The Systems of the Dark Workers are Unraveling

By Eric Raines

This is a subject I personally did not want to broach due to the heavier nature of the subject, but with the events of today, it needs to be discussed.

There are human men and women on this planet who are working in conjunction with the parasitic construct in exchange for physical power and control. Many of these people are known, such as prominent celebrities, politicians, bankers and corporate heads, and many are unknown, such as the men and women controlling the people who appear to be running the show.

These people have a whole system of hidden societies and groups that stretch out into the general populace, and many of us interact with them on a daily basis without knowing it.

Their system of control is multi-tiered. Starting on the etheric side with the multiple layers of control directed at keeping humanity in the lowest vibration possible, filled with physical and emotional pain, leading directly into the physical systems of control such as the programming, brainwashing, nonstop wars, false flags, fake food, big pharma, etc….

These are the people who are running the physical side. The Cabal or the Illuminati if you will. Using Babylonian slave money magic and programming of the collective consciousness, they have steered humanity into the situation we now face.

Their power is greatly increased with rituals over leyline convergence points geared around torture, rape, murder, fracturing traumas and pedophilia. Throughout history they have placed a grid around the planet with dark rituals that have created a collective blood consciousness that they can then tap into to power their personal power and abilities.

The only way to describe this web of blood connection born of utmost, extreme trauma and death is the Blood God of War.

The energy of this consciousness is a swirling tornado of blood, fire, acid and flaying edges.

The dark workers connected into this field are extremely weak on the etheric side, as in their control over the collective consciousness that was slipping before is now free of much of the influence that has lead us here.

The consequences of this are huge. We can take our collective consciousness back. This was a major blow to the systems of the dark.

The direct reaction will most likely be physical. Worldwide tensions right now are very heated, and there is most likely going to be a physical push for fear in the near future. i do not know specifics of who, what, how, or why, but this most likely will be within the week.

This is the reason for these actions. These people are going to feel the lack of connection to their dark power, and the entities on the other side they were in direct connection to, are going to have to push back and reconnect to them, which some most likely are reconnecting right now, but all of them will take at least 48 hours.

As soon as they are fully connected to everyone, the entities are going to be pushing for mass rituals around the planet to force the blood web to reconnect, as well as pushing the political and economic climate into more upheaval to push more and more fear into the surface populace.

Here is the thing though. Human potential is limitless, even in its own scope to enslave itself into a limitation. The guiding hand is removed and a small group of an awakened population can push the whole collective onto a different track.

The pushback from the dark can be completely mitigated, if not returned back to them with the Aikido principles of redirecting force back to the attacker.

Here is OUR job.

Recognize that the world is in chaos. Recognize that fear is going to be pushed. Recognize that it does not affect you. YOU are a bastion of light….a rock in the storm. Recognize that YOU are the center of YOUR YOUniverse.

See something in your minds eye that bring a genuine smile to your face….the laughter of your child, a puppy licking your face….anything to evoke the energy of a smile, and then take deep, controlled belly breaths into the body through the filter of that smile, lighting you inner YOUniverse with a golden laugh.

Breathe the smile into your heartspace, lighting up the chest as brightly as possible, and see your light connecting out to other points of light doing the same. Synchronized meditations are very helpful in connecting in, but this work is timeless. Whenever you connect in, you are connecting in with everyone who has or will do this exercise, so take note of this as you do it as well.

Sit in this connectivity for a few deep, full breaths, feeling your flow reach out in an ebb and flow of connectivity in the breath.

Now, as a collective, turn your attention to what you know this world is supposed to be. Free! Open! Alive! See the entire population of the world waking up to the awareness of multi-dimensionality and losing the fear of death. See the understanding of how slave money magic works sparking to life in every mind. See the programmed cycles of self perpetuating trauma begin to end as people break the cycle of hate within themselves and begin to radiate love.

Visualize this as a real thing that you can reach out to through time. Make this OUR future. Make this OUR NOW!!!

See the lines of death and destruction that connect like a web across the planet dissolve into brilliant golden fire, dissolving the old, and rebirthing the new in the Flames of Rebirth and Purity.

The old systems will try to reassert themselves. We now have a foot in the door to make sure that they will not be able to. Recognize things might look crazy from the outside, but what matters is your ability to transmute darkness inside of yourself, so close your eyes, take a deep breath, and impose your knowledge of Natural Humanity onto the fake systems we are breaking free from.

The time is NOW. It always is. We are the ones we have been waiting for. It is time to rise. Like the tide. Gentle, soft, inexorable, unstoppable. We are the shift.

From my heart to yours,

Unleashing Natural Humanity

This article (The Systems Of The Dark Workers Are Unraveling) was originally published on Unleashing Natural Humanity and syndicated by The Event Chronicle. Found via In5D.

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  • From
    “The best way to shut down Archons it to: The Cabal do ritualistic orgies because their sexual energies are blocked. They remember from Atlantis when this was regular but their flow of energy gets blocked and the chakras are not balanced. Rituals are done to channel energies to manifest their goals. Sacrifices are the same concept – to manifest their goals:
    visualize pillars of light, call on Beings of Light, proclaim to remove negativity, get out of closed environments, go out into nature for 2-4 hours, take a shower, direct attention to something else – such as talking with another person, use tachyon devices because they stabilize you, let everyone know you are under attack”…
    Comment from somebody (May 4, 2017 at 3.35 pm) from Cobra blog, to the article Discernment and Awareness from May, 2, 2017:
    “Divide and rule is the agenda of the Dark Powers. The purpose is to prevent the union of human consciousness, for this would lead to the end of slavery. The Dark Powers and the Cabal make every effort to bring the division into the light workers. At the moment I observe a greater harmony among the unawakened. – The decimation of the Dark Powers is already so advanced that they can no longer ‘care’ about all. That is why they focus on those who can be the most dangerous to them.”

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