Schrödinger’s Öther Cat: Something Just Happened

Schrödinger's Öther Cat: Something Just Happened

By Schrödinger’s Öther Cat

Something has happened… we’re just trying to figure out what it is. We were trying to do a Step 10 wrap up, checking all the meters, but the energies just won’t stop. And now THIS.

Look at this. This is huge front page science news… but no one is covering it:

That’s TWO gynormous geomagnetic events. G5s off the charts is front page news. Close-ups:

So, shortly after midnight PDT and around 6:00 am PDT.

It looks like it’s from some kind of solar event… but all the solar meters are sleepy.

Check out (the sold out) Spaceweather:

But, here’s the Yakutsk muon data:

Literally off the chart. It never looks like that.

And another:

Literally off the chart.

And here’s the riometer data:

Those are very singular plots.

Something just happened. We’re trying to figure out what.

AND NOW IT SMELLS LIKE DONUTS! Seriously. What the heck is going on? Whoa, ears ringing like crazy, too. We’ll let you know what it means once we figure it out. Jeez. Mondays.

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  • That explains the DEW sawed-in-half house in the CA “fire.”

    Mockingbirds only talk when they’re birds.

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