NSA Whistleblower Bill Binney: Explosive Report on Russian Lie

America Restored’s Executive Director Tomi Collins and Bill Binney former Tech Director of the NSA on Saturday, July 7th in Washington DC.

Mr. Binney provides forensic data proving Guccifer2 Data is fraud and Russia did not hack the DNC Friday, July 13th Rod Rosenstein hands down Indictment against Russian intelligence officials using fraudulent Goosifer2 report as a main building block in the indictment!

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  • It would take an absolute moron to believe the claims of Deep State criminals like Comey,Clapper,Brennan,Strzok,et.al.
    These boneheads are liars,thieves and shills for Globalism.We do not EVEN believe their false evidence,their bravado,their ridiculous statements to the media.WE SEE YOU,DEEP STATE.

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