QANON Hinted America May Enter Major Cabal War Soon?

By Fulcrum News

Today, Friday Apr. 6, 2018, the much hyped and followed online leaker known as QANON posted a link to a YouTube video:

Here’s the YouTube video – it’s a 2018 US military show of force clip put together by the MILITARY CHANNEL. This drop from QANON group comes at a time when insiders say talks between the United States and China may be rapidly deteriorating, with contentious issues including trade tariffs and the fate of North Korea not being settled.

Additionally, many researchers believe the federal government is on the verge of a “purge-like” sting operation to rid essential government services of Clinton/Obama/Luciferian holdovers.

Interesting times. Stay safe. Stay free.

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    • Fucking snowflake. Dry your tears and fetch your coloring books.

      Seriously, whenever I hear someone demanding some form of censorship, I laugh at them. You have no faith in Q, then you IGNORE Q, very very simple. The calls to have people silenced these days is deeply troubling.

  • Sadly, this will be another hollow hopium story. How many of these ecitement inducing “it’s about to happen” or, “the event will happen this March”. Only for said times dates and promises fall flat. I know most of these are posted with good intent. But how many times this alone have we been told, enough is enough. And the Light forces, or white hats etc etc have had enough and are about to act. But still nothing happens. The same with sealed indictments, the number grows, but actions are always lacking. I don’t want to sound negative here, but I know it isn’t just me who feels way. It’s like these let downs after the build up are deliberately trying to demoralise

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