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Fox News Reports: An elderly couple died Saturday morning after an explosion completely reduced their two-story home to piles of rubble. The couple, identified as John Paladino, 73, and Carole Paladino, 72, were the only people inside the home in Newfield, New Jersey, when the blast occurred shortly after 6 a.m. Investigators have not revealed what caused the blast but have said they do not suspect any foul play. Neighbors said the couple had lived in their home for decades, and it was where they raised their children. An appliance had been delivered on Friday, neighbors said, speculating the blast could be a gas explosion.

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Carole Paladino

Once again another strange home explosion in New Jersey this weekend, and it looks like 4Chan and 8Chan users have discovered that couple inside this home that exploded in New Jersey this weekend were set to testify against the Clinton’s to a Grand Jury this week sometime. Again it looks like we have more lives to add to the Clinton body count, and an interesting part about the investigation about this home explosion in New Jersey killing an elderly couple involves prosecutors investigating the home explosion. Honestly every single time you have a home explosion in America which are very rare you almost have to be curious about the connection, and this time a home explosion just happens to involve an elderly couple set to testify against the Clinton’s to a grand jury days before…And for some reason prosecutors are actually investigating the home explosion on scene.

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  • It looks like you are banned on Twitter too. I ‘ve been sharing article on Twitter all day but I cannot post this one specific article from you.

    • Ugh! It amazes me that they are so worried about my little website. ? The must really be getting scared of The Truth finally breaking free. I don’t think they will be able to continue holding it back too much longer. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know, and I’m sorry you cannot share the article.

    • I just saw the strangest site on Twitter, a 20 second video of both Klintons, seated in a commercial flight, and NOT looking atcc any passengers boarding. Can’t recall th last time they were seen on a commercial flight, its usually a private jet loaned to them or on a private jet of someone, like the owner of Pedophile island. Anyhow, someone commented on it occurring while the home was allegedly blowing up, and the phrase “plausible deniability’ was brought up.

  • The main MO of the Clintons is to destroy evidence/witnesses before they can be used. It’s almost a perfect defense. Isn’t there any crime they can be accused of across cases for that?? I don’t think so.

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