Threads that Unravel: From NXIVM to Senators to Powerful Elite

Part 1: From NXIVM to Senators to Powerful Elites

By Tarra Carrington

Back when NXIVM first hit, I latched onto it and just wouldn’t let go, so it was always a subject I’ve dug around for the last few months. Very early on, when KR (Keith Raniere)was first arrested and before they released AM’s (Allison Mack) name, I ran across 2 posts by anonymous sources.

The first story was about how KR’s new “star” was brought into NXIVM/DOS. It outlined the other women that came before her (1 committed suicide and 1 was sent to CA and is now/was a manager of a very prominent hotel frequented by elites and that her job was to cover for and clean up their messes) (think helicopter crash in CA around the time we were discussing Avvicci- sp? The Standard Hotel) and how they chose the new fresh face to help run NXIVM and DOS. She was trained in the ways of DOS (the deeper sex slave part of NXIVM) by a Saudi Prince and was his slave but given to KR so as to further access to other elite members (Clare and Sara Bronfman and Lynn De Forrester Rothschild -through business ties with Bronfman brother). From there I ran down the rabbit hole to explore Bronfman. At the time I was more interested in confirming other parts of the story and never got a SS of the post. ?

So, while pushing on NXIVM for connections, it turns out that Sen Kirsten Gillibrand (the #metoo Senator from NY) has ties to NXIVM. Her father was a lobbyist for them. So pushing on that thread I dug for dirt. I found a story by an anonymous source that said she was friends with Kirsten when they were young and her father was very abusive to her. It said that at around 15/16 yrs old she got pregnant (would put the year at ‘81/‘82.) and she went away to Europe for a while and when she came back there was no baby. She asked what happened and she said she didn’t want to talk about it and the friend never pushed. This would have been conception around Halloween. Now, in all honesty I dug around on this one for a long time and couldn’t find anything to corroborate this so eventually I dropped it. I wish I didn’t. Again no SS. ?‍♀️ So…stick a pin in this one and just set it aside for a moment.

Now, we know that Allison Mack’s personal slave was India Oxenburg, who is a literal princess of royal decent by her grandmother. Her mother is Catherine Oxenburg from Dynasty and her father was a high level international drug smuggler who was busted in Seattle, WA in the ‘80’s. (Also her father has loose connections to Henry Hill of Goodfella’s fame who was in witness protection then but was running a drug operation in Seattle at the time.) How does a princess become a slave to a B-list movie star?? WHO IS ALLIE MACK?! This question is what has kept me going back to NXIVM.

So… at the end of my long post, what does one have to do with the other? Here are pics of AM and Sen KG side by side. AM was born in July of ‘82. Rolling back 9 months puts her conception around Halloween of ‘81. AM was born in Germany the same time KG was away in Europe. ? Are there any Qincidences???

I’ve had this info for a while now. I shared some of the connections I made a few months ago and have continued to dig and poke around again and again and again and every time there’s just another layer of ? to add to it.

Continue reading at link [2]
-NXIVM also has a school called the Rainbow Cultural Garden. Main headquarters are in FL in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s district. The late Barbra Bush sat on the Advisory Board Of the RCG.

At the RCG, children are enrolled as infants. They stay for 12 hrs a day. They are raised by women from every part of the world speaking every dialect. Each caregiver will speak to the child in their native tongue. (This actually impedes the child’s mental growth as they loose out on created speech pathways.) When the children are picked up by their parents, the parents are instructed (and is part of the contract they sign and agree to) not to communicate with the child beyond simple commands. They are told affection from the parent will break their independent spirit. (This hinders the child emotionally as there is no love or affection give to the child by either the rotating caregivers or the parents creating emotional isolation.) The children move through the school much like they would from daycare to kindergarten to elementary school. By 4th grade the children are sent to a boarding school. They continue at boarding school until they graduate.

Now, let’s push a bit on the DWS angle for a little bit. We know she has ties to the Mossad, owns Broward Co Sheriff Scott Israel, the attorney investigating voting fraud in her district turned up dead on a beach and his wife was one of the victims that died in the bridge collapse. She is also the one who brought the Awans in to do IT on congressional computers with NO background checks. Why? Because she was one of the driving forces to have them released from a Paki prison. And who did these brothers really work for? Why the same Saudi Prince that was recently arrested and which owns the block that Comet Ping Pong is on. ? Sen Gillibrand ALSO used the Awans services. Which makes THIS article incredibly interesting- dated 2015. And which is the cause of the Bronfman sisters estrangement from their father.

The RCG has schools in the US, Mexico and London.

Now, we can push even further on this!

Remember a while back Q was talking about Flowers and Gardens and what they symbolized? Q also shared a link about slavery in the south and sharecropping. At first I was kinda confused about what he was trying to tell us. It had nothing to do with the slaves in the 1800’s. It had to do with the sharecropping and location of slave sharecroppers plots in relation to the master’s farm. Put that into today’s perspective of human trafficking slaves. The masters (Rothschild – through Lynn De Forrester Rothschild) still own the farm but the slaves (under certain guidelines) can do what they (our pedo elites) want. So, that’s what Q was trying to say with the article. Gardens and Flowers is multilayered also. Girls are often described as being “deflowered” and likened to flowers in poetry and such. A group of flowers on a farm is a Garden. A garden of many different kinds of flowers from many different Cultures would look like a Rainbow. (Rainbow Cultural Garden)

At the same time Q was mentioning Wizards and Warlocks and Red Castle Green Castle. Neon Revolt [4] wrote an article about it breaking it down back when this surfaced in early May ‘18. This was when the planefags had their moment to shine as they put together the military aircraft maneuvers over Hagerstown. This is important.

Here’s the Neon Revolt article I’m referring to. Great info but they missed a HUGE connection!!! Here it is.

Hagerstown is just 30 mi from Lovettesville. Lovettesville is specifically mentioned in a Podesta email sent by Tamara Luzzato. Luzzato used to work for Hillary and ties to Gillibrand. She specifically tells Podesta that her sister in law will Uber her 3 girls to the farm in Lovettesville as the entertainment for the evening and that they are 11, 9 and almost 7. Her youngest child is Maeve. James Alefantis is Maeve’s grand son. Oh, and another little gem to throw in there just for good measure…the entire block that James Alefantis’s Comet Ping Ping is on is owned by none other than a Saudi Prince.


Now, we all know about Comet Ping Pong, his pics on his jimmycomet Instagram page, and his pedo shit. But did you know he changed his name to Alefantis (translation infant lover /lover of infants) from Rothschild?

And we also know he owned an underage club in Germany with his lover which was later busted for child sex. This was prior to his opening of Comet Ping Pong.

Now, if we look at WH visitor logs we see something VERY interesting!

The fact that Laura Silsby is a known child trafficker (who by the way has since changed her name and now RUNS the Amber Alert system-let that sink in a moment!) the timing of the two of them both visiting the WH should raise some eyebrows.

Also, I want to share a story here about why Silsby running the Amber Alert System boils my blood!

In 2005, just outside of Coeur d’Alene Idaho, a man by the name of Joseph Duncan committed one of the most imaginable crimes to ever rock our area and absolutely, positively changed the way I raised both of my boys.

Joe Duncan was driving down I-90 interstate and drove past a rural house that backed up to the highway. As he drove by he noticed 2 children playing in a kiddie pool. Duncan pulled off at the next exit and doubled back. He tracked down the home down a dirt road and staked out the house, hiding in the woods, with night vision goggles, for 2 days. On the third night he struck. He broke into the home and went room by room. First he came upon the step dad and tied him up. Next he neutralized Shane, the 13 yr old and tied him up. Next was the Mom who was sleeping in the back bedroom. Shane was able to get freed and ran to the kids, Shasta 8, and Dylan 7 and started shoving them through the window. Duncan caught him in the act and hit him with a claw hammer knocking him out. He raced outside and grabbed the kids, tied them up and went back in the house and killed the step dad, Mom and 13 yr old brother with the claw hammer. He put Shasta and Dylan in the car and took off. The brutality of the crime and the missing kids sent our community into a frenzy. Our local officers were overwhelmed by the crime scene and left the force after this case. Our community rallied together and we all wore buttons with the kids faces saying Have You Seen Me. Maverick was 5 at the time and wore his button everywhere so we could find his “friends”. It was all the community could focus on. Now, the stretch of highway this took place on was directly between Spokane, Wa and Missoula, Montana. It is not very wide between the Washington border and the Montana border (you can make it across the panhandle if north Idaho in an hour and a half) so it was quite natural to expect a multistate Amber Alert sent out. The Amber Alert System dragged its feet and gave bogus excuses why it won’t activate a multi state alert.

One night, Mitch and I were out late drinking with friends and decided to go to Denny’s before heading home. Heading to Denny’s there was suddenly many cop cars around us and even though we had our blinker on they wouldn’t let us over to get into Denny’s. Whatever, we went home. We woke up to the news the next morning that Shasta had been found alive AND her kidnapper arrested at that same Denny’s at the same time we were trying to turn in!

As Shasta’s story came out it was more horrible than we could have imagined. She recounted the story on how they were kidnapped and her family murdered. They heard the whole thing and Duncan mocked and taunted them with the retelling of the story. He drove them OUT OF STATE to a Nation Forrest just a spit on the other side of the mountain from where she was abducted. Less than an hour away. There they camped out where he repeated tortured and raped both her and her brother. (This part was told to me personally by an officer who was a good friend and corroborated by another friend who was an officer, both of which had tears in their eyes when discussing it- The doctors had to surgically remove pine cones, bark, rocks and sticks from her vagina and uterus and doubted she would be able to have children.) The local news confirmed she had been damaged reproductively. The question still on everyone’s mind was Where’s Dylan?!?! Dylan’s body was recovered in the camp spot Shasta told the police about. He had been raped, hung and burned alive. Shasta said that after weeks of abuse he struggled and fought back and after raping him again Duncan hung him from a tree and built a fire underneath him and roasted him for a few hours, making her watch and listen to his screams, mercifully shot him.

Now, these kids had been missing for about 6 weeks. They stayed local and he RETURNED TO THE COMMUNITY! Why?!? We were all still wearing buttons, flyers were everywhere, we discussed details of the case with strangers at the supermarkets! Why did he come back?! Personally, I think he was trying to sell both kids, Dylan’s buyer backed out (hence the reason he killed him) and he was meeting up with them at the Denny’s that night. Nothing else makes sense. And obviously the story doesn’t just end here.

Duncan’s bail was set and PAID FOR by 2 wealthy businessmen from MN. What?? When we look to see if Duncan has ties to MN we find out that the car he used to kidnap the kids was stolen in MN and just days before the kids’ abduction, he is seen on surveillance camera trying to lure 2 young boys into his car! Thankfully they ran away but it makes me think that he’s now on a tighter time frame to produce kids. Anyway, when we look into Duncan’s past, he is tied to the rape of 2 young girls in the Seattle area and the murder of a little boy in CA. Now, after his arrest a huge pedo network was busted in Spokane Wa which also involved the mayor!

Now…the icing on the cake… Laura Silsby lives in Idaho.

Now, here’s another hidden gem that’s worth exploring. Schneiderman, Spiderman, the one who likes to call his girlfriend a slave? ? Yes, That one. The one obstructing justice in NY? One and the same. So, he has a woman he calls a slave, and refused to investigate a sex slave cult, who was then financially backed by Soros?!?!? Why…the Qincidences never cease? Do they??

Since pig farms were mentioned it’s good to look back and remember what they’re used for…disposal of bodies. Now, Jason’s been harping on us about SERCO. And why Steven Paddock is the patsy for Las Vegas.

Pig Farm Junket Rooms – and we know junket rooms are their LIVE betting rooms. [6]

Which Clinton Campaign Manager used to work at a pig farm and describes it as the best job he’s ever had? And loved it SO much, he used to have a picture of a pig with its throat slashed as his work computer screen saver until his staff complained enough that he changed it because they hated having staff meetings with the dead pig looking at them? PODESTA

Continued in part 2…

Threads that Unravel Part 2: From Pandas to Pizza to Pig Farms to Tunnels and How EO’s Ties them ALL Together


[1] Tarra Carrington

[2] CultEducation

[3] Rainbow Cultural Garden

[4] Neon Revolt

[5] MamasMidwives

[6] Abel Danger

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