Red Dragon Family Announcement?

6 Trillion Released by Red Dragon Family?

(Dues Nexus) Submitted for your consideration: According to Sedona Connection, the “Red” Dragon Family will be releasing 6 Trillion “Federal Treasury Notes,” 5 Trillion to the BRICs Nations on the condition of cooperation with humanitarian projects, and 1 Trillion will be released to the United States as a test to see if the Cabal is serious about cooperating.

I have not been following this blogger so I do not know what the connection (or difference) is with the “White Dragon Society” that Benjamin Fulford claims to be in contact with.

Regardless of the truth of these claims, I can say that I am impressed with this blogger’s evolved perspective on the big financial picture, particularly his perspective on the whole Dinar controversy, which alway sounded like a scam from the start.

According to this narrative, the gist of the situation seems to be this:

An extremely wealthy and ancient Chinese bloodline has amassed enormous wealth, enough wealth to bail out the entire world from financial collapse and fund major humanitarian projects to save the environment, end world hunger, etc.  However, they will not release these funds just to see them fall into cabal hands or to create a brand new 1% elite class.

The BRICs nations are prepared to cooperate, however the cabal controlled west, particularly the United States, has been resistant (to put it mildly.) They have two choices, cooperate and be saved or face economic collapse.

If the cabal within the United States wanted an economic collapse all they have to do is stop printing more money.  However, it would seem that their agenda requires that World War III get started before that can occur (both as a distraction and a militaristic economic transition, much like World War II).  So far their schemes to get a global war ignited have been fruitless (see: The Phoenix That Wouldnt Rise.)

The rest of the world seems tired of endless war.  Enter BRICs and this Dragon family.  Just who are these mysterious saviors?  Are they the Creator’s ace card to transition us from a Western World Order to peaceful prosperity.  Are they crafty reptilian deceivers, pulling off the biggest con job in the history of mankind?  Or are they merely another stepping-stone toward humanity’s global awakening?

If they are real and they indeed have such wealth, let them spare the world from financial collapse, and drag out the duality game until the cabal is finally exposed and rendered impotent, giving the world more time and opportunity to fully awaken.

Because little is know about these Dragons – they have not been very transparent about themselves, their history, or their motivations – I wouldn’t advise putting faith in unknown saviors.  I would take this information with a grain of salt.  We need to learn to become our own saviors and our own masters, for each of us are divine beings in our own right.

RED DRAGON FAMILY ANNOUNCEMENT: 6 Trillion Federal Treasury Notes Released

-So nations will cooperate without resorting to a collapse. -It’s questionable whether the cabal controlled United States will cooperate. -Funds will not be released without a plan. -Most information from sources for blog writers is deliberate disinformation.


Source: Deus Nexus


  • I would suggest to listen to some of Dave’s previous radio shows or go to his website to get a fuller picture of who the Dragons families are and what their purpose is. You are right, we are our own saviors. The masses need to awaken to the lies and scams we have been led to believe all these centuries about religions, politics and the financial systems. David Wilcock has talked about these families too. We have a bright future ahead of us. We need to wake up and demand change.

  • What a scammer, how do people like this look at themselves in the mirror every morning and not throw up. Of course he always ends with, if you want my intel BUY in to my seminar and you can get the inside info too. You notice he is very careful at not having to be accountable. Before you know it he’ll be reading your palm, of course for a price. People like this prey off of the downtrodden and desperate to stuff their own pockets. He is warped.

  • Benjamin Fulford is such a scammer. He’s never get in touch with anyone in Dragon Family. He said he kept touch with somebody in Philippines and Japan told themselves as Dragon Family members. It really a joke. He doesn’t know anything about the Dragon Family.

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