Pedogate Protest Washington D.C. March 25th at 11:00am

Pedogate Protest Washington D.C. March 25th at 11:00am

Pizzagate protest planned – Washington, DC, March 25th at 11 a.m. Eastern Time.

All are welcome!

We want a peaceful and productive morning of civic action against true evil and pathetic elitism… Pedogate is real. We push back, with love and with strength. Protests in other cities across the United States may be planned for the same day, but I have not looked into the legitimacy of any of those protests.

If you are financially able to do so, join us in DC. Afterward, I’m happy to meet with you all at a bar somewhere.

This is how change occurs.



  • Be watching the weather. True, we are expecting snow tonight, but that will be gone by the day of the protest. The long range forcast is never very accurate, but so far it is predicting rain all that week. For DC on the 25th, it’s predicitng a high of 58 degrees and 60% chance of rain. I’m not saying call off the protest, just to dress warmly. Thanks,

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