New! Voice-Guided Video That Summarizes All Of Cobra’s Intel/Progress/The Event (Cobra Approved)

By Jonathan Carty

Cobra has given the green light on the video project I had been asked to work on by Danell from the Prepare For Change team. She came up with an informational board that displayed a timeline of events that was referenced from Cobra’s blog. After several re-edits and many hours of work the video is now complete.

It is separated into three parts and I narrate the entire video. All of the audio, including my voice, has been converted to 432hz frequency. I am grateful to have been brought on to this and I am excited to share it all with you. I’d love to hear what you all think. Sending love and light to each of you!

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  • Why, after the Event, will humans continue tor kill and eat animals for food, albeit treating them more humanely? Humans have no right to kill animals for food. Meat-eating is totally unnecessary and is known to lower the energy vibration of those who eat animals.

    • Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Cobra in June 2014 that you may find helpful…

      Rob – The question – do light forces or other Galactic Federation forces have plans in place in phasing out of animal agriculture via alternative methods of food production, i.e.; replicators and other advanced methods.

      COBRA – Yes, of course. There might be some people that still need to eat meat but that will be done in a much more loving and humane way than it’s done now. It will not be a mass industry as it is now. This will be over. This will be finished.

      Rob – Someone asked, how long until the planet gradually becomes vegetarian?

      COBRA – This is an individual process. Some people are already vegetarian and some people will take quite some time. The only thing I can say, if an animal is killed for food, it’s part of a life cycle and not a part of an industry for profit. It’s a different story. Some people are of a stage that need meat as a dietary food intake.

      Rob – They have no other source of food. Some people still hunt on the planet and that is how they gain their sustenance. I understand that. I’m sure that’ll probably bring about some feelings in people. Eventually things will be changed and the Lion will lay down with the lamb. According to Sharula or Boni both names are correct of the Inner earth: We will one day see animals who are actually carnivores will become grass eaters. That’s correct isn’t it?

      COBRA – Yes that is correct. It is the same process with human beings. For Human beings this can take some time to adjust.

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