Michael H. Dunn: Knights Templar and Truth About the Cabal

Knights Templar and the Truth about the Cabal

(Project Camelot by Michael Henry Dunn) Addressing the Myth of One-World Government, and the Reality of How to Win Human Freedom

  • Churchill’s wooden artillery – why the oligarchy has to make us think they’re in control as they swirl down the drain of history
  • Disinformation fear-mongers – how to be on guard
  • Does chivalry matter? Why today’s Knights Templar are the true inheritors of the fight for human freedom – and the closest thing we have to the Jedi Knights
  • The Rule of Law as a Guarantor of Human Freedom – why it’s the indispensable real-world lever of change…and how the Cabal has worked to destroy it.
  • Common Law Courts and Citizens’ Juries – a Cabal-designed dead end
  • The path forward – the Judge’s Manual for Enforcement of Human Rights and the Restoration of International Law

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(Copyright 2014 Michael Henry Dunn, all international rights reserved)

In 1940, as Adolf Hitler rained bombs on London, Britain prepared for what seemed an inevitable Nazi invasion. A key element in the massive preparations to defend Britain after the defeat of the British Expeditionary Force in 1940 was a time-honored ruse in the art of war: make your enemy think you are stronger than you are. So Britain’s precursors to today’s massively sophisticated disinformation apparatus used agents in the media on both sides of the Atlantic to spread rumors of a napalm-like super-weapon which was said to be incinerating whole platoons of German soldiers. The British had no such weapon, but the Nazis believed they did. Nor did the British actually possess the intimidating array of artillery which appeared to line the coasts – artillery which went a long way toward discouraging Hitler from actually launching Operation Sea Lion to invade the island. The artillery was largely made of wood, and the soldiers manning the guns were almost entirely mannequins…

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  • Mr. Dunn,

    Kudos for your efforts regarding human rights.
    Is it possible for me to receive a copy of the the
    Judge’s Manual for Enforcement of Human Rights
    and the Restoration of International Law?

    Best regards,


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