Intellihub Note: This was originally published in 2012 but Americans remain largely unaware of this extremely important information. (lightly edited for clarity)

In the following clip, Rep. Alan Grayson questions the Federal Reserve Inspector General in regards to $9 trillion missing dollars and Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman hasn’t a clue!

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, I am still getting over the shock and have watched 4 times.

LISTEN carefully to what she says – THEY HAVE NO JURISDICTION to investigate the fed, only their programs??

“Shorty after the US Federal Reserve released data revealing trillions of dollars in emergency aid to financial institutions and foreign banks, among other companies, RT’s Dina Gusovsky spoke to Congressman Ron Paul, a longtime critic of the Fed.”

“The world is losing trust in the dollar as a safe haven. A major blow came after Germany’s Bundesbank demanded the repatriation of a big chunk of its gold being held in the US. Because as RT’s Gayane Chichakyan reports, some are concerned the assets of foreign nations in the Federal Reserve are not secure or even there.”

“The Germans were infuriated when the US Federal reserve didn’t even let them examine their own assets properly.”

Source: Intellihub
Via: Investment Watch


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