Schrödinger’s Öther Cat: CATs and Ladders and Storms, Oh My: A Midsummer Night’s Reflection

By Schrödinger’s Öther Cat


By now the majority of you should be having dreams of climbing ladders, walking up stairs, taking elevators UP, riding escalators UP, getting on a train, getting train tickets, waiting for transportation… with most of the symbols indicating UP (with occasional bouts of DOWN if you’ve gone UP for training, or if you’re helping others at various levels). As many of you know, these are all indications of your literal (ongoing) ascension, spiritually.

You’re also probably having (or have had) dreams with WATER of some sort. Water water everywhere. Waves. Waterfalls. Sluices. Ocean swells. This is obviously Wave X energy, and should not be feared. (We’ve all been having tidal wave dreams for years.)

You might also be dreaming about rivers, crossing rivers, etc., in many different ways. This is about going from old earth to new earth.

New dream imagery might involve an approaching storm. One of the M’s had a dream (with no fear) about Lisa Gawlas’ approaching “U” (this Thursday and Friday):

As I attempted to do some ET connections yesterday, they showed us a
very important moment in our time.  July 26th thru the 27th.  I [saw] it
as a massive dip in the energy fields, very much U shaped.  We are at
the top of the U and will return to the top of the U as we move thru the
lunar eclipse on the 27th, but for a 24 hour period (cycle) the energy
fields dip to zero.  A full reboot of all reality constructs.

Hm. That tongue’s kinda like a U. Or a gravy boat.

If what Lisa saw is The Event, we’ve not been told of it. But… who knows?

You may find anger or emotion (of all sorts) suddenly well up inside you… that’s not yours at all… or some of it could be. Best to let it crest and wash over/through you. Let it happen, take it as it happens. Don’t try to make too much sense out of it, for now.


ALL of us have been hit by recent Wave X/ascension energies, replete with utter exhaustion, sleeplessness, wideawakedness, nausea, emotional outbursts, hissing, hairballs, growling, biting, clawing, eating or not eating, ears ringing, seeing lights, feeling like you’ve had enough of the merry-go-round, extreme fed-upped-ness with people refusing to get along…

…along with NEW feelings of… well, TINGLES: some of us felt really good yesterday. For no reason at all. Just a hopeful upwelling of knowing-its-all-gonna-be-ok. And we weren’t even getting pet.

Oh, and don’t be surprised if you begin to “see things” (get glimpses of other realms, things in other realms). Even *we* are seeing more things that usual, usually out of the corner of your eye. It’s no biggie. Just your eyes starting to open.

Are we there, yet?

In the meantime, dust off those seatbelts: you’re gonna need ’em. You ain’t seen nothin’, yet. (Actually, many of you have already seen some of what’s to come; you can help the others when it does.) Your own truthsense will awaken dramatically, if it hasn’t already. Forgiveness is, as always, all-important.

We’re getting ready for what Blossom Goodchild’s guides called, “the final purging.”

Also note: we’re working up a quick post on our summer adventures… though some if it will have to wait till after The Event. Really a long story.

Be sure to forgive and let things go as they come up, even if they camp out on your head. And try to remind people to UNIFY as much as they can, rather than diverge. Oh, and hang on.

Feel free to pass this around. The more people who know what’s going on, the easier it will be for all of us… once the room stops spinning… it’s going to stop, right?

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