By Aaron & Melissa Dykes

It’s finally finished… the feature-length documentary we’ve been working on for what seems like forever is finally out! (Yes, this is why we’ve been so quiet lately.)

The full film is up for rent right now on Vimeo and we’re taking DVD preorders at The DVD should start shipping in a few weeks, but it comes with a free Vimeo link to watch online while you wait. It will also be available to rent on Amazon within a week or so, and we will update you guys when it is.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported us through this. It has been a crazy ride… and this is just the beginning.

You may think you know this story, but we promise you, you don’t.

We sure didn’t.

What is the “Science of Government”?

THE MINDS OF MEN is a 3+ year investigation into the experimentation, art, and practice of social engineering and mind control during the Cold War — a mind-bending journey into the past that gives startling insight into the world we are living in today.

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