August 19, 2019

VIETNAM – ALIEN INTERVENTION & U.S. VETS – A call-in show for Vietnam Vets on the topic raised by Captain Mark Richards regarding the large spider being invasion back at the time of Angkor Watt and then again in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. What may be the real reason the U.S. went into Vietnam.

GUESTS: JIM SHEAHAN, Vietnam Vet and LAURIE MCDONALD, Hypnotherapist.

If you are a Vietnam vet with missing time and memories that don’t make sense for example like this Vet’s recall posted below and want to join us on the show contact me at [email protected] and put VIETNAM in subject line.

Jim Sheahan

…”I thought I had seen a 12 foot high pyramid of  North Vietnamese soldier’s bodies. This was after an all night battle that a neighboring company of marines had fought. After the battle, the next morning, our company walked through this battle site. I was sure that I had seen a 12′ tall pyramid of bodies. I looked into the pile and my eyes focused on 2 bodies that had been deliberately mutilated, and I didn’t focus anymore….[After being regressed he wrote:  I then saw some piles of what looked like big bug shells, and I think later I saw some legs coming out of the shells.]”

Jim Sheahan, Vietnam Vet

Jim Sheahan Short Bio

Jim Sheahan

“I graduated from the University of Wisconsin in January of 1969 with a B.S. in Geology. Two weeks later I joined the Marines.

My first 5 months in Vietnam were with Mike Co. 3/3. The last 8 months were spent in a Civil Action Patrol squad   stationed in a village 30 miles SW of Danang.

After 19 months in the service, 13 in Vietnam,   I spent the next 27 years having 37 different jobs.

I then started  9 ½ years of counseling in the Vet Center and VA clinic, and obtained a VA disability for PTSD. This allowed me to get a job in the Post Office. The 12 years I spent in the Post Office plus the counseling helped me to get some stability.

I have had past issues with pot and alcohol and I have now been clean and sober for going on 35 years.

My avocation for the past 20 years has been making statues of Asian mythological animals.”

Laurie McDonald

Laurie McDonald

Laurie McDonald clinical hypnotherapist and abduction researcher is one of 27 regression therapist listed on the MUFON mental health referral list for abduction regression. She and is a scientific consultant to the research committee FREE (The Edgar Mitchel Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters)

She is on the Board President for OPUS (Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support) and is the founder of the Sacramento Alien Abduction & Contactee Support Group, one of California’s largest UFO and abduction groups.

Laurie has been the facilitator of a number of experiencer events and is a lifelong experiencer herself.

Her company True You Hypnotherapy has been the winner of Sacramento’s ‘Best of ’ four years running by promoting mind body integration through one on one sessions, empowerment workshops, experiencer group events and spiritual retreats

Laurie speaks on the subjects of the extraterrestrial experience as a catalyst to an expanded consciousness and ascension through contact. She is in the completion stage of her first book entitled: The Extraterrestrial Interference

For more information, see Kerry Cassidy’s 6th interview with Captain Mark Richards in the Total Recall series:

This article (The Real Reason for the Vietnam War? Veterans Recount Tales of Battles with Spider-Being Extraterrestrials) was originally published on Project Camelot and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


Close Encounters In Vietnam

Lieutenant Fox was in the Navy in the 1960’s flying attack planes. He had a top-secret clearance and served in Vietnam. He is a retired pilot of 33 years with American Airlines. In his testimony, he reveals that there is a publication called JANAP 146 E that has a section which states that no one is to share any information regarding the UFO phenomenon under penalty of $10,000 fine and 10 years in prison. During one incident in late 1964, while flying an A4 Skyhawk, he says that all of a sudden a darkened saucer shaped object about 30 feet in diameter appeared on his left side. There were many other events over the course of his career where he observed saucer shaped and cigar shaped UFO’s over military installations as well as one time seeing two red lights traversing the night’s sky from horizon to horizon in three seconds. He was afraid to bring up these events to others due to the inherent ridicule in the subject.

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