that rich heiress. Word is she has capital charges of hundreds of homicides and unmarked graves. Jim Willie is very conservative on this excitement over Q-Anon, but 40,000 sealed indictments, unprecedented in volume, certain names that Dr Jim Willie wanted to see indicted now being mentioned as strong signs that promises made by Trump are being followed through.

        Plus that soccer ball passed by Putin to Trump, and the surprise that was apparently hidden in there:

  • If Dr Jim Willie’s intel on the progress made by Trump is followed through and Trump follows up on the large intel drop that Putin gave Trump, then Cobra may have again gotten his intel wrong about Trump being a ‘Jesuit faction agent’ at least by Trump’s actions.

    Same goes for David Icke whose opinion of Trump which has been rather unflattering from the start.

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