Question Everything

On Today’s One People Roundtable Discussion, Lisa and I created a review of the basics:  Everything you need to know if you’ve just woken up.

Over recent weeks it has become apparent to Lisa and Myself that we have a lot of new viewers who have no background or context for many of the subjects we discuss. Today’s show was an attempt to bring our new friends who are just discovering that the world is not really as it seems, up to speed.

We tried to be gentle, I promise!

Today’s show takes our new viewers on a journey of comprehending that almost everything we’ve been taught isn’t true, and that we now live in a moment of “Question Everything”.

Take a deep breath…. Here we go!

love d

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Declassified CIA Manual Shows How US Uses Bureaucracy to Destabilize Governments
Libya and Gadhafi’s gold backed currency:


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Source: Removing the Shackles

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