As the people of Planet Earth learn that Alien ETs are real and that there is an ongoing Secret Space War, a whole new form of fascist world government is going to quickly emerge – easily displacing the current one that is best described as Super Fascism

The Coming Shift to Cosmic Fascism

Part I

By Preston James, Ph.D

Note: If you have not read prior VT articles on Secret Space War matters, you may find this article a waste of your time and an exercise in incredulity and fantasy and you should probably not read it.

Soon the public is going to learn that Alien ETs are real and that their anti-gravity craft are real too.

And this major disclosure of the US Government’s greatest secret may now come sooner rather than later.

Once the cat is out of the bag, be certain that it will set off a process that will displace the current Super Fascist American governmental system run out of the City of London (COL) and will usher in a kinder, gentler (at least at first) new form of fascism, best referred to as Cosmic Fascism.

We now know for certain that crashed Alien anti-gravity craft from distant locations in the Cosmos were piloted by Alien ETs.

These crashed craft have been recovered and back-engineered by certain defense contractors in various “Black” and “unacknowledged programs”.

And some inside sources have now claimed that these back-engineering programs involve secret treaties made with certain Alien ET groups who now work jointly with American defense contractor staff in certain highly compartmented Deep-Black and Beyond-Black unacknowledged Secret Space War and hybridization programs, with at least one being located at Dulce, New Mexico, in a Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB).

Ben Rich former head of Lockheed-Martin Skunkworks described UFOs as “Biomorphic”.

Remember this term “Biomorphic” that Ben Rich used to describe these recovered and back-engineered Alien ET anti-gravity craft.

Biomorphic: “Resembling or suggesting the form of a living organism. The ability to move, change shape and function as a living entity”. More on this deep mystery at the end of this  3 part series.

And as Ben Rich also once claimed, “we now have the technology to take ET home”. He was implying that the defense contractors in these unacknowledged, un-audited Deep-Black and Beyond-Black programs had now reached the point technologically that they can bridge interstellar space and travel inter-dimensionally beyond the speed of light.

This coming major disclosure of the deepest state secrets ever held is going to create a monumental shift in the composition and beliefs of society including its leadership structure.

For reasons to be disclosed in this article, this coming greatest USG disclosure ever will propel America and the world into a new kind of Globalist NWO that will be independent of the old guard, who are typically referred to by insiders as the BT/RKM/COL or the “Hierarchy”.

This current Ruling Cabal will be shoved aside and made irrelevant and will become completely unsupported at every level by the world’s masses all in unison and will be ejected from all power.

The Cabal will be shoved aside and deemed obsolete and anti-human as a worldwide reaction to some very startling world events related to disclosure of Alien ETs and a publicly announced expectation of a coming cosmic Battle for Planet Earth.

This expected final battle for Planet Earth is going to be reported as a battle with what are now viewed to be a certain evil Alien ET group headed toward Planet Earth as a very large and powerful armada.

This Ruling Cabal is a Hierarchy or pyramid of power and is known to be controlled by BT/RKM/COL private debt-note based pernicious usury fiat banking. Insiders claim this Cabal is run by a satanic cult that uses pedophilia as their personal sport and a means to compromise new initiates. This Ruling Cabal has been alleged to have merged its top controllers with every major, organized-crime group in the world.

Typically this Hierarchy always infiltrates, merges and then hijacks major organized crimes groups all over the world to gain an edge in controlling the various subcultures of power that exist in the world. Then the Hierarchy uses this underworld power as a base to conduct highly illegal, immoral covert operations needed to gain vast funding off the books and without Congressional oversight, to human compromise and exert controls not otherwise possible, that are all thus deniable.

Doofuses and weirdos are selected from “Bloodline” families of those who are judged to be easily morally compromised; and these folks are groomed, initiated, dirtied up and propelled into the highest positions in society and the USG to become Cutouts for the Hierarchy.

Thus the visible USG is staffed with Doofus tools in high authority that are there only to act as ordered or according to the Agendas set by a Top Council of the Twelve Kings of the Earth (now 11). Once they are no longer needed soon after major disclosure occurs they will quickly become irrelevant and be pushed aside into obscurity and perhaps poverty too like many of their victims over the years.


Despite all the power these Doofus tools have been given and cloaked with, they are readily disposable as soon as they are no longer needed by the Top Controller to which the Superior General (Black Pope) answers to. And this entity, according to insiders, is a Lesser god (Fallen One) some view as Lucifer, an entity whom these top Cabal members view as the god of this world, and a force they believe will soon be seated to rule the whole world with supernatural power.

The Ruling Cabal (aka the Hierarchy) is typically controlled by “12 Kings” (now 11, until a replacement is fully initiated and brought in). These Kings rule the world and answer to the Superior General (aka Black Pope) who operates under the authority of Lucifer who he believes is the operational god of this world.

As this new form of Fascism is shifted into place, it will in a sense start out as a friendly, much friendlier than the Super Fascism which was implemented by GHWB and the BCC under the authority of the Council of Twelve, the operational Kings of the BT/RKM/COL World Banking Hierarchy.

In America, Super fascism has been cloaked as friendly, except if you become a target as a whistle-blower, dissident or a nation where natural resources and land is considered essential to the Hierarchy.

GHWB used to brag to his inside circle that what he had implemented was a friendlier form of fascism, the “iron fist in the velvet glove”. What he meant was this new Super Fascist USG that was implemented by the JFK Assassination was secret, powerful and maintained a veneer of social concern on the outside.

Of course any serious whistle-blowers or dissenters who were judged to pose a serious loose-end or threat to the Hierarchy would be seriously dealt with by the iron fist, but it would be sufficiently “cloaked” to keep it secret from the general public through control of their Major Mass Media, which functions as an illegal News and Media Monopoly and Cartel.

Serious terminations with extreme prejudice by assigned wet-boy teams (sometimes using women assets) required a presidential “signed national security finding” (much like a secret PDD) that ordered and justified the action as necessary to protect or maintain “national security”.

These assassinations of whistle-blowers and dissidents inside America involve orders by FBI or CIA Officers or agents to the local police to “stand-down” that are always complied with. Highly obedient or deeply compromised Medical examiners (coroners) are used who falsely list the deaths as suicides, even though all the evidence shows blatant acts of murder.

This methodology became a way of life in Arkansas for the “Dixie Mafia” which had become deputized by the CIA as agents of “National Security” and used to cover up for the Clintons and the GHWB authorized crimes of the CIA’s Mena Arkansas drug pipeline.

Thus the term “Arkencide” was coined to represent these “impossible suicides” later used by the FBI, the CIA, the DOD and various contractors deputized under national security.

What American Super Fascism is, and how it functions as a secret Globalist NWO run by 147 large interlocked International Corporations mostly linked to G7 nations which share many of the same Board of Directors and Intel agents from their nations’ various Intel agencies.

With Nazi Fascism the State merged with the Corporations, but the State maintained control. Our current condition in America is best referred to as Super Fascism wherein the State and the Corporations merge and the Corporations gain control over the State because they have stacked and hijacked it.

In Super Fascism 147 of these largest international corporations and large Wall Street Banks infiltrated, stacked and hijacked use the American State and use it as a their tool to protect their own elite interests over and above the interests of We The People.

The Super fascism of America as directed by the BT/RKM/COL is only a transitory state and will soon be superseded by a whole new form of government, one that will envelop the whole world (or what is left of it by that time).

Like regular Fascism, Super Fascism too will be superseded by a new style of Fascism. This new type of fascism, best called Cosmic Fascism is going to be implemented soon and is the merger and fusion of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and the Secret Space War Program with the State to form a new form of state, the Globalist NWO Super State.

With Cosmic Fascism the deep esoteric secrets of the Secret Space War Program are going to be accepted by the Super State and will be publicly proclaimed in order to mobilize the masses against what will be claimed to be a large coming invasion attempt by evil Alien ETs.

At that time the world’s masses will be convinced that the only way for humanity to survive this is for all the major nations of the world to coordinate their Secret Space War programs and fight and destroy this large Alien ET Cosmic Invading force.

As this shift to the esoteric as Cosmic Fascism in society occurs, the Old Guard (top Hierarchy members) which includes the BT/RKM/BCC/COL Super Fascists will be quickly pushed aside and stripped of all power and privilege.

Naturally the Old Guard will resist this new form of fascism (Cosmic Fascism) and will desperately try and maintain the existence of their own system, Super Fascism. To do this they will pick from a choice of proved options. They can continue to deploy false-flag attacks, some even nuclear as was done at the twin towers NYC on 9-11-01.

They can use these to falsely blame hand selected mentally ill or mentally retarded Islamic patsies the FBI works hard to entrap; or they can start major new illegal unconstitutional aggressive foreign wars of acquisition.

Or they can continue supporting their private mercenary army ISIS which is an extension of the Mujaheddin started by the CIA to defeat the Soviet Union Communists in Afghanistan in order to gain control and greatly expand the Opium crop and acquire cheap access to the Lithium for high tech batteries.

Or they can provoke North Korea, Russia and/or China into a major WW3 with a limited or full exchange of nuclear weapons while the top Hierarchy leaders go underground into designated DUMBs until the radiation clears. Then they can come out and start over, all done under the Continuation of Government (COG) Program.

Of course the big secret here is that these DUMBs are actually controlled by Alien ETs and hybrids; and once these folks go down during any WW3 nuclear exchange, they will likely never emerge. And there have been rumors for years that at some point some of these supposedly friendly Alien ETs they have treaties with and joint Secret Space War (SSW) projects with will turn on them and use them as a food source and delicacy.

And as some in the SSW program already know, there have been multiple occasions where UFOs piloted by Alien ETs have hovered around nuclear ICBM launch sites and used sophisticated electronic warfare to render the devices temporarily un-launchable and the detonators that cannot be armed. It is not too much a jump from this to assume that if the Super Fascists attempt to start a full exchange nuclear WW3, the various Alien ETs will prevent the full destruction of the human populace.

However, it is possible that they will allow a partial launch and a loss of up to about 1/3 of the world population; and this will serve as a catalyst to push their new Cosmic Fascist system into place for their style of Globalist NWO. In a worst case scenario, there could be a counter-strike and another loss of up to 1/3 of the world’s populace.

This large scale mass-death of humans of course could be used by the new group to promote itself and make its descent to a position of leadership over what population that remains much easier and faster.

There is a side effect of Super Fascism’s habit of merging with organized crime all over the world; of merging with the Satanic cults and deputizing them as agents or assets of “national security”; and promoting a large subculture of endemic corruption associated with and protected by the USG. This side-effect is that a large portion of the masses have become aware of the massive, endemic corruption in the USG and its associates. This has engendered a general disrespect and even hatred for the USG itself, American Intel, American Law Enforcement, as well as all the American alphabets and all those leaders associated with each entity.

This occurrence can itself make it relatively easy for a new set of rulers to use crises they create to push aside the Ruling Cabal and quickly rise to the top of a new form of government that is destined to be installed.

It is my view that there is going to be tension between the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) which is based on the Secret Space War (SSW) and the Ruling Cabal (the Hierarchy, aka the BT/RKM/COL).

I believe that the SSW has pulled the SSG into a major esoteric drift away from the reality of the Ruling Cabal and this tension will be resolved as the world masses that remain become fed up with Super Fascism.

Esoteric Drift: Drift of operational beliefs into specific secrets of an isolated and powerful subculture. Historically based on the forbidden ancient Babylonian or Sumerian Black Arts of the Dark Side which have been passed on through Satanic pedophile occult groups associated with certain Bloodlines. SSW esoteric drift does not appear to be directly linked to drift into ancient BT Black Arts but rather a drift into a special SSW subculture of deep space based secrets and technologies that must be protected by extreme secrecy and memory erasure system.

Officials who directly run the Secret Space War (SSW) programs with full knowledge of the deep space fleets of the USN and the USAF have allegedly drifted into a sub-cultural mindset. This mindset reportedly includes a non-conventional view of humans as soul containers, and involves a different view of time and space. Often the end-state that is viewed as a vitally important goal is used to justify the means necessary to attain that goal no matter who gets hurt or killed.

One example is that it has been alleged that Secret Space War pilots serve ten-year terms of deep-space combat with this invading armada that is headed our way, and then their memories are wiped clean as a security and secrecy measure. It has been reported that some such SSW vets who had their memories wiped start recovering them after a period of time.

This esoteric drift of the SSG because of the SSW deep space anti-gravity fleets of the USN and the USAF combined with the DUMBs and the treaties with certain Alien ET groups has actually constituted a very sophisticated type of mind-kontrol.

This has caused SSW controllers to accept the Alien ET directed delusion that the American masses should not be told the truth, that they could not handle it. The radio show, War of the Worlds, was used as a test; and reports of some suicides are used as justification for the cloak of secrecy that is maintained, but is now eroding fast, due to disagreement between the younger members and the older members of Majestic (MJ).

I believe this is a false delusion and that the American masses have already been slowly adapted to the truth because of Hollywood’s depictions, Dr. Steven Greer’s revolutionary Disclosure Project, and the many SSW heroes that have retired and come forth to tell a good portion of the truth.

This mind-kontrol has been a result of Alien ET culture imposed on the humans they work with and various sophisticated spiritual and psychic mind-kontrol. This Alien ET mind-kontrol serves helps these Alien ETs groups control the SSG elements it works with to develop and refine super high-tech, quantum technologies, including anti-gravity, inter-dimensional travel, and scalar and particle beam weapons and communication systems.


Basically the BT/RKM/COL folks who staff the Ruling Cabal and their close associates and cutouts have been seduced by a combination of the seven deadly sins and have allowed their very souls to be stripped away (aka snatched) in order to be anointed with unsurpassed power, wealth and status.

In order to attain these huge assets not available to others, they must pass through various, increasingly evil and savage initiations, culminating in human and child sacrifice rituals. These rituals are recorded and used as insurance to make sure they never vary from their allowed parameters. Many are raised in Bloodline occult families and trauma-conditioned at an early age as children to have multiple personality disorder, MPD, aka dissociative identity disorder, DID.

These individuals who have gained the world and all its riches, power and status have lost their very souls and face a coming, final judgment for their evil unless they repent; but currently they appear to truly not understand the significance of what they have done by giving up their very souls for mammon.

In part II of this series, the transition from the ordinary Fascism established during WW2 and how it was suddenly transformed into Super Fascism by the JFK assassination will be explicated and discussed.

A 10-minute video with Gordon Duff on the Mike Harris Radio Show – go to the wheel and play at 1.25 speed.

Part II

The Assassination of JFK in broad daylight triggered the emergence of Super fascism in America. Super Fascism has facilitated the emergence of a Secret Shadow Government (SSG) which in turn has transformed the USG in DC into a ceremonial puppet of the SSG, destroyed the Rule of Law and neutralized the protections of the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

[Veteran’s Today Editor’s note: Bookmark this article and reread it a couple of times to assimilate how these unAmerican activities reverberated through the decades to the present time. This is the type of article that, in previous centuries, would have created its own entry in Encyclopedia Britannica. For those of us who lived through the Nixon resignation, the information below casts a different light on the lost 18 minutes of the tape.

Just like at Valley Forge in winter, there have always been good and resolute Americans who lived or died trying to take the right course of action, in the face of overwhelming opposition.]

How did Super Fascism emerge in the first place in America?

America was abruptly transformed into a Super-Fascist state by a major catalyst – the CIA OP40 Assassination of sitting President John F. Kennedy in broad daylight.

Clearly, November 22, 1963 was a major turning point in American History.

All-pervasive surveillance is designed to enhance totalitarian control systems

Justice Earl Warren was appointed by President Johnson to be the head of the cleverly contrived Warren Commission to investigate this “crime of the century”, while a whole new radical form of government was being installed.

Justice Warren did not want to take on this responsibility but, according to one report, the CIA allegedly reminded him that his daughter had a skeleton in the closet that would best remain unpublicized.

Justice Warren was told by LBJ that if he didn’t pin the assassination on Lee Harvey Oswald as a “lone nut” single assassin, it was likely that the blame would be fixed on Cuba (a Soviet Union ally).

LBJ claimed this would then result in a full-scale nuclear WW3 with Russia, because the generals and the American People would never put up with that and would demand an invasion of Cuba, which would provoke a nuclear response by the Soviet Union, which is what many of the USAF generals really wanted anyway.

An accurate description of the USAF generals’ ideology at the time (as extreme as this may seem) is well-expressed in the notorious Peter Sellers movie, “Dr. Strangelove or How I learned to love the Bomb”. Peter Sellers allegedly played the part of Dr. Edward Teller.

In this Dr. Strangelove movie, it was actor Slim Pickin’s greatest part ever played, even better than his superb part in the movie the “Flim Flam Man” with actor George C. Scott, who had also played a major role in the Strangelove movie.

When Earl Warren went to the Dallas jail to see Jack Ruby, Ruby told him “you need to take me to Washington DC; I cannot talk openly here”.

Jack Ruby’s words, in a one-minute video:

Ruby had done investigative work for Richard Nixon in the past on the House Un-American Activities Committee; and he was a fixture in the local Dallas organized-crime network, which also involved associations, and gambling and drinking with several of the big oil tycoons, LBJ, some mafioso, and various Intel agents, operatives and assets.

Ruby’s bar and strip club, the Carousel, was a legend among the Dallas police, where they received free drinks and were always welcomed by Jack, a generous host who also did his own bouncing when necessary. Jack was usually quite friendly to his customers, but had an explosive temper at times when conflicts arose.

Soon after the Assassination, a local news crew went to Ruby’s club and interviewed a comedian and a waitress outside; and when the reporter showed them some photos of Oswald, the comedian claimed that Mr. Oswald had been in the club before and had sat at a table with Mr. Ruby and some businessmen from Chicago. This was broadcast live nationally; and as soon as the comedian made this statement, a test pattern was imposed on the broadcast, with the statement “technical difficulty”. This video disappeared from the station and was never broadcast or even mentioned publicly again.


The night before the assassination, a photo of Oswald, Ruby, Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt, “Bishop” and others was taken at a motel not too far from Dallas. This photo was held by a member of OP40, and later given to the House Special Committee on Assassinations (HSCA), along with a whole box of smoking-gun evidence, which was then handled only in secret “executive sessions”, and was immediately deeply classified. This OP40 member had left Dallas early that morning and did not want to be involved in the assassination. This illustrates that the HSCA learned that the CIA assassinated JFK, and itself participated in the cover up.

NYCPD Detective James Rothstein arrested Frank Sturgis at Marita Lorenz’s apartment, because Sturgis was going to terminate Marita upon orders of his superior, so that she could not testify at the HSCA. Strangely enough, when allowed his one phone call after the arrest, Sturgis called Gaeton Fonzi , investigator for the HSCA; and the next morning was bailed out by the well-known attorney Frank Nelson, who often handled NY Mafioso cases.

Others who were being subpoenaed to testify – such as Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselli (aka CIA “Colonel Roselli” of Operation Zapata, Zenith Technical Services fame in the secret war against Cuba) – were terminated with extreme prejudice by the CIA. This was done to prevent them from testifying about the merger between the CIA and the Cosa Nostra in a secret war against Cuba, as they had participated in numerous assassination attempts against Fidel Castro.

What Jack Ruby wanted to tell the world was that the assassination was going to create a whole new type of USG, and that it would be a new type of Fascism, best described as Super Fascism, where the defense corporations and the Intel Agencies that run them would use the Assassination of JFK to hijack the State and use it as their tool.

LBJ after 1968

After LBJ left office, he grew his hair long and often sneaked away from his Secret Service, leaving his ranch to drive to a local bar to drink with some of his old local buddies. He started talking too much about the assassination, and was then viewed as a loose end. It is likely that LBJ’s key role in the JFK Assassination and cover up and his failures in Vietnam haunted him to the point that he started cracking.

One insider reported that LBJ died suddenly falling off his horse into a small ravine; but could he have been helped by a secret serviceman upon the orders of GHWB, because he was drinking too much and talking too much?

When Top Cabal appointees start talking too much or caring about America too much, like Ike came to do while President, strange unexpected deaths start occurring.

Ruby had been manipulated into murdering Oswald in the basement of the Dallas jail by his CIA handler. Oswald was supposed to have been shot earlier, some say by Officer Tippit, who backed out and, according to a witness, was then shot by two men, neither of whom resembled Lee Oswald. Some believe that one of the shooters was a well-known FBI man at the time, who just happened to be in Dallas.

Ruby’s handlers had told him that if he took care of his assignment, it would be viewed as a crime of passion, and Jackie Kennedy would be grateful – that he would become a national hero and would not be prosecuted. But he was also told that if he didn’t do as told, his greatly beloved, two little pet dogs would be tortured and murdered, and his sister would also be murdered. While in the Dallas jail, Ruby had lots of time to think, and finally realized that he was a lose end. When his request to be taken to DC was ignored, he finally accepted his fate.

Tying Up Loose Ends

Dr. Mary Sherman. How is it that so many seemingly pleasant, intelligent researchers can apparently rationalize that their bioweapons won’t be turned against the innocent population?

Dorothy Kilgallen, the famous journalist and regular guest on the TV Serial show “What’s my Line”, was the only journalist to ever interview Jack Ruby in the Dallas jail before he contracted “CIA Flu”. He had been unknowingly infected in jail with the fast acting cancer developed in New Orleans by Dr. Mary Sherman who misused Judith Vary Baker’s cancer research discoveries without her participation or permission. Dr. Sherman was also murdered by the CIA as a loose end.

When Ruby started to have coughing issues he was taken to the hospital for diagnoses and treatment and was left under an X-ray machine too long with the tube turned on and spinning, and with the aperture opened for an extended time (which sped up the growth of his fast growing cancer).

Dorothy Kilgallen had copied her detailed notes of this historical interview, and had given them to her good friend and neighbor. Dorothy told her and some other friends that she was going to blow the whole case wide open because the official view had been a big lie.

What she didn’t know was that the CIA had her under intense 24/7 surveillance and tapped her phones. She made the mistake of saying too much on the phone; and the CIA’s James Jesus Angleton, who was deeply involved in the OP40 assassination operation in Dealey Plaza (which was run by GHWB) and the cover up afterwards, decided that she had to be terminated with extreme prejudice.

“Old 87”

LBJ hated the Kennedys and was intensely jealous of them, and felt slighted and degraded by them. LBJ had previously risen to be a major Senate power-broker – a kingpin of the USG.

LBJ was J. Edgar Hoover’s close friend and neighbor and an associate of the Ruling Cabal through his wife’s father, who owned a radio station in Texas and who helped LBJ win his first election. In that election, two election judges ended up dead; and LBJ won by a mere 87 votes, with many votes missing.

That is why his old drinking buddies in Texas called him “Old 87” to each other when he wasn’t present.

The new President Johnson gladly signed the “Official CIA National Security Finding” authorizing Dorothy Kilgallen’s termination, and then she died mysteriously of a claimed overdose of prescription sleeping pills and alcohol. In fact, a CIA wet-boy team was used to murder her.

A Rogues Gallery the night before the JFK assassination

The night before the JFK Assassination, a select group of super-elite American power brokers had met at Clint Murchison’s home. They went into his private study and closed the double doors and discussed the final assassination arrangements.

It was a rogues gallery and those present included Murchison, J.Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, John J. McCloy, George Brown, and HL Hunt. David Rockefeller had given his blessing to the operation through John J. McCloy.

GHWB was probably somewhere near Dallas that night, because he and his son George Jr. were photographed in Dealey Plaza the next day, but it has not been confirmed that he was at the meeting. Allen Dulles, who was one of the main planners of the JFK Assassination, was not present and did not want to be associated with Dallas in any way to avoid suspicion.

Dulles was concerned he could be blamed because it was JFK who fired him as DCIA for the Bay of Pigs fiasco. It was actually McGeorge Bundy who set JFK up to appear as a turncoat to the US Military and the CIA for withdrawing air support to avoid a nuclear confrontation with the Soviets.

The JFK Assassination was well organized coup d’état, run by OP40 of the CIA, and it has been rumored it was authorized by a secret National Security Finding signed by Vice President Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover and the JCS. The justification was that JFK was consorting with an East German female spy, Ellen Rometsch; he was taking LSD, which was making him reckless and disjointed mentally; and he was having an affair with the high-ranking CIA Clandestine Services man Cord Meyer’s ex-wife Mary Meyer who got the LSD from Dr. Timothy Leary. Angleton ordered the murder of Mary Meyer to tie up this loose end after the JFK Assassination, and made sure her personal diary never was made public which mentioned JFK’s new anti-war thinking and other sensitive subjects.

As many know, the DC phone system was taken down for at least an hour right after the JFK Assassination to impede any inter-agency communication and major dot-connecting, and to give the CIA time to coordinate the cover-up in DC. The cover story was that it was unknown if America was now under attack by the Soviets or not, and the US Strategic Air Command had to be in a high state of readiness.

The Secret Service illegally used force to take possession of JFK’s body from the Dallas Police at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, even though the Dallas Police had rightful, legal custody and proper jurisdiction to investigate the crime, while the Feds had none. Since then, there have been Federal Laws passed to extend federal jurisdiction to cover this type of event.

The Art of “Compromise”

The meeting at Murchison’s home the night before was secretly recorded by both the FBI on Hoover’s order, and by the CIA at James Angleton’s order. This provided forever-control over everyone present, as needed.

It has been reported by one insider that James Jesus Angleton was also able to deeply compromise the Vatican and manipulate it and transform it into a tool of the CIA because of its secret running of a Nazi ratline after WW2.

Hoover’s Demise

Eventually Nixon and Angleton both had enough of Hoover, so Angleton had two men from OP40 take care of J. Edgar “Mary” by using a scorpion spinner lock-pick to clandestinely enter his premises and add shellfish toxin to his toothpaste.

That Saturday after Hoover’s termination with extreme prejudice, Angleton drove his white station wagon over to the home, made sure Clyde Tolson was gone, and loaded up all of Hoover’s secret files and even the recordings of the secret meeting at Murchison’s home from the night before the JFK Assassination.

Angleton copied what he wanted and then gave these secret files to Israeli Intel for human-compromise operations. For this he was given a secret commendation by the Israeli government. And ever since, Israeli Intel has become known for the most extensive human compromise and blackmail ops ever devised and implemented against American politicians and politicians all over the world. The CIA, the FBI and many of the rest are not too far behind either. It was J. Edgar Hoover’s secret FBI dirt files that gave the Mossad a big head-start in these human compromise ops.

Ghost of JFK Haunts Nixon’s Presidency

Nixon’s part in the JFK Assassination came back to haunt him during the Watergate crisis. It later came out officially that Nixon’s secretary had erased 18 minutes of a White House recording. But the evidence suggests that it was done by Nixon himself, because the JFK Assassination was mentioned in reference to him as the “Bay of Pigs deal”.

We now know the real reasons that JFK was assassinated by orders of the ruling Cabal (BT/RKM/COL). It was because JFK was getting out of Vietnam, was issuing and printing US Treasury dollars and getting rid of the Federal Reserve System debt-notes, and was using Bobby Kennedy to shred the Italian Cosa Nostra. President Kennedy had made secret moves to block Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons, and had started to rein in Israeli spying inside America, both of which were likely important factors in the assassination.

Chicago Mob

The Chicago Mob was secretly controlled by the Kosher Nostra, which handled its money and high political connections. It was furious with JFK because they had voted a large number of previously dead folks for JFK, allowing him to beat Nixon by a slim margin. JFK’s dad, Joe Kennedy, who made his millions bootlegging and then by legally distributing imported Scotch Whiskey, had negotiated these dead votes with the Chicago Mob, and they expected to be allowed to continue operating as usual.

However, when Bobby Kennedy, JFK’s US Attorney General, started going after the Mafia with a vengeance, the Mafia, especially the Chitown mob felt totally betrayed and sought revenge. The CIA took advantage of this and used the Chicago mob in a supportive role in Dallas to provide leads going to nowhere.

That day in Dallas November 22, 1963, the CIA had brought in dozens of Intel ops, mafioso and famous assassins to strut around and be photographed, in order to generate false leads as a way to confound any serious investigation.

Lone Star State Corruption

We know that Dallas was a hotbed of organized crime corruption. Some insiders believe that LBJ had a strong association with Dresser Industries, Texas Tool and Die; and his wife owned various CIA proprietaries and air freight companies. Allegedly it was Lady Bird’s father who took LBJ under his wing and used his radio station and contacts to propel LBJ into political office. LBJ became the US Senate Majority leader and ran much of DC with J. Edgar Hoover’s blessing and help.

LBJ’s sister Josepha, murdered in 1961

Dating back to his Texas beginning, LBJ had his own stable of fixit ops, and one of them a Yale Skull and Bonesman Malcolm Wallace who served as his own personal assassin. It was rumored at the time that LBJ used Wallace in 1961 to murder his sister Josefa, who was an alcoholic and was out of control, talked too much and would not listen to reason.

Over 20 years after the JFK Assassination, Malcolm Wallace’s fingerprint was finally positively identified from a box on the sixth floor of the Book Depository in Dallas from November 22, 1963. Years before Wallace had been convicted of murder, but had received no imprisonment due to his high level connections and threats against Jurors and their families. It is likely that Wallace was a serial hitman for LBJ.

Numerous Texas insiders have claimed that Wallace murdered Agricultural Inspector Henry Marshall to protect LBJ’s boxcar scam with Billie Sol Estes, who later testified in a secret grand jury about this and JFK assassination matters. LBJ was becoming worried, because he was getting information that not only was JFK going to drop him from the ticket in the next election, but Bobby Kennedy was going to prosecute him over the Billie Sol Estes scams and more. This motivated LBJ to push hard for JFK’s elimination and to work with GHWB, J. Edgar Hoover, the JCS and Nixon to get this done by whatever means necessary.

Controlled Media Frames a Patsy

The rest is history. Despite the “lone gunman” claims of the Warren Commission that Lee Harvey Oswald did it which continue to be broadcast and published by the Ruling Cabal’s Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) over 53 years later; 80% of the American public believe that the USG did it or at least covered up a massive criminal conspiracy involving multiple shooters from the grassy knoll and other locations.

Most legitimate investigative journalists and researchers believe the evidence shows that Oswald was set up to be a patsy and didn’t fire a single shot. There is new evidence that he was standing in the doorway at the time of the actual shooting of JFK. However the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) which is comprised of six CIA directed international news and media corporations (constituting an illegal news and media monopoly (cartel). In actuality, the CMMM and its parent controller in Switzerland serve as secret CIA proprietaries.

The CMMM continues to publish and broadcast the notably false narrative that Oswald did it alone by firing three impossible shots from the six floor Book Depository, when there were actually five shooter teams and additional teams at the Trademart, if JFK ever actually ended up there.

This continuing broadcasting and publication of this monstrous lie that “Oswald did it alone” is perhaps one of the most clear-cut failed litmus test ever for the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). This continued false narrative is truly disgusting and exposes the CMMM for what it really is, essentially a CIA proprietary and a virtual News Cartel and illegal monopoly of lies.

It is a well verified fact that Oswald was a trained Naval Intel operative and judging from the places he was given employment (with CIA proprietaries or assets), it is clear that Oswald was playing various different Intel roles in New Orleans and Dallas. What his exact role at the time of the JFK Assassination has not yet been ascertained, but it is likely that he was reporting at least periodically to the FBI and was somehow detailed to them.

The evidence proves beyond any doubt that Oswald did not shoot at JFK on November 22, 1963, nor did he shoot Officer Tippit.

No other issue has shown or continues to show just how totally dishonest and corrupt the CMMM really is. This big lie that Oswald did it is a strong illustration of the fact that the CMMM’s functions are completely controlled by the CIA through a major Knights Templar Investment house, with their home office in Switzerland that claims to be on the cutting edge or vanguard of investments.

We now know for certain that Oswald was standing in the doorway not too far from GHWB – who ran the five OP40 shooter teams, each which included a shooter paired with a radioman/timer assistant – so he couldn’t have fired at all.

One of the main objectives of the FBI and the CIA is the deployment of sophisticated human compromise operations on behalf of the BT/RKM/COL whom they serve as agents for.

Hoover literally held an iron grip on Nixon, as did the CIA, because of Nixon’s presence at the Murchison home the night before the JFK Assassination and his deep involvement in setting up and running OP40 for President Eisenhower.

When Nixon deployed a major assault to eliminate (as in “disappeared”) snuff film producers with a specially assembled team of operatives this sent shock waves of fear through the DC “Beltway elites” who participated in a pedophile network that they might be exposed or worse.

The BT/RKM/COL instructed their man GHWB to deploy a silent coup in order to immediately remove Nixon from office. The Watergate affair was set up to do just that and involved at least one turncoat inside Nixon’s own staff.

It’s a known fact that Nixon hated pedophile ops but snuff film producers even more. When he attended Bohemian Grove near San Francisco (noted for its Baal Worship rituals), he remarked, “that is the faggiest most g.d. thing you could ever imagine”.

If Nixon had been allowed to destroy the satanic pedophile network, this would have eliminated the main source of human compromise and control that the BT/RKM/COL, the CIA and the FBI had for politicians, and elected and appointed officials.

Here is how Nixon was removed from office.

The Watergate “soft coup” to remove Richard Nixon from the presidency

Richard Nixon

In one of the craftiest covert ops of US history, Nixon was manipulated into having a special CIA soft entry team go after the DNC pedophile book at the Watergate. Some insiders believe that McCord and John Dean were allegedly working together with the CIA and Dean’s girlfriend (and later wife) Mo Biner at the Watergate DNC to take down Nixon.

A Watergate door latch had been taped and the DC police had been previously notified by someone in the team of “burglars”. It had been alleged that Mo ran the pedophile book of top DNC supporters and some other human compromise ops which may have included Republicans and others.

Nixon wanted to know what he was up against and if any of his close staff or supporters had been compromised by this op, in addition to gaining the names of any powerful, influential democrats who had been compromised by the op.

Thus, the impeachment and resignation of President Nixon was a “Silent Coup” run by GHWB and the CIA, because Nixon had sent out a secret squad to disappear producers of snuff films inside America and sources outside America, too and planned to destroy the pedophile network.

Super Fascism and the Fourth Reich

GHWB (aka George Scherf) was actually the stateside representative of the new three-piece suit all corporate Fourth Reich.

Bush was placed in power and promoted to climb the US Intel and USG food-chain by the City of London (COL) private BT/RKM Banksters in order to implement Fascism in a new form, a new higher order type of fascism, Super Fascism.

The assassination of JFK signaled and allowed a major shift from the prior, regular first-order Fascism to this new higher order derivative Super Fascism. Regular Fascism in America was established in WW2 and was characterized by the merging of the USG (the State) with numerous defense corporations, but wherein the State maintained control.

Super Fascism is the merger of the state and the corporations; with the corporations stacking the State and transforming into their personal agent to represent corporate interests only at the expense of the interests of We The People. In Super Fascism the large international corporations control the State.

Fallout from JFK’s Assassination

JFK had become aware of a massive Cabalistic conspiracy, associated with the COL RKM Banksters, to subvert the US Constitution and destroy the American Republic. After he was assassinated, JFK’s Presidential Decision Directive ordering the printing of US Notes as money to displace the private Federal Reserve System for a US Treasury public Bank was quickly canceled by LBJ.

What quickly emerged after the JFK Assassination was that JFK’s order to start withdrawing from Vietnam was canceled by Johnson; and the Vietnam war was continued and expanded. When the Vietnam war effort was greatly increased, it made numerous Cabal-linked, large defense corporations so wealthy as CIA proprietaries that they could buy up politicians, stack the USG and take total control over it. This was essential for gaining control of the US Government (the State) and using it as a tool to serve these large defense contractors to keep foreign wars perpetual for continuing profits.

All of these CIA crimes, of course, were being done with the continuing blessings and secret financial support of the private COL/BT/RKM Banksters. There was no way the Ruling Cabal would let JFK disrupt their plans to use war as a continuing lucrative money-making scam, which made them all powerful and rich beyond measure.

When JFK was assassinated, the large Banks and Corporations were thus able to hijack the USG by infiltrating it, by buying or human-compromising politicians, and by then establishing the USG as their exclusive agent to serve their own interests and NOT the interests of We The People. Through the assassination of JFK, the Ruling Cabal was able to secretly transform America into a new Super Fascist State, now essentially owned and operated by them. For the most part national elections became ceremonial only.

An Asset on Every Block

And now when any group of dissidents threatens their new system of unlimited power and profits, they deploy an asset from their vast array to suppress such groups efforts. And their assets include local Law Enforcement, the FBI, the CIA and hundreds of private contractors and corporate mercenaries deputized under so-called “national security”.

I was once told that the American Intel assets are so great that any agency can find and contact an asset from their shared list within one mile from any surveillance target, and then get them there to surveil within about ten minutes, in most cases. They might be walking their dog or some other mundane task, but they can still surveil as needed; or if needed, sneak and peek secret burglaries can be ordered and enacted.

Super Fascism is the merger of the State with the major corporations, with these corporations using their large assets and credit to buy up, stack, infiltrate and hijack the visible USG inside the beltway. In this way they have been able to transform it into their personal agent to manipulate the laws and We The People to serve their corporate interests first.

And their corporate interests are to create large “corporate welfare” programs in the federal and state governments in order to access large amounts of federal Taxpayer funds directly and indirectly, through budgetary manipulations.

The numerous perpetual foreign wars since WW2 have been perpetual, unwinnable, and oriented to generating massive profits for the private FRS banks, their associated large defense contractors (and especially the approximately 66 families that own large chunks of stock in the defense contractors, especially the no-bid ones).

These illegal, unconstitutional aggressive foreign wars liberate cheap natural resources (Oil, Opium, minerals including Lithium) for these special interests, but also to extract an incredibly evil human toll, with millions of dead, wounded and disabled civilians and soldiers.

The saddest part for America is that so many great young American Soldiers have been needlessly sacrificed as cannon fodder while innocently doing what they thought was serving We The People, when they were actually serving the needs of these wealthy corporations, private Banksters, and defense contractors and their investors.

This new American Super fascism is run by a Council of Twelve “Kings” that answers to the Superior general (aka the Black Pope).

One King has now died and eleven remain, of that eleven one is very sick and near death, and another not far behind.

The agenda of this Council of Twelve is to reduce and eliminate the ability of Americans to defend themselves against invasion or a complete totalitarian police state takeover that they have planned.

Their agenda is best described as a Globalist NWO Agenda of evil that requires elimination of normal male/female sex roles, marriage and the family, destruction of conventional society, and a massive reduction of the Earth’s human population by about 90%.

It’s a fact that this transformation in America from regular post-WW2 Fascism to post-JFK Super Fascism was made possible by the great wealth and power that the various large US defense contractors accrued during WW2 and afterwards in the Korean and Vietnam wars. And the Cold War created enough fear of nuclear annihilation to keep the Defense budget growing and big profits for the Banksters and large defense contractors to which they became addicted.

It should now be clear to most folks that any politician who is viewed as a serious threat to the Super-Fascist system of the USG in any way can expect to be neutralized. This can be done either through smearing and discrediting by the CMMM, or if that fails, by being un-elected through various sophisticated means, including support being diverted to another candidate or through redistricting. Secret impossible suicide, aka “arkencide”, is always an option for the Ruling Cabal if all else fails, and if the politician doesn’t understand how to go public properly to protect themselves.

The CIA Op 40 murders of JFK, RFK, and MLK are a stark reminder of this grim reality of American political life. And yet it is now becoming clear that Super Fascism is not going to be a permanent state for America. Super Fascism is not an end state for America, it is merely a transitional state; and all those selected top Hierarchy officials who were promoted and given immense power, wealth and status are going to soon become obsolete and will be pushed aside into obscurity and perhaps even poverty.

Be certain that the Internet (Worldwide Web) has been the greatest spying device ever developed, but unknowingly at first to the Ruling Cabal, also the greatest cause of powerful emerging world populism. This powerful emergent populism cannot now be stopped and will certainly be instrumental in how the Ruling Cabal is made obsolete and pushed aside.

The Internet is truly revolutionary like the Gutenberg Press was and in fact is best described and considered as the New Gutenberg Press that provides instant access at the speed of light to immense libraries of knowledge all over the world and an incredibly large and accurate alternative media, if one knows where to go for it.


The emergence of regular Fascism during WW2 in America was extremely destructive to the US Constitution and Rule of Law, and serves as a vehicle to enable the large BT/RKM/COL blessed large American corporations to continue their ascent in size and power.

It provided the vehicle for them to take the extreme secrecy of the Manhattan Project for the Atomic Bomb and continue it as a way of life for the large defense contractors that emerged in WW2 and after during the Cold War. Secrecy has proved a vehicle for immense unchecked power for the Secret Shadow Government and the various corporations deputized as agents of “national security”, many of which have hired their own ex-FBI and CIA agents and ops and started their own Intel agencies that are approved and accepted by the SSG. Some have been given high security clearances and even “shoot to kill authority”.

This extreme secrecy of the National Security Act of 1947 was claimed necessary in order to prevent the most important secrets of State from being disclosed to enemies or potential enemies. This mindset has continued and has been taken advantage of and abused by these defense contractors, large Wall Street banks, and corporations that have been authorized to function as agents of US National Security.

Secrecy within these large corporations bred an immense massing of power and wealth because real Congressional oversight was prevented, nor were any State or Federal Courts allowed to proceed with any significant legal actions or corrections.

This isolation from any serious Rule of Law, the US Constitution, Congressional oversight allowed these large Corporations and banks to grow exponentially in size and political power and enabled them to run their own covert operations to manipulate politics, often in parity with the CIA and FBI.

It wasn’t long until these large corporations, defense contractors and large Wall Street banks were able to infiltrate and stack the Congress and most high USG positions, thereby constituting a secret hijacking of the USG itself and making it a tool of these large corporations, defense contractors and large Wall Street banks.

It was at this point that two phenomena occurred as never before. First the emergence of Super Fascism and second the emergence of several interlinked secret subcultures that constituted the hidden but real USG, best referred to as the Secret Shadow Government(SSG). The final result was that this emergent SSG became the true government of the USA, and the visible DC government actually became a ceremonial symbolic government subservient to the SSG.

Once the Ruling Cabal got JFK out of the way, Bobby Kennedy the US Attorney General was neutralized, and it was then clear sailing ahead for the Cabal to stack the USG with all their large corporate and wall street cronies, who would serve their immediate and long term needs.

It was the Assassination of JFK that was the turning point in America that allowed the BT/RKM/COL (Ruling Cabal) to transform America into their own Super Fascist nation.

Just as the original regular fascism was transformed into a higher level Super Fascism, so too is Super Fascism now in the process of being transformed into a new even higher level form of Fascism, best referred to as Cosmic Fascism.

And it is now pretty clear that this new transformation to Cosmic Fascism is being driven by the esoteric drift of the Secret Space war (SSW) program, its deep space fleets of the USN and the USAF, and the reality that Planet Earth is being visited by interstellar travelers using ultra high-tech anti-gravity craft.

The USG has recovered and back-engineered various Alien ET UFO’s, recovered Alien ETs – both dead and alive – and has formed working and exchange treaties with three types; and this fact is now driving this esoteric shift of the subcultures associated with the SSW programs.

This esoteric drift of the Secret Space War program is creating tension in MJ; and various old-timers are now disclosing – so many in fact that it will be impossible to stop the flow of information.

Part III of this 3 part series will discuss what Cosmic Fascism actually is in practical terms, why its emergence is likely, and how it will change the lives of humans living on Planet Earth.

Part III

As the certainty of Alien ETs and their crashed, recovered and back-engineered anti-gravity interstellar craft is revealed, attention will shift to the Cosmos, followed quickly by the emergence of a whole new form of government for America, and the whole world.

[Veterans Today Editor’s note: VT has been under repeated cyber attack. Some articles have been tampered with and have developed recurrent misspellings and grammatical errors even after repeated correction. This of course is an attempt to discredit.]

A new type of World Fascism is now in the wind and likely coming soon.

America became a Fascist nation during WW2, as the American State merged with the large defense contractors and corporations.

A new, more advanced form of Fascism, best called Super Fascism, was abruptly shoved into place by the *BT/RKM/COL-authorized assassination of JFK by the CIA’s OP40, which was run out of Room 40 at Langley, VA.

Despite the apparent hegemony of the BT/RKM/COL-run Super Fascism that has gripped America and much of the Western world, it is likely that an even newer higher order and more sophisticated type of Fascism –Cosmic Fascism – will replace Super Fascism, as soon as the actual reality of Alien ETs and crashed, recovered UFOs is confirmed publicly by government.

This transformation to Cosmic Fascism from the current Super Fascism will then occur, because “disclosure” will cause the Secret Space War Program (SSWP) to merge with the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

This merger will result from the government’s public disclosure that Alien ETs and their recovered crashed UFOs are real, and that there have been secret defense contractor programs to back-engineer crashed and recovered Alien ET manufactured UFOs.

Here is a leaked KGB movie showing real Alien ETs, which many believe is authentic.

When Cosmic Fascism is installed, it will likely mean the sudden unexpected end of the power and hegemony of the current Ruling Cabal (aka the BT/RKM/COL), which secretly runs America through the RKM/COL private central Banking system. This Ruling Cabal will be likely pushed aside from power and viewed as irrelevant.

Disclosure will likely be accompanied by a sudden end to the current world hegemony of the BT/RKM/COL private banking System – a Fiat debt-based pernicious usury system?

The Federal Reserve System is the stateside franchise of this private RKM/COL banking system, which features Fiat debt-notes as legally mandated “tender”, and charges Americans illegal, unconscionable, pernicious usury for using them.

Pernicious usury is considered a taboo and a serious crime in numerous Islamic-oriented nations, and was also condemned as sin in the Old Testament and Torah.

The RKM Banksters will no longer be needed and will be pushed aside by the emergence of this new form of government, Cosmic Fascism. The Secret Shadow Government (SSG) may decide it is time for disclosure if they sense that a complete worldwide crash of the BT/RKM/COL private Fiat world banking system is imminent, characterized by the end of the US Petrodollar as the world’s Reserve Currency.

Enter BRICS Development Bank and the new Chinese AIIB and Silk Road systems.

BRIC member’s high speed rail. This is what Lee Wanta wants to build coast to coast in America with his own money now held in a trust fund which the **BCC has blocked his access to.

Despite the fact that the Controlled Major Mass Media refuses to report on the burgeoning growth of the new BRICS Banking and Trade System or the New Chinese AIIB and Silk Road Systems, major expansion of these systems is now occurring.

BRICS has implemented a new state-of-the-art electronic banking direct-funds transfer system, similar to the RKM Swift direct wire transfer system.

Despite many years of near complete RKM banking hegemony, there is good reason to believe that the BT/RKM/COL private central usury-based debt-note system, based on the US Petro dollar, is in decline and will likely be displaced as the world’s Reserve Currency.

That replacement may turn out to be a new International Monetary Fund (IMF) system of a basket of world currencies that are balanced one to another, based on standards of real value of commodities, rather than on paper debt and derivatives.

Could the IMF and World Bank be completely replaced?

It is also possible that the whole IMF and World Bank system will be completely scrapped for some new system and a basket of adjusted currencies from the major nations, such as Russia, China and America.

A close examination of the specific recent behaviors of the BT/RKM/COL top dogs and their top stateside cutouts suggest that many are in decline cognitively, perhaps due to age, but perhaps also due to lifestyles of long-term abuse of alcohol, drugs and self-defeating psychopathy.

It is likely that the Ruling Cabal will be displaced from power by the SSWP as disclosure occurs. Disclosure will create a shift in the public’s attention to the Cosmos. If managed properly this could be utilized by the SSWP as a vehicle to capture the masses’ admiration needed to create a whole new system of central government.

If the SSWP presents itself to appear people-friendly as it takes control over the USG, which is quite likely, it is important to remember its past. For many years the SSWP has been characterized by threats to UFO witnesses, secret murders, wiped memories, continual lies, deceptions, and merged efforts with organized crime to raise black funding. This alone makes it highly probable that the SSWP will use its new powers to create a new, higher level Fascist system of government, best described as Super Fascism.

Fairness and Populism may then likely become the new buzz words and motivators for serious social change and the removal of the Ruling Cabal from top to bottom.

And this new regime that emerges from the SSWP to run the whole world will likely install a humanity-oriented financial and economic system (at least at first) that will be based on a populist-oriented, more equitable system of work/labor units, electronic money and electronic exchange.

Initially, it will be people-friendly, but as this group claims that a major world invasion by a large evil Alien ET seems imminent, the new Globalist NWO government will become increasingly fascistic, violent and tyrannical towards its enemies. And it will likely define its new domestic enemies as the various existing religious cults of fanatics and present them as the root cause of all human war and suffering.

We know that for certain that America is now run by a large Secret Shadow Government (SSG) that, despite being originally under the complete control of the BT/RKM/COL, there is reason to believe it has become so powerful that it is usurping the previous hegemony of the BT/RKM/COL.

The emergence of a strong new secret power in the Secret Space War Program.

Even more interesting, it appears that our Deep-Black and Beyond-Black SSWPs have become so powerful in and of themselves that they appear to have taken control over the SSG, although most in the BT/RKM/COL have no idea how far this has gone.

What will be the American public’s concerns be if the Secret Shadow Government discloses the reality of Alien ETs and crashed UFOs?

The American masses will become concerned about what the implications of this Alien ET reality means for their daily lives and survival. Of course the SSWP could communicate to the masses the reality of an ongoing Secret Space War. It could also claim, whether true or not, that a sinister, evil Alien ET armada is moving toward Planet Earth and plans to attack us.

Obviously this latter disclosure of an ongoing Secret Space War could generate panic and motivate folks to support a new kind of government organized around the coordinated defense of Planet Earth from this armada of Alien ETs. This organized response could be based on a new type of Fascism, best defined as Cosmic Fascism.

How did the Ruling Cabal (BT/RKM/COL) ever allow the emergence of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) which spawned the SSWP in the first place?

An interesting book of real special access program patches by Trevor Paglin. These were made up at the request of the program participants and pilots, not the USG, so they are not classified.

It was the Roswell crash that created panic in the Pentagon and the administration and resulted in a complete secrecy lock-down. This led to the creation of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) which spawned the SSWP as a means to defend against Alien ETs.

The SSWP has always been about defense and has now amassed so much power and advanced technology that it now poses a direct military threat to the power of the BT/RKM/COL.

The visible government in DC has only been ceremonial since the emergence of post-WW2 Super Fascism was shoved in place by the JFK Assassination and is ill equipped to defend itself against the SSWP (if and when it takes over). Did all these recent political email leaks actually originate from the secret power of the SSWP, used as a softening up process before the SSWP uses disclosure to take over?

But now the SSWP is gaining such strength that it is a direct threat to the BT/RKM/COL, despite the fact that a good portion of the 12 Kings have been part of the SSG.

The Roswell crash set off a major national security knee-jerk reaction that produced a large Secret Shadow Government (SSG), which continues to expand and grow in power.

An immediate move was made right after Roswell to create special legislation to protect these secrets, namely the National Security Act of 1947, followed by another upgrade in 1952.

From this special legislation, which was actually unconstitutional and a total abuse of power, the rapid emergence of the SSG emerged; and this was comprised of a collection of major private defense contractors, special think tanks and covert banking and black funding mechanisms.

The SSG has expanded and became more and more deeply classified, due to its dealing with more and more startling Alien ET matters. These included recovered and back-engineered Alien ET anti-gravity craft; active ongoing treaties with at least one Alien ET group, involving joint research and development projects; construction of two American deep-space fleets (one USN and one USAF); and the entry of these fleets into interstellar deep-space wars against one or more evil Alien ET groups, supposedly trying to gain space superiority in order to eventually attack and capture Planet Earth.

Note that some detractors will claim that many of the top folks in the SSG, especially those in the Secret Space War joint programs with Alien ETs, share membership in High Freemasonry and its surrogate groups and this will prevent the SSWP from going rogue. I disagree.

Past members of MJ

MJ has expanded to include members from G7 nations, in addition to the core group from the USA. 

Perhaps this was done to insure shared interests and loyalties among the SSWP nations for a coordinated defense of Planet Earth. This cooperation could also reduce the risk of a nuclear WW3, despite any public jousting allowed for token political and economic reasons.

There is currently a great deal of esoteric drift of the SSW programs based on deep space exploits and warfare with Alien ET groups deemed notably evil.

Esoteric drift is a change in mind set to be increasingly concerned with esoteric matter. Esoteric is best defined as: “confined to and understandable by only an enlightened inner circle that hold secrets away from the public’s understanding”.

The SSWP has gained super high Alien ET technology over the years from its close working relationship with some Alien ET groups who claim to have mutual interests against what they claim is another group of evil Alien ETs that is coming to attack Planet Earth.

This extensive esoteric drift seems to be creating a large chasm of separation of the Secret Space War part of the Secret Shadow Government and the Ruling Cabal too. But it could also be due to sophisticated Alien ET mind-kontrol that is deployed against SSW Program participants.

When the SSWP gained Alien ET high technology, this constituted a major increase in power for the principals on MJ who ran the SSWP.

Reversing Hermon: Enoch, the Watchers, and the Forgotten Mission of Jesus Christ

The deep secrets of reality, time, quantum physics and anti-gravity have empowered the SSWP principals by leaps-and-bounds beyond the control of the Ruling Cabal.

It is my personal view that all these groups have likely been deeply mind-kontrolled by a set of sophisticated and quite subtle and unrecognized Alien ET mind-kontrol technologies, and are unaware of their cognitive drift and altered mindset. I hope that I am wrong in this assumption.

Certainly those who have probably been the most remarkably mind-kontrolled folks on the planet besides those radicals who blow themselves up for Gladio Terror Ops are the top Ruling Cabal. These Ruling Cabal folks (BT/RKM/COL, their cutouts and assets) are members of a secret worldwide satanic pedophile network who have been willing to let their human souls be stripped out and replaced with “familiar spirits”. It is my personal belief that these spirits of the Nephilim, the offspring of the Watchers (the lesser gods, the fallen ones) who were destroyed by the flood which only Noah and his clan survived.

This is a radical claim, but there are sound reports from insiders that non-corporeal entities have appeared to those who participate in satanic child and adult human sacrifice rituals or knowingly give their souls to Satan in exchange for promises of unlimited riches, power and status. Some at the periphery, who resisted this lifestyle and its initiation rituals or have come out of this, have claimed these are demons, while some Islamics call them bad Djinns. [Editor Note: a.k.a. Archons]

How specifically did the Roswell crash and the newly-emergent Alien ET matters lead to the emergence of a large and powerful Secret Shadow Government (SSG), which occurred about the same time as the emergence of Super Fascism?

Super Fascism is best described as a situation wherein the large defense contractors, banks and other associated corporations hijacked control over the USG in DC and used it to service and protect their interests, at the expense of the interests of We The People.

They used their newly appropriated money power to buy up numerous politicians. The various American Intel agencies involved in the SSG gained a great deal of new money and power to protect the secrets about the Alien ETs, and increasingly invoked “national security” to manipulate, compromise and control politicians in general.

Various Intel agencies served to take care of the interests of the SSG in order to protect the SSWP. But these Intel agencies that gained new powers under the National Security Acts of 1947 and 1952 were bifurcated. They had dual interests to protect the Ruling Cabal (BT/RKM/COL) and the shared MJ interests of the G7 nations, which became allied together in the SSWP under President Reagan.

In order to keep these secrets from the Soviets and other potential enemies, it was decided to privatize the Pentagon and the CIA’s UFO-related functions into thousands of secret proprietaries, which created plausible deniability for the USG. But the privatization and secrecy classification system implemented to protect UFO secrets also transferred most true power from the USG inside DC (the Beltway) to these large defense contractors, who were given national security clearance protection for their secrets.

At first, the Top Secret Classification was provided to the Pentagon and CIA-related private defense contractors. Later, as these programs expanded and began operating under secret treaties with actual Alien ET groups, much deeper ultra high-technology secrets were discovered that, it was felt, warranted more sophisticated classification and compartmenting, such as Black, Deep Black and Beyond Black.

There have been credible reports that a major policy board, Majestic Twelve, was set up to control all Alien ET matters, including “exchange” treaties with Alien ETs; back-engineering of recovered craft and foreign technology transfer; and SSW fleets, capable of deployment in deep space, to be engaged in serious ultra high-tech combat with certain evil Alien ET groups that plan to attack Earth and eliminate all humans and animals.

The secret creation of Majestic Twelve.

MJ-12 originally had twelve members from the US Military, Intel and academic science. James Forrestal was Secretary of Defense and refused to stop promoting the idea that the American public must be told the truth.

Forrestal was a personal friend of JFK and had briefed him on the reality of UFO anti-gravity craft and Extraterrestrial Aliens. It was decided by the top several most powerful members of MJ-12 that Forrestal must be silenced. He was imprisoned in Bethesda Naval Hospital, and drugs were used to soften his refusal.

This failed, and it was order that he be thrown out the window to his death, the way Frank Olson (CIA) was later thrown out of a NYC Hotel room because he had a bad reaction to LSD that he had been surreptitiously given. It is likely that the same wet-boy team did both assassinations. It was felt that this kind of secret assassination from the upper floor of a building, superficially disguised as suicide, would terrorize any other folks who were tempted to start disclosing the secrets about Alien ETs and recovered UFOs.

This was the early form of disguised murder that morphed into the infamous “Arkencide” later in Arkansas, and then fully adapted by the CIA and FBI Counterintelligence Division 5.

At the time, some of those in MJ-12 called it the “Mars Jupiter Project”. The members of MJ12, the US President, and the Director of the CIA felt that this secret of Alien ETs and their recovered anti-gravity craft  and the projects to back engineer them as well as the treaties with a certain Alien ET group must be considered to be an even more important secret than the Atomic Bomb (e.g. the Manhattan Project) or the Hydrogen Bomb development.

Since this time MJ has morphed into a much bigger group, expanded to include representatives from the G7 and “Five Eyes” nations. Different names have been used such as Majestic Twelve, MJ12, Majic, Majestic, Majesty, Mars Jupiter, and MJ depending on who wrote their memos and in regard to what. Much of the secrecy was based on the way the documents were written, the insertion of some obvious errors that made them appear amateur and other traceable oddities.

This was designed to create confusion for enemies if they were ever recovered, a sort of self-discrediting. Of course the usual different spelling errors and grammar errors were included for each individual members copies as in most highly classified memos to also discredit but in addition to provide person specific tracing if copied and leaked.

Majestic Twelve spawned the emergence of a very large Secret Shadow Government.

A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact

The creation of MJ-12 elicited the emergence of the SSG, first and best described by Richard Boylan, Ph.D. As the SSG expanded, it became more and more narrowly compartmented by job and function, and information transfer became completely based solely on “need to know”. The SSG became increasingly powerful, due to its increasing control over the various Intel agencies, which more and more served as their puppets.

The SSWP developed inside the SSG and became more and more deeply classified and isolated. Using the recovered and shared Alien ET technologies, the SSWP then proceeded to develop two major Secret Space War fleets (USN and USAF), both capable of deep space interstellar travel and combat. The SSWP defense contractors developed super-secret, special-access, unacknowledged programs with no official audits that became isolated from the mainstream and even from their parent defense contractors.

The unacknowledged programs began to shift esoterically into various philosophical or pragmatic positions not commonly held by normal Americans, or even by most high USG and Pentagon Officials, who were somewhat briefed on Alien ETs and crashed, recovered and back-engineering programs.

The esoteric drift of the SSG, due to their knowledge and working relationships with certain Alien ET groups, has been noticed by some observers and researchers.

This esoteric drift has been sensed by Richard Dolan, clearly the most respected UFO investigative journalist and author out there. His book A.D. After Disclosure is excellent and carries serious credibility.

Steven Greer, MD, well-respected ER Physician, who has become an important UFO researcher and disclosure expert

Richard Dolan has spoken publicly about the possibility of a “breakaway Society” that may have emerged around these secret Alien ET matters. If true, this Beyond-black subculture could be using back-engineered anti-gravity craft to visit or even reside for extended periods on other planets. The extreme secrecy lock-down on all these Alien ET/UFO matters prevents us from knowing exactly what is happening in regard to this.

Several respected, well-vetted former Military, Intel or defense contractor-related individuals, who have come forth publicly from Steven Greer, M.D.’s Disclosure Project) and described personally witnessing Alien ETs and anti-gravity craft.

In addition there is a great American hero, a well respected, completely vetted and courageous William Tompkins who has disclosed a great deal about the treaty between a certain Alien ET group and the Nazis, and the SSWP’s development of two Secret Space War Fleets, one US Navy and on USAF, both capable of deep space travel and combat.

We also have Ben Rich, former head of Lockheed Skunkworks, who once made the statement publicly at UCLA that “we now have the technology to take ET home”. And there are two other important, near-death confessions, one by a high ranking CIA man who insisted on continued anonymity to protect his family, and another Lockheed Scientist Boyd Bushman, who shared photos of Alien ETs given to him shortly before his death.

President Reagan spoke publicly about the possibility of an Alien invasion and the current presence of Aliens already being here. He seemed to suggest that perhaps war and the threat of war was perhaps caused by an Alien ET presence here on Planet Earth

According to Boyd Bushman, the American SSG Secret Space War programs at the Western bases, like Papoose Lake, also have Russian and Chinese scientists and technicians working there on back-engineering anti-gravity craft. He did not like this, perhaps because he had a memory of the Soviet Union under Stalin and the evils of the Cold War, and could not believe that Russia had actually changed for the good as the new Russian Federation.

This new cooperative effort with the American SSW Program with Russians and Chinese has been reported by other insiders, and I believe it is accurate.

This lends credibility to the rumor that President Reagan negotiated a treaty with the Russians and Chinese at the end of the Cold War to combine international efforts to defend the Earth from what he believed was going to be an effort by an evil Alien ET force to invade and subdue Planet Earth and destroy humanity. It is this secret treaty that led to his Star Wars program.

The treaty included a clause that SSW weapons would never be used against the members and conventional weapons would have to be used in conventional wars.

President Reagan assumed that once the real threat of an approaching Alien ET force was disclosed to top Russian and Chinese government officials, there would be less motivation for wars, except perhaps synthetically created wars to boost the Banksters and defense contractor incomes.

In his famous speech to the UN, he mentioned the possibility of an Alien threat to the world and, by innuendo, wondered if they were already here eliciting wars and threats of war.

There has been a growing secret influence of the SSW Program on the Secret Shadow Government and the G7 nations.

The SSWP appears to have taken control of the whole SSG, and has been absorbing so many American financial assets that the middle class is collapsing by the day.

The un-recovered recession of 2007-2008 due to the exportation of jobs from America and huge SSWP expenditures may have been the main factors behind the American masses propelling Donald Trump into office –to rectify this financial assault on the working men and women of America and the middle class.

Secrecy, surveillance, and national security systems in America are incredibly expensive and are asset-stripping America bare.

If one adds up the above-ground costs of the SSG’s Intel and surveillance with defense, it comes to about 985 billion dollars per year. The cost of the SSWP Fleets of the USN and USAF, along with 147 Deep Underground Bases (DUMBs), totals about another 1.5 trillion USD per year.

If you add these costs up, you can see that this totals over half the official US budget of 3.3 trillion dollars, and results in basically asset-stripping middle class Americans of all their hard-earned income and accrued savings and wealth.

Add to this the grim reality that approximately 40% of all federal tax payments go to the FRS as interest on the phony unconstitutional so-called “national debt”, and you can understand Americans are being asset-stripped to the bare bone.

Breakaway civilization (Concept art by Ben Mauro)

Off the books Black-funding mechanisms of the Secret Shadow Government.

In order to raise all the funds the SSG and the SSWP need, it uses Intel Agencies, organized crime and partnered drug cartels who engage in the illegal trafficking of huge amounts of drugs. The US Military is in Afghanistan for the opium and for the lithium for batteries. Obviously, the principals who ordered this have had allowed their very souls to be extracted for mammon, and are functioning as pure psychopaths with no operational consciences at all.

The opium is flown out of Afghanistan in Global Hawk drones and reaches America in a refined state, as high-grade heroin. That is why we have so much cheap heroin, and so many new, young heroin addicts in America now. The number of death of young folks from this heroin has now reached epidemic proportions which is certainly part of the BT’s Globalist Agenda.

It’s a strange situation, where both the BT/RKM/COL Ruling Cabal has become incredibly criminal, and the SSWP has also become incredibly criminal. The Ruling Cabal does it for their own gain; the SSWP supposedly to protect us from an Alien ET invasion. But both groups live by “the end justifies the means” and “to heck with everybody else”, while the American middle class shrinks by the day and drugs, crime, violence, death and chaos in the big cities increases daily.

All indications are that something has to give pretty soon. Will it be official USG disclosure of the Alien ET reality? Will it be a complete financial crash, or will it be a provoked limited nuclear war or full-scale nuclear war?

The USA is now under extreme economic distress with about 100-million unemployed, and about 40% unable to pay their monthly expenses without borrowing. This cannot go on much longer without causing serious ramifications unless abated.

Lee Wanta’s Plan

Ambassador Lee Wanta, President Reagan’s personal Secret Agent and the man who brought down the Soviet Union under operation Stillpoint and negotiated a win/win peaceful end to the Cold War. After President Reagan was shot by the BCC, Lee Wanta became a political target of the BCC. Only recently has his remarkable story of patriotism and courage come to light.

Ambassador Lee Wanta, who was President Reagan’s personal Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine, has had the best plan to re-industrialize America and immediately provide two-million, good-paying job opportunities.

He acquired the massive funds necessary to do this, and made a commitment to President Reagan to use his money for that reason.

Lee Wanta’s plans include the immediate construction of an inter-coastal, super high-tech, high-speed maglev railroad, which would transform America into an industrial giant once again, within about two years.

Sadly, Lee Wanta’s funds still remain locked up in a trust-fund, blocked from his access. Hopefully President Trump will start working with Lee Wanta and access these funds and let Lee Wanta finish his mandate from President Reagan.

The SSG is engaged in hundreds of sophisticated means to raise black funds that are “off the books” for their various expensive covert operations, including the Secret Space War, DUMBs and the various US Intelligence and spy agencies.

These black funds are not reviewed or authorized by the US Congress, as is required. Various insurance skimming schemes are used; direct monetary funds are issued by the FRS to proprietaries, often through foreign bank bailouts.

Enron was a large, CIA-run corporate bust-out used for black funding. I am not well-versed in black funding operations, but I have been told that thousands of Intel proprietaries exist for that, as well as for covert operations, in general. Hundreds of Enron employees lost their pensions when Enron went bust. The S&L crisis was another asset-stripping, black-funding operation, and there have been so many more.

There is a good reason CIA officers always refer to the CIA as “the Company”. It’s because it owns so many “proprietaries” (phony business fronts) that raise black funds and serve as deniable fronts for spying and covert operations.

Apparent Alien ET Cosmic Rules of Play exist?

Sooner or later, a question always arises from those who ponder the Alien ET matter. If the Alien ETs have all this superior, highly advance, super-potent technology, they obviously must have superior weapons capabilities, so why don’t they use all their superior technology and make a sudden and spectacular public appearance and just take over Planet Earth, all of it?


There are a number of individuals from inside the SSWP, some well-vetted and validated, that have claimed that Alien ET groups have superior technology and weapons systems, such as particle-beam weapons, some hand-held. Philip Schneider was one of these individuals, and he was murdered (“arkencided” by MIBs) for what he disclosed publicly.

He claimed that he and others unknowingly descended into an Alien ET nest under Dulce as it was under construction, and got into a live fire-fight, during which some Delta Force soldiers were killed. This was an incursion into the Alien ET’s personal quarters, and they responded aggressively.

Another man, Charles Hall, claims to have worked around Tall Whites at an above ground SW American joint base where he was doing weather research. He has claimed that the Tall Whites were very protective of their children and would act aggressively to protect them in self-defense, but were otherwise not aggressive. He also claimed some could pass for humans and even were taken as guests to Las Vegas to gamble – an experience they appreciated.

If it turns out that Charles Hall is accurate in his descriptions, then there are startling implications to his claims that hopefully will be resolved during disclosure.

Here is a short interview with Charles Hall and Dr. Michael Salla.

William Tompkins is perhaps the best-vetted of all, and has claimed that in the various SSW projects he worked on, the secretaries were attractive, female tall white Alien ETs who easily passed for human females.

I interpret all these accounts and the available evidence I have examined, experienced and considered as suggesting that Alien ETs have entered Earth’s atmosphere and landed here actually are bound by some kind of Cosmic code or Cosmic Rules of Play.

If there is at least one evil Alien ET group that seeks to harm us, as some have claimed, the evidence would suggest that these Alien ETs are being somehow restrained by something, perhaps some Cosmic Rules of Play, imposed on them. If they are evil, they would not limit themselves by choice, but only by necessity. It is hard for me to believe that the SSWP could have gained weapons systems parity with an evil Alien ET group, so something must be keeping them from a public landing for all to see on the evening world news.

There have been some claims by insiders that a large number of humans are missing from Federal Parks and mountainous areas while hiking and camping, due to one-way alien ET abductions with no release.

If this turns out to be true, and a large number of humans are abducted and kept each year by Alien ETs, this creates a new set of possibilities that the Earth is under a restrained secret attack already by an Alien ET force that is evil, but is still somehow restrained from appearing openly in public.

If an evil Alien Group is unable, for some esoteric reason, to deploy its high-tech weapons to take over Earth openly, perhaps they would then use high-tech mind-kontrol or psychic means to take control of and work through various individuals in the government, military, Intel, or defense contractors whom they can manipulate. This sounds a lot like traditional explanations of Demons and bad Djinns, doesn’t it?

There are a number of well-vetted credible witnesses of the SSWP who have claimed that several treaties are in place between the USG and Alien ETs, and the same for some other nations, including Russia and China. Here is one of the best-vetted witnesses to date, a former high-ranking CIA Officer deeply involved in the secret Alien ET programs from the origin of the problem during President Eisenhower’s administration.

This is now a classic death bed interview done by the highly respected Richard Dolan, who carries a great deal of credibility in everything he does associated with his excellent UFO and Alien ET investigative journalism. The subject being interviewed gives off all the non-verbal gestures that suggest he is telling the truth and is still concerned about the safety of his family, when he gave this interview.

During his high-level career, many people involved in Alien ET matters in various CIA roles were told that, if you leak, you could be quickly terminated. Many who worked in roles like this man were afraid that their families could be harmed too.

When this man got involved, there was great respect for top pentagon officials and high military and Intel Officers.

This is no longer true, due to the infiltration and hijacking of much of the American military, the Pentagon and Intel by the PNACers and top Dual Citizen Israeli-American “Israeli-first” operatives.

Their deployment of the 9-11-01 false-flag attack to draw us into illegal, unconstitutional foreign wars of aggression for the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) has caused a great deal of anger and disrespect toward our High Military Command, the Pentagon and Intel, as they went along with the crime and the cover up.

These Treaties with Alien ET groups have been reported to include provisions for joint research programs, with some for Alien ET/human hybridization; some for development of the synthetic soul (no success with this so far and none ever likely); and some for exchange of Alien ET high technology and weaponry for permission to abduct and tag humans with crystalline implants with access to their biological samples, as long as those abducted have been unharmed and their memories have been wiped.

The strange claims of repeated abductions

There are numerous reports of attempted abductions ceasing instantly when Christians call on the name of Jesus Christ, and there are also reports of Islamics calling on the name of Allah and such abduction attempts being immediately discontinued too.

Perhaps the strangest reports of all are the appearance of a small grey to known top-Satanist and British-Intel wizard, Aleister Crowley, while inside a pyramid in Egypt. This has suggested to some researchers that there is a connection between the worldwide satanic pedophile network of the BT/RKM/COL and a certain Alien ET group.

There have also been some reports that after abduction, some individuals had flashbacks and started remembering small grays working on them under the direction of tall grays, with large reptilian-appearing creatures directing biological sample draws and scans, and with a Tall White or two in the background watching.

If these reports are accurate, these observations raise some interesting issues. There are numerous independent reports of similar abduction occurrences across many different nations and cultures, which, to me, makes the actual occurrence of these reports more likely. And some abductees claim numerous abductions over many years, and have scars and triangular crystalline implants that have been surgically removed that support their accounts.

I expect that in the not too distant future, we will probably all see disclosure occurring publicly, as the SSWP decides it is time to take over command of the USG and then the world.


We now have a situation in America where everything official is a big lie, a false narrative, or USG propaganda. This is all broadcast and published by the six Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), a constructive illegal monopoly best described as a news and media cartel.

This illegal media monopoly represents the interest of the BT/RKM/COL at the expense of the interests of We The People. But it makes it impossible to trust the USG or the CMMM for any real truth.

And the complete national security lock-down on all Alien ET matters by the SSWP prevents us from learning anything from the USG and the CMMM about Alien ETs.

The American People have been denied the truth about Roswell and the Alien ET matters which we have a right to know. The USG was hijacked by the large BT/RKM/COL franchised banks and their large associated international corporations which eventually created a situation of Super Fascism in America.

Draco guarding the City of London

Once this Super Fascism was in place it made it quite easy to extend this process of secrecy to create a new SSG around the Alien ET matter.

This led to the development of the Deep-Black and Beyond-Black Secret Space War Fleets, interstellar travel and combat with Alien ET forces if the vetted insider reports we have are accurate. As the size, budget and power of the SSW Program has continued, we can expect that it will soon be taking predominance over the BT/RKM/COL Ruling Cabal since they are both competing for the same taxpayer based funds.

It is my belief that the SSWP will consider it necessary to use disclosure in order to panic the American and world masses as a motivation allowing the SSWP to assert control over the BT/RKM/COL Ruling Cabal and establish themselves in complete control politically and militarily.

This will likely be a soft coup d’état favored by the masses and the BT/RKM/COL will be quickly shoved to the side and their power and major sources of assets will likely be stripped away from them.

A new form of government will be installed from this transformation over the now public Alien ET secrets and this is best described as Cosmic Fascism.

It will seem friendly and benevolent at first but it is still a form of fascism, because it will claim the necessity to manage all human resources and people in order to meet the challenge of an evil Alien ET invading force.

Those of the public who are well-versed in Alien ET matters  are split into different groups. Some believe that there are no Alien ETs threatening Planet Earth, that they are harmless phenomena.

Others believe that the hundreds of reports of Alien ET abductions are real and that Planet Earth is already under attack.

Still others believe that there are high ranking individuals in parts of the SSW Program that have become mind-kontrolled and are serving a secret agenda of the specific Alien ETs they are involved in joint projects with and do not truly understand they are being manipulated psychically and psychologically.

Concept art

Others believe that even though some parts of the SSWP involve joint projects with Alien ETs, these are friendlies and are helping us prepare to defend Planet Earth from an attempted invasion from a large armada of evil Alien ETs headed our way unless stopped by a major effort involving all large nations of Planet Earth working together.

If disclosure occurs, this could soon lead to this unification of most Americans around this issue and then it is likely the world will follow. What will emerge will be a new form of American government and then a new form of world government. It is likely that the BT/RKM/COL Ruling Cabal will then be pushed aside as irrelevant and unacceptable.

The SSWP’s efforts to defend Planet Earth will take predominance over everything else; and this will constitute a new form of American fascism then to be imposed on the world. It is best called Cosmic Fascism and it is probably coming sooner than later.

And at the speed things are changing down here on Planet Earth due to newly emergent technologies and the Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, I believe that it won’t be long and we shall all have some answers. Odds are disclosure is going to occur sooner than later unless things go out of control in DC and we end up in a nuclear WW3 of some sort.

I have one conservative Christian friend who believes that Aliens are either fallen angels, lesser gods or demons and are part of a very great final deception to lead humans away from any traditional Biblical belief in God Almighty. And that the SSWP is an attempt by the fallen ones/lesser gods to prepare a defense against a coming takeover of Planet Earth and judgment of evil by Jesus Christ. There are some Christians in the SSWP, admittedly a minority, but some also believe this scenario.

Some believe that Alien ETs are basically good and are part of a star system confederation that does not to interfere with other worlds unless necessary to prevent major uncontrolled nuclear war. And that those belonging to this star federation want to help humans get on the right track and turn away from Fascism and war based parasitical economies.

Some who have sat on MJ have been briefed that Alien ETs in residence here on joint programs have been shown a device called a “looking glass” which could display ancient history, the crucifixion, etc. They claim that humans were seeded from Alien ET masters and Planet Earth is their farm.

My Christian friend thinks that humans are distinct and created in God’s image and is pretty sure that God Almighty is the great “I Am” and the first cause creator of everything. He thinks that a Cosmic battle is now occurring on Planet earth between good and evil, between God and the Devil and this is the only way one can explain the presence of all the blatant evil in the world.

My view is that the jury is out on what all Alien ETs actually are. We have reports that some are friendly, some are neutral, and some are quite evil and even eat humans as food occasionally.

I am a conservative Christian and my own personal belief is that at some point there is going to be a final battle between good and evil over Planet Earth that will involve a return by Jesus of Nazareth our Messiah and His forces and that He will prevail over evil. How or what specifically that will be and when remains to be seen. But each person must evaluate the available evidence and draw their own conclusions.

One thing you expect: the Alien ET matter is probably not going to be kept undisclosed too much longer.

To me the most interesting disclosure so far was from Ben Rich, the head of Lockheed Skunkworks. He claimed that UFOs were “biomorphic”.

To me this means that some of the Alien ET ships are somehow biologically based, living entities and able to shift in size and shape, and rapidly combine into a single entity and then quickly split again into separate entities.

It has been reported that some of the recovered craft had no electrical wires or visible electronics in them but only strange fiber cables and control was claimed to be by thought interface and sometimes touch.

This has major esoteric ramifications and may suggest some spiritual or inter-dimensional element that will need some new physics to explain.

There have been some insider reports that some UFOs were back engineered from a strange combination of certain new elements, including element 115 and other unknowns that, when smelted together into a small block, had the properties to be thought into a UFO by psychic powers of the Alien ETs.

If the SSG shares proof that the Earth is going to be attacked by a large evil Alien ET Armada, whether true or not, and the public believes this, then the shift to Cosmic Fascism could occur very rapidly.

Disclosure could easily create a secret iron military grip on the whole world as a newly emerging Cosmic Fascist world government. And if this claim of a pending Alien Invasion is made and is false, then one can assume that this new form of government, Cosmic Fascism, will be just as evil as the Super Fascism we currently have in America only cloaked in helping save Planet Earth and humans from destruction.

For at least the last 100 years, the BT/RKM/COL has worked hard to merge with the largest organized crime groups, infiltrate and hijack major governments (especially in the West) to institute Super Fascism. It has done this to attain its Globalist NWO Agenda of a one-world Super Fascist  government run by them. Every turn in the road some major interference and setbacks have occurred.

Despite this they have made significant process Globalizing the World and the USA through hijacking of the educational system and sophisticated mind-kontrol of the children and youth to transform them into good global citizens; the hijacking of the Major Mass Media and use of it to promote big lies, false-narratives and propaganda on behalf of the BT/RKM/COL; the consolidation of corporations into large powerful international conglomerates that are easy to control at the top;  promotion of situationally-based relative morality and political correctness; destruction of marriage and normal male/female sex roles; the illegal unconstitutional Free Trade Agreements and the massive exportation of heavy industry and manufacturing out of the USA; pursuit of continuing illegal unconstitutional foreign wars of aggression; and the induced erosion of US National Sovereignty.

And yet even with all these advances toward their final Globalist Goal of establishing a power one-world Super Fascist government, the Internet which is the new Gutenberg press has elicited a strong and growing populism which has slowed the Ruling Cabal’s progress toward attaining its one-world Super Fascist government.

On the other hand, the Deep-Black and Beyond-Black secrets that the SSWP principals keep are extremely profound. They are so powerful that if they are disclosed, they will enable these principals who run the SSWP to likely have enough political and military power to easily gain control of the government, push the BT/RKM/COL aside and render them irrelevant and powerless.

If these SSW principals decide to misuse these secrets as is likely, and unless they have a change of heart (not expected), they will then be able to quickly institute a new form of government, Cosmic Fascism. It may seem friendly at first but would then likely then become oppressive to the masses as any kind of Fascism does when their advanced military might is rolled out.

Unless things, change I expect that this transformation from Super Fascism to Cosmic Fascism will be covertly implemented and directed by the Alien ETs working in joint projects. It is my view that they have established very sophisticated and powerful mind-kontrol over these SSWP principals that is so subtle they are unaware of this control.

*BT/RKM/COL  This is the Ruling Cabal, empowered by the Rothschild private worldwide pernicious usury and debt-based Fiat central Banking System, and comprised of these three elements: BT=Babylonian Talmudics;  RKM=Rothschild Khazarian Mafia;  COL=City of London

**BCC Bush Crime Cabal

Preston James, Ph.D — Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.

This article (The Coming Shift to Cosmic Fascism) was originally published on Veterans Today and syndicated by The Event Chronicle

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