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On February 21, President Donald Trump hosted a gathering of students, teachers and parents from the Majory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting tragedy. Just before the meeting began at 4:21 pm, President Trump was photographed showing some handheld notes on White House stationary with a list of five talking points he planned to use during the meeting.

Unusually, Trump had the notes facing outward toward the cameras, rather than facing towards him which would be normal for any public speaker. This made it easy for the notes to be photographed leading to immediate media speculation about the appropriateness of Trump’s talking points.

Only a few hours after the meeting, at 7:34 pm, EST, QAnon released a coded post referring to five security tests.

The next day, QAnon posted an image showing Trump holding the note, alongside the later coded message. Trump’s hand placement, the five note’s points, appeared to have a connection to QAnon’s coded post.

The message QAnon was transmitting was that Trump had deliberately turned his notes outward facing the camera in order to pass on a coded message.

QAnon was telling his audience that Trump was hearing the voices of the many estimated to number as much as twenty million (Q post 809), who have been following the QAnon material – “I hear you”.

During the meeting itself, available on video, the notes are nowhere to be seen. Trump, only held the notes prior to the meeting’s start. This tells us that these were just talking points for Trump to memorize before the meeting began and were then discarded.

It’s possible that he accidently had the list of five points facing out prior to the start of the meeting, but its highly unusual for an experienced public speaker like Trump to do so. The more plausible explanation is that his action was deliberate.

Given the connection QAnon found in Trump’s odd hand placement around the notes, and the coded message released only three hours later, this makes it clearer that Trump’s action was deliberate and not accidental.

Consequently, it does appear that Trump was sending a coded message that corroborated the QAnon material, as investigative reporters such as Dr. Jerome Corsi contend.

If Trump was indeed passing on a coded message that both corroborated the February 21 security test, and that he was listening to people following the QAnon material, then some important conclusions can be drawn…

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  • Simply put, IT WONT EVER HAPPEN. Just like mass arrests, or take downs or other such falacies.
    How many times do bloggers build up excitment about next week/month/year. Only for time to pass with nothing.

    All the BS about so and so being dead, only for them to be carrying on as usual. Either that or someone is pranking us with the Soros version of a weekend at Bernies. Sadly Soros still lives.
    Clintons walk free.
    And each time theres a build up, another major disappointment occurs. Only to be followed by a flase flag that turns it back into the Cabals favour. Enough of the excuses. Time is very short. And the Cabal, like it or not, are winning here. As with Floridas last false flag. It isnt waking anyone up who isnt already, it is furthering the advantage to the Cabal. Just cryptic nonsensical Q posts. That have some getting aroused about. Only for NOTHING happening again and again.
    With the cabal outlets like youtube doing full on censorship, expect the tide to turn VERY QUICKLY into the Cabals major win. As we the people do nothing. Trump, aplhabet agencies, or white hats never do anything except sit back. Meanwhile the compromised left is screaming for gun control. Then its FEMA camp showers for all of us

  • Another video deleted? Just want to let you know, your ‘#QAnon – Continuous Updates’ Twitter feed link is corrupted – lands on a scam page via a Facebook feed, not the Twitter page. If you want real time QAnon posts, unedited, chronological, the new website (set up by the 8chan moderators since the 8chan page couldn’t cope with the amazing flood of traffic), it’s

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