(Humans Are Free) The Apollo Program officially ended in 1972 with the Apollo 17 being the last mission to the Moon and back.

However, NASA had planned three more missions, Apollo 18, Apollo 19 and Apollo 20. According to conspiracy theorists, the Apollo missions had discovered ancient artificial structures on the Moon and wanted to explore them without public knowledge.

Apollo 20 is considered one of the most controversial UFO cover-up in history. In 2007, several videos were uploaded to YouTube and the user who provided them claimed they were footage from Apollo 20.

The Cigar-shaped UFO recorded by the Apollo 20 astronauts  (reconstructed from 6 video frames – more images available below)

The grainy videos were apparently caught on 16 mm film and show the inside of the Apollo 20 command module as well as what appears to be the intricate architecture of a long-deserted lunar city.

He identified himself as former astronaut William Rutledge and according to him, the mission took place in 1976 as a secret Soviet-American joint venture.

He was chosen to be part of the team due to being an atheist, which was a rarity among astronauts in the 1970’s.

Why would NASA require someone who didn’t believe in God for this mission? Would a believer have lost his faith?

Rutledge said that the Apollo 14 mission had passed over the southern polar region of the Moon, observing numerous abandoned space ships and cities comprised of towering structures.

The Apollo 20 landed near the Delporte Crater and its mission was to explore a cigar-shaped mother ship that had been abandoned for 1.5 million years.

The following pictures are available to us thanks to Ramistrip.com

The alien Spaceship on the Moon is estimated to be 11056 ft (3,370 meters) long:

 Click here for more images of the UFO, taken by the Apollo 20 module before landing (the text is in Hebrew)

You can visit Ramistrip.com for more images. 

Once inside it, the astronauts found two alien bodies. The male was dead but preserved so they recovered the female, dubbed Mona Lisa.

She had a humanoid body, six fingers and her features were similar to those of a human, although she had no nostrils.

Rutledge described her as being in a state of suspended animation, neither dead nor alive. She was attached to the pilot controls of the spaceship, with several tubes going into her body and she was covered in a wax-like substance.

She was brought back to Earth and he suspects that she was revived and is kept somewhere secret to this day. The male was also brought to Earth and an autopsy was performed on him.

The astronauts recovered what technology they could and started their trip home.

William Rutledge is 78 years old and currently living in Rwanda. Due to his age, he says he no longer feels threatened by the secrecy he was sworn to at the time of the mission.

He also stated that it’s not up to NASA or anyone for that matter to keep things of this magnitude hidden from the rest of the world.

The following three videos are allegedly from the Apollo 20 mission (in the first video we are seeing the ruins of an abandoned city on the Moon, in the second video the cigar-shaped UFO, and in the third video the bodies of two humanoid extraterrestrials: a well-preserved deceased male and a female that is still alive, but in suspended animation and covered by a waxy substance):

by Locklip | Additions by Humans Are Free

Source: Humans Are Free


    • Might be fake and might not. Wilcock released a lot of info on this subject recently. I wouldn’t base my opinion on what a couple of psychics said. Psychics are the biggest fakes on the planet.

  • This is a fake, you can tell by examining the “astronauts” oxygen tank on his back. It is a fabrication. It does not match the ones used during the Apollo missions. This was debunked years ago people.

  • That’s a human in makeup. That city is obviously not built for the fucking moon and seems to be taken straight from an old Doctor Who episode – go watch the first few seasons and I’m pretty sure you’ll find it. ANY object of that size would be visible from Earth bound telescopes, much less images taken outside of our atmosphere. It would have a funny name signifying it as a known lunar landmark, because people have been poring over images of the moon’s surface for as long as we’ve been able. Whole jobs centered around it, volunteers could even do the same online; I did my bit with images of Mars years ago.

    People need to incorporate science as part of how they view the world. It should excite and demand certain disciplines be followed. This kind of BS exists to be laughed at. Rest assured: We are not alone, but the competition doesn’t look THAT much like us without sharing some common ancestors less than one million years ago. Don’t be fooled by hilariously stupid horn or the putty barely covering the nostrils- something biology wouldn’t bother doing as it is advantageous in the extreme to have more than one air port. If the nose was worked out of their genetic code, it would recede and shrink or be incorporated into a structure that still worked on the pre-existing principles- like elephant trunks and giraffe necks. Humanoid MAY be the most viable form for Earth-like life forms, or necessary for complex tools/weapons, but humanoid is SO far off from human-like! That skin, those lips complete with pouty fullness and the slightly wrinkled/lined look that is perfectly, and possibly uniquely, human. The eyes only look different because the eyebrows were shaved off, makeup was applied to create a kind of pigment mask to hide as much evidence to the contrary as possible, and then what looks like snippets of those fury drain unclogging wire snakes were glued on in a shape and place to suggest a larger orbital socket.

    Were they our progenitors, we would have the remnant vestigial bone area on our foreheads. Why code what looks to be a sacred / highly valued horn- glyph carved into it is seemingly spiritual in nature- out of our DNA? We still have tail bones, but those have been gone for MORE than 23 MILLION years. Some sign of it would still be there, even if it were just an odd formation or patch. Our DNA shares 98-99% with Chimps and Bonobos. That 1% is actually huge, as all the different and hugely varied breeds of dogs have fall into a tiny fraction of that 1% meta difference. Only a handful of genes need to change to see that much variation.

    If some rockin hot space lady was part of a species who came to Earth and altered our DNA, we would not look THAT much alike. Subtle differences in Gravity, Heat, and Sunlight alone would determine all kinds of different parameters. Short of Earth 2.0, the number of concurrent similiarities is an impossibility. Even if they did come from a planet that mirrors our own, the chances become exponentially MORE infinitesimal that changing 1-1.5% of an animals genetic code or adding any DNA contributions of their own could lead to a close enough genetic match that breeding is possible. As it would definitely be with an alien being who shared that much of our genetic code to give me a happy. Anyone think she aged well out of cryo?

    P.S. That city was built to be fancy and carefree on a moon without any kind of atmosphere. From a people who made a really practical, space-worthy craft. Swooping, winding, airy spires. On the moon. I hope they didn’t need to breathe. Maybe, that’s why that poor girl had to have that gunk shoved up her nose while those idiots pulled the wool over your eyes. Moon girls don’t need to breathe through their noses. That’s just not lady like.

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