The Laurel Canyon Conspiracy: Music and the Illuminati

The Laurel Canyon Conspiracy: Music and the Illuminati

(Xaviant Haze) For most teenagers music is a form of rebellion.

From listening to Ozzy Osbourne summon wizards and witches to fantasizing about hanging with Ice Cube on the streets of

Compton, the power of  music has inspired teens of different backgrounds and generations. Whether it’s the swivel of the King’s hips or the gut wrenching strumming from a man who sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads, music can teach us how to love, live, laugh, cry and kick ass. When we listen to our old heroes, we believe they truly know what the world is about and how to rebel against it. But what if are anti-‘the man’ rock idols were nothing more than mind-controlled victims? Purposely placed false prophets designated to be the leaders of the counter-revolution, but actually serving the real purpose of a revolution in a war on intelligence. As a culture of intellect and open thought suddenly became overrun with rampant drug use and longhaired Hippies.

Conceived in the 60’s and perfected by the dawn of the new millennium this new form of mind science would be used on the unsuspecting youth, most prominently through the art of Music. This movement began to spread its message of peace, drugs, love and all just in time for a new war and timely C.I.A. Coined slogan “Tune In – Turn On – Drop Out” A new chapter in American history began with the escalation of the war in Vietnam after the country’s most popular president was slaughtered on national television. This era would eventually lead us spiraling down to our present path of watching mind controlled musical icons enact ancient satanic rituals, elaborately staged and broadcast in High Definition and surround sound to the delight of our eyes and ears. Unaware that we are being bombarded with occult symbology, and satanic theologies descended from ancient pagan astro-archaeologic beliefs.

The forces behind the record companies responsible for this are an elite group of super wealthy individuals, often summed up as ‘The Illuminati’. This nefarious cult has outstretched tentacles that run their business through the Occult, and are the heads of Secret Societies like the Freemasons and the O.T.O. Members of these organizations hold high-ranking positions in what we refer to as the Military Industrial Complex. The MIC’s ultimate goal is to demoralize the youth, and rewire their brains to a point where they have stopped thinking for themselves. Thus, eliminating any chance for an uprising during the End Game phase of their plans for a New World Order.

With the help of the C.I.A. the British MI-5 and projects like MK-ULTRA, the Music industry created a new batch of “Idols” who promoted drug use, bad behavior and lyrics steeped in satanic symbolism. Eventually music would be turned into nothing more an ongoing satanic spectacle, where every video and award ceremony is host to occult symbols and rituals. Gone too would be any sort of lyrical mastery. No more social commentary, and no chance for some great poet to awaken the sleeping masses. This esoteric conquering of the music industry has many outstretched tentacles, but the brain of the beast lived in the capitol of wizards and witches.

Emerging from a hidden hilltop enclave high above the city of angels, Occultists and Scientists in a secret military base would go on to perfect the art of mind control. In doing so, they created the West coast rock scene, the hippie movement, the drug culture, Gangster Rap and the eventual destruction of society. But this secret satanic experiment with the music industry doesn’t just include the west coast, the blues or the Beatles, but reaches back in time to the occult musical worlds of Mozart and Beethoven. The year 1967 marked the breaking point in the short history of the United States. The dreams of the British scribes who wrote A brave new world and 1984 were finally being brought into fruition. The long planned goals of eugenics and social engineering were finally escalated to warfare status against the unsuspecting American youth. Still recovering from the shock of watching the president get his brains blown out for everyone to see and the worry of getting drafted in some bullshit war. The continued presence of invading American troops increased dramatically during the four years after JFK’s death. With over 475,000 serving in Vietnam (mostly poor teenagers) and the rallies of protesters against the war, pot smoke and nervous tension was in the air.

Also during this year the Beatles broke new sonic ground with the release of the ‘Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band’ album. The Beatles had been the first social mind control experiment imported to America–an experiment that met with instant success. 1967 also contained the fabled  “Summer of love” consisting of horny teenagers growing their hair, smoking weed, tripping balls, and grooving to the vibes of The Grateful Dead. These pot-friendly musical gatherings lead to the beginnings of mass, outdoor rock concerts. The first-ever rock festival at Monterey, California was attended by over 100,000 bright-eyed teens, ready to rock n’ roll and have a good time–never knowing that they were the first test of what would become an on-going social experiment the likes the world had never seen.

This new era in American culture would go on to set the stage for the empire’s eventual decline. Only a few years before the summer of love plans were set into motion and strangers with similar backgrounds came together. Most shared a family history within the high rankings of the Military Industrial Complex. Some even had royal bloodlines going back to the old world. These people would soon provide the faces and sounds of pop culture. They would influence their generation and future ones with the music and films they created. By the time this group shaped pop culture the controllers behind the scenes of the MIC were ready to implement the next step towards their total mind control plan.


With the total corporate lockdown of the radio stations they could finally do away with any music that wasn’t aligned with their agendas. Secret occult messages have been mixed in music since the days of Pythagoras in ancient Greece, and continued to be prevalent in the beginning of modern known Freemasonry. Mozart and Beethoven were subjected to this long before Jim Morrison wrote poetry on Venice Beach while tripping on Acid. Our journey into the winding history of the Occult Sound System stretches from the mythical realms of ancient Greece, the fabled lands of 18th century Germany and all the way to the hedonistic clubs in South Beach. We’ll learn sonic truths that go far beyond the lore of Hollywood, lift the veils of pulsating secrets and learn about the real power of Music.

Sound, especially the sound of music is generally accepted to live, thrive and belong to a higher consciousness within, and around us. Everything in nature and the universe has sound and can be broken down numerically. Our internal fluid bodies vibrate to sound frequencies. For example, it is a known fact that animals flee an area before an earthquake or tsunami. They hear something uncomfortable, perhaps piercing and they run away from it.  Humans are not in tune with nature anymore to hear its sound, let alone interpret them, but there are many who believe mankind was once capable of manipulating all the elements to produce extraordinarily miraculous feats. There are many who believe the ancient Egyptians mastered the art of healing using a combination of sound, crystals and water, and were able to levitate megalithic stones through the manipulation of tone structures of sound, and mastery of invisible vibrational frequencies.

Legends attributed to the floating of megalithic stones are in fact universal. The God-Kings of Nan Madol, on the Micronesian island of Pohnpei used magic to make huge stones, “fly through the air like birds” and legends of the early Greek historians claimed that Thebes was built by large stones that flew to the strumming of Amphion’s harp. When the Romans first ventured to Baalbek, Lebanon they were stunned to find the largest megalithic blocks ever used in any known man-made structure and quickly built a Temple of Jupiter over the cyclopean foundation platform. The three colossal stones that make up this platform are known as the Trilithon. According to Greek legends the God Uranus assembled these 2,000-ton stones before the Flood and was able to make them fly with the use of a special scepter that emitted loud sounds.

Even the Bible begins with the Word of God is sound. So it’s not surprising that the sun and each of the planets have their own unique sound. The planet Jupiter acts like a giant synthesizer and its soundtrack could easily be applied as a film score to a horror movie. Physics researchers at the Ruhr-Universitaet-Bochum Dr. Padma Kant Shukla and Dr. Bengt Eliasson have proven that plasma dust acoustic waves vibrate in harmonic frequencies when electrically charged in space:

These waves are supported by the inertia of the massive charged dust particles. The restoring force – causing the particles to oscillate and the wave to propagate – comes from the pressure of the hot electrons and ions. Recently, several laboratory experiments revealed nonlinear dust acoustic waves with extremely large amplitudes in the form of dust acoustic solitary pulses and shock waves, propagating in the plasma with speeds of a few centimeters per second. Padma Shukla and Bengt Elisasson have developed a unified theory explaining under which circumstances nonlinear dust acoustic shocks as well as dust acoustic solitary pulses occur in dusty plasmas. Dust acoustic waves with large amplitudes interact among themselves thereby generating new waves with frequencies and wavelengths different from the ones of the original dust acoustic waves. Due to the generation of harmonics (i.e., waves with frequencies that are a multiple integer of the original frequency) and due to constructive interference between dust acoustic waves of different wavelengths, the waves develop into solitary, spiky pulses, or into shock waves. The solitary pulses arise from a balance between the harmonic generation nonlinearities and the dust acoustic wave dispersion.

Our human ears cannot hear the songs of space are generally limited to the sound range frequencies of 12 to 20 HZ. The Blue Whale is the loudest animal on Earth and can produce a stunning 188 decibels of sound that can be heard from ocean to ocean. The loudest sound ever heard on Earth was the blast of the supposed meteor that crashed in Russia in an event known as the Tunguska explosion on June 30, 1908. Where an Estimated 30 megatons of sound exploded over the Podkamennaya River with decibels reaching higher than the eardrum busting range of 300, almost doubling the chants of the Blue Whale. Sound vibrates with a mathematic sequence of harmonies that can be broken down into notes and frequencies. These harmonies jingle in and out of the earth’s vibrational frequency grid that all living beings on planet Earth operate between. Our magical planet actually operates like an enormous electrical circuit wired from the surface to the ionosphere. Invisible Energy currents flow between these spaces in the estimated 1,000 lightning storms that occur at any given moment around the globe. Each sudden strike of energy produces 0.5 to 1 Ampere’s (a unit of electrical measurement in the integrated magnetic field of the Earth, discovered by French physicist and mathematician Ampere in 1826) that collectively accounts for the traceable currents that flow throughout the Earth’s atmosphere. These amperes’s account for the measureable current flow in the Earth’s electromagnetic void, while the quasi-shooting electromagnetic waves that exist in this void are known by science as the Schumann resonance.

Named after and discovered by German physicist W. O. Schumann in the early 1950’s, Schuman describes a band that exists between the surface of the earth and the limit of the Earth’s atmosphere, where undetectable sound waves lurk while waiting to be strummed. That is the music of the sphere. It is, ‘the word’. This sound isn’t present all of the time and seems to appear for observation only after being energized or excited. Its presence isn’t stirred by anything the surface or the core of the Earth does and seems to be solely related to the electric activity in the atmosphere, especially agitated during thunder and lighting storms. The Schuman sound range will remain at the same frequency as long as the Earth’s electromagnetic grid stays unmoved. Slight changes do occur in the Schuman sound field due to extreme solar activities and pole shifts.

For the past fifty years the Navy has researched this phenomena to the point of mastering communication techniques with the use of Extremely Low Frequency radio waves. Our planet is one big radio station plugged directly into the universe. The amazing and unique array of sounds that emanate from Earth can be heard by listening to the sound archives from the Marshall Space Flight Center. They have digitally recorded symphonies of electrically weird sounds found throughout the planet that could be heard by humans only if we had antennae’s instead of ears. Dennis Gallagher, an Astro-physicist at the Marshall Space Flight Center says:

Everyone’s terrestrial environment sings with radio waves at audio frequencies. Our ears can’t detect radio waves directly, but we can convert them to sound waves with the aid of a very low frequency (VLF) radio receiver.

These undetectable waves of sound are made of harmonies that proliferate throughout the universe. Knowing that the time honored tradition of the Ying and Yang, Good Vs. Evil, Light and Dark exists in the same universe, it’s only fitting that there also be good and bad harmonies. It’s the duality of these harmonies that has existed since the beginning of time and the never-ending wars between Light and Dark that still permeates in music through the modern age. Occult historian Manly P. Hall writes in the Secret Teachings of AllAges:

HARMONY is a state recognized by great philosophers as the immediate prerequisite of beauty. A compound is termed beautiful only when its parts are in harmonious combination. The world is called beautiful and its Creator is designated the Good because good perforce must act in conformity with its own nature; and good acting according to its own nature is harmony, because the good which it accomplishes is harmonious with the good which it is. Beauty, therefore, is harmony manifesting its own intrinsic nature in the world of form. The universe is made up of successive gradations of good, these gradations ascending from matter (which is the least degree of good) to spirit (which is the greatest degree of good).

Originally Published: September 11, 2011

Source: Xaviant Haze
Via: Zen Gardner


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