The YouTube channel A51:S published a video clip that prompted debates among conspiracy theorists online. The clip shows a mysterious spherical UFO moving across deep space. The alleged imprinted drawings on its body add to the mystery. According to the YouTube channel, they found the strange object while researching the website of NASA’s stereo mission.

The video did not gain much attention after it was uploaded, but that has been changed after conspiracy theory channel UFOmania shared it online. On the video description, UFOmania wrote that the UFO has a planetarium and appears to have a force field around it.

The uploader described the UFO to be so massive, which approximately the same size as a planet. Many conspiracy theorists commented that the mysterious, gigantic object might be an alien mega-ship from deep space.

Some other commenters suggested the object could be an alien space station.

One user believed that Trump knew about it and that he formed a space force to prepare for something big.

Another user revealed that the massive thing had been out there moving around for at least a year and NASA won’t comment on it. The same user wrote that it could look bizarre sometimes like it is shooting a missile.

Some other commenters on the video argued that it could be planet Nibiru, which could collide with Earth.

This article (NASA’s Stereo Spacecraft Apparently Discovered Planet-Sized UFO) was originally published on Latest UFO Sightings and syndicated by The Event Chronicle. 

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