Play held in UK’s London theatre discusses 9/11 truth

Play held in UK's London theatre discusses 9/11 truth

(Press TV) As the 13th anniversary of the attacks of September 11 2001 nears, attempts to learn the full facts continue. One of those attempts comes in the form of a play being held in London which explores the many unanswered questions surrounding that day.

The play, which focuses on building 7 at the world trade centre, is called Seven Seconds and features former MI5 agent David Shayler who in the 1990s blew the lid on British intelligence service attempts to use Al Qaeda linked militants to Assassinate former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. This is the memorial in London to those killed on 9/11. Many have claimed that attempts to get to the truth of what happened on that day are disrespectful to the memories of the dead. But one of the stars of the play is Matt Campbell, whose Brother Geoff was one of 67 Brits who died and he rejects attempts to silence the discussion as emotional blackmail. The play centres around the actual statements of real journalists who are played by actors and one of the characters is press TV’s very own Susan Modaress. The attacks of 9/11 continue to raise many questions in the minds of not just ordinary people but hundreds of engineers and architects who say the official story is simply untenable. The Organisers of this play say that it doesn’t mark the end of their efforts, but simply the beginning.

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  • Three or four days prior to the 9/11 any where from three or four black vans parked at the back of the world trade center men had worked all day on the week end they may have required two days work.This I believe was about three days before the hijacked airlines. There was a messaged distributed around the building a few days before 9/11 telling an elite few not to come to work for that day The word was really passed out to an elite few not to come to work. Also possibly the FBI, or some investigated service also knew about the piloted plans about commercial airlines to be hi jacked for that week end The President , Bush knew about the plans and the bombing and had scheduled a meet in Florida specifically for that reason as an excuse for not being around. When Bush was informed about the 9/11 he already knew about it, how did he know unless he was already knew about the plans. When they reported this to bush he was not a bit surprised. I think there are many that already know this and are in hiding.
    The same holds true about Japan. The air force base was closed down in Florida when a large truck pulled in to on of the ware houses and just happen to find six nuclear bombs or missiles to be loaded on the trucks. Six men took charge of the missiles then the men went thirty miles off the coast of Japan to plant the missiles in a fault line thirty miles off of Japan to blow up. After the men went to get payment for the job they tried to ki8ll all six men but one man got away and ran his story on the net I know that one man ‘s life is in danger if he isn’t dead already. This was all done with the president’s knowledge.

    • Watching the video of Bush’s reaction in the classroom when he is told the news is very suspicious, in my opinion. It is not a natural reaction to being told news of that magnitude. I’m feeling quite somber knowing another anniversary is upon us while the perpetrators walk free. Thanks for your comment, Bill.

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