Restoring The Sacred Feminine

Restoring The Sacred Feminine

By Sonia Gomes

Why We Need Feminine Energy in the World

It is time to recognize that the hunting era has passed.

This should be a more feminine time, a time when women make great contributions to society.

If we continue to devalue what women have to offer, we will continue neglecting and devaluing those virtues which are considered feminine. And these are precisely the virtues that the world most needs now. – 17th Karmapa Ugyen Thinley Dorje

The loss of the feminine energy is a serious problem in our society. The society we live in today is shaped by masculine aspects that impose a patriarchal culture based on race, power games, rationalism and success built through strength.

Given this situation, it is easy to see how the female role is essential in the psychological development of a human being, regardless of their sex.

The Sacred Feminine Aspect

The female energy is crucial to the balance and awareness of the collective, and to the growth and the transcendence of the individual. The retrieval of the sacred feminine energy is something essential for both women and men.

The loss of feminine energy is a serious problem for men. The absence or repression of the feminine aspects in a man reduces his emotional depth and is a source of discontent, loneliness, and a feeling of meaninglessness.

Losing touch with feminine aspects is also, of course, a serious problem for women. This affects their natural way of being and the search for their identity.

The feminine aspect brings growth for the individual and society as a whole.

Maiden, Mother and Crone

Nancy Qualls-Corbett, in her work The Sacred Prostitute: The Eternal Feminine Face, speaks of the benefits for women in recognizing the presence of the triple goddess in the female psyche:

A woman who knows the moon goddess becomes aware of their own lunar phases. She is aware of the cyclical rhythms of her body, and behaves according to the ebb and flow of energy and to the moods that are constantly changing. It recognizes and admits its own lunar nature.

Maiden, Mother and Crone are part of the cycle of birth, life and death and represent the forces of creation, maintenance and destruction, which therefore represent the cycle of life and nature. This cycle is present in all human experiences, and especially in the psyche of women. The goddess, in the history of mankind, has left an everlasting mark in the human psyche and, even if she is not religiously worshiped, she is still an indelible and a strong archetypal presence.

The Maiden, Mother and Crone represent the cycle of life in all human experience.

Nancy Qualls-Corbett also says:

With the advent of patriarchal religion and the consequent loss of reverence for the goddess, the conscious development of women was significantly blocked. Slowly she began to worship gods made by men; the values of the men became their values; the attitudes of men to justify the subordination of women have become their values. The loss of the relationship with the goddess led to the adoption of masculine characteristics. Femininity was occupied by feminism, and, the pursuit of equal rights distorted to a match with the male nature.

Women like Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai are leading change in the world.

Worshipping the Wrong Gods

Nancy Qualls-Corbett in the same work:

To restore the image of the goddess seems to be a herculean task because patriarchy is not willing to share its power. Still, the past decades have seen significant changes. The lifting efforts of the feminist movement brought the awareness to the battlefront of the need for equality between women and men. The attributes of women have been included in other roles than that of wife and mother.

Today we live in a phallic world and the dominant images are of wealth, power and technology. These present themselves as gods to be worshipped, instead of love, beauty, sexual ecstasy, and numinous experiences. The real cure for this phallic world is the retrieval of the sacred feminine and the transformation of the inner world of the human being.

The women’s rights movement was a start for the retrieval of the sacred feminine.

The Modern Connection with Buddhism

Buddhism in the West is still very recent and new. The renowned British historian Arnold Toynbee, who died in 1975, said that the arrival of Buddhism in the West was the biggest event of the twentieth century.

Along with this phenomenon, there happens to be also a greater inclusion of women in society. The presence of women is very welcome, it’s a breath of fresh air and expands perspectives. There is a strong female presence in Western Buddhism, with a high percentage of both teachers and students being women.

The female presence should aid in the active construction of society, and the manifestation of qualities such as compassion, care, protection, and love. Although these qualities are not restricted to the female gender, having a stronger female presence in society can help build a more just and equitable world.

Buddhism encompasses the values of compassion, care, protection and love.

The Way Forward

I hope that the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha can be fully clarified and used in our lives without gender distinctions – we should all be respected and honoured, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, or skin colour.

It is time to create a world without discrimination, and develop peaceful and harmonious societies. And for this to happen, a new paradigm must support the appreciation of the feminine principle.

This article (Restoring The Sacred Feminine) was originally published on Uplift and syndicated by The Event Chronicle. Found via Rise Earth.

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  • Advice from Spirit in many ways undermines the Feminine Principle with Spirits inability to accept the processing and evolution of the Emotional Body which is the domain of Divine Will. Often times if the feelings are considered negative rather than accept them unconditionally, Spirit has often attempted to ask us to ignore, sever and drop off our feelings.

    Eg. “What has happened in the past is old news. It time to let it go and turn the page”.

    I know these Spiritual Memes are often taken as “good spiritual advice” at least from a “Spiritual perspective”. So we keep posting them thinking we are giving great advice for others to adhere to (but mostly as a reminder to ourselves which we seem to be strangely, continuously forgetting…).

    However, after years of listening and believing in this “good Spiritual advice” I have finally noticed that I seem to always be coming back around full circle and it appears that I am always needing to be reminded of this “Good Advice” over and over and over again. As if this Good advice is somehow, just not “sticking” in my conscious awareness for some reason. I believe myself to be making Spiritual ground in that I am becoming more of a “good” spiritual person but what I am finding instead is often reflected in the title of a popular book which simply begs the question “Why do Bad Things (always continue to) Happen to Good People?”
    Just what is it in this “Good Advice” which appears to be missing here that I seemingly would need to be reminded over and over and over again what Spiritually makes sense of but which appears to have little or no impact on my Divine Will as expressed through my emotions?!

    Sounds right! Feels Wrong!!

    We casually make reference to the understanding that emotions are just as important if not more important than the visionary light of spiritual understandings! (just go to a prosperity seminar and see how often they state that emotion is the “power” that is needed to manifest your visions”); but then, I ask, why is all our “good Spiritual advice” rarely if ever, making any reference to the importance of our emotions?”

    I am finding that the Spiritual Light of understanding has little to no effect on our emotions because the magnetics of denied emotions tend to be more powerful than the light of Spiritual understanding can address here and the healing and evolution of our Emotional Bodies is a far different processes than that of the healing and evolution of our Spiritual Body.

    In Merkaba Mechanics we have the image of the Star of David which represents the perfectly balanced energetics between Divine Spirit and Divine Will.

    Divine Spirit is represented by the top triangle which is the light of Spirit, is masculine, positively charged, electrical in nature, and which spins clockwise. Then we have the overlapping bottom triangle which represents the emoting aspects of Divine Will, is feminine, negatively charged, magnetic in nature and which spins counter clockwise.

    Both these aspects of Creation which when working properly are naturally attracted to each other as demonstrated in the “law of attraction which simply states that “opposites attract”.

    But when judgements are made resulting in denial within Divine Will, these judgments are reflecting as a reversal in polarity within the Will. They become positively charged and become magnetically “stuck” within the Will due to this natural “Law of Attraction”. Here these positively charged judgements get magnetically stuck within the negatively charged magnetics of the Will.

    The more these judgements are repeatedly made the stronger these positively charge judgments gain in strength.

    Now we have the naturally negative body of the Divine Will being “infected” with these ever strengthening, positively reversed charged judgements.

    What happens here is that these judgments which hold a positive charge begin to create a dark magnetic repulsion zone around them and begin to repel the positively Charged Divine Spirit which begins the creation of a “Split” between Spirit and Will. This resultant “split” creates an unconscious Gap between Spirit and Will which is where we put all our denials, judgements, unloving thoughts, dark emotions and the lost denied aspects of ourselves resulting in the continued creation of the unconscious aspects of our nature. With time these unaddressed issues creates an and ever widening gap between Spirit and Will. This is the Lost Will (lost denied emotion) which needs to be recovered if we truly wish to heal our emotional Bodies and regain balance with our spiritual Body.

    What is held outside our love with these “judgements” falls into the unconscious aspects of our selves resulting in a loss of Consciousness, as well as a loss of our ability to feel anything.

    So it stands to reason that as our emotional bodies regain their Lost Will aspects through inclusive acceptance rather than repetitive exclusive denial, so will our consciousness naturally expand and represents our increasing ability to “know or understand” anything.

    In our healing practices, we must heal all of ourselves which includes all four parts of our God given aspects. Divine Spirit, and Divine Will must always be in full acceptance and be unconditionally expressing between each other in order for the Heart to produce true unconditional love which then results in a physical Form which becomes “ageless” free from any disease and ultimately free from the experience of death.

    Ascension rather than Death is the natural evolutionary process of Life within the Time Matrix. If the body is experiencing disease and aging and ultimately death, it is because of the “conditionality” which continues to exist between Divine Spirit and Divine Will. “

    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

    This statement simply means that Divine Will which is the “Word” as it represents Infra sound and the vibration of the emotional body the feminine principle which is “First Cause” must be addressed first for permanent healing to occur, our emotional healing must come before any corrections in the light of Divine Spirit can have any lasting healing effect.

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