Tom Paladino – Scalar Energy Healing

Tom Paladino is a scalar energy researcher with 25 years of experience in helping people with chronic pathogenic illnesses.

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Tom Paladino began research with scalar energy during his undergraduate years. He was inspired by various scientists, especially Nikola Tesla, as to the existence of an energy that was not of the electromagnetic spectrum. With this inspiration, he pursued a course of independent study in order to better understand and subsequently harness scalar energy.

Scalar energy is also known as prana, chi, radiant energy, zero point energy, qi, orgone, eloptic energy. After years of experimentation and modification, Tom has developed a technique using scalar energy that will transmute pathogens quickly and painlessly. This technique facilitates the use of photographs of people who desire to have pathogens transmuted in their bodies.

Tom Paladino has participated in clinical trials with a medical institution. In the lab, they watched the pathogens (protozoa) disassemble in front of their eyes. Emboldened by these discoveries, he desires to present the world with the solution for ALL bacterial, fungal, protozoan and viral infections. It is his belief and statement that the scalar energy is capable of transmuting ALL pathogens thus presenting the world with the SOLUTION for thousands of pathogenic diseases.

An Interview with Tom Paladino – Scalar Energy to Heal the World

Interview by Matt Connarton

To listen to the full interview of Tom Paladino by Matt Connarton on The Dr. Kevin Show on OMTimes Radio, click the player below.

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Matt Connarton:  Tom Paladino, let’s start with the obvious question.  What exactly is this energy healing that you do?

Tom Paladino:  I am working with Scalar Energy.  It’s not electricity.  It’s not of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Nickola Tesla was probably considered to be the founding father of Scalar Energy.  Many of you have heard of that name, Nickola Tesla, a great scientist.

Matt Connarton:  Absolutely.

Tom Paladino:  Very simply, Scalar Energy is from the sun, from the stars.  So, I am working with that perfect energy, Scalar Energy.  Some people call it life force energy.

From my studies and from what I’ve observed, the electromagnetic spectrum is a derivative from Scalar Energy.  So, I am working with the first energy of the universe, so to speak.  It’s the life force energy.  And with that life force energy, Scalar Energy, you have control over matter.  You have control over nature.  Scalar Energy gives us a greater, more consummate control to perform work as opposed to that of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Matt Connarton:  When you say you have power over matter, you have power over energy, can you expand on that a little bit?

Tom Paladino:  Sure.  I have observed thousands of times in my laboratory Scalar Energy is responsible for molecular bonds, whether you call them hydrogen bonds, ionic bonds, atomic bonds, covalent bonds.  A Scalar Energy instrument has control over those chemical bonds.  And in so doing, I can either assemble matter or disassemble matter with Scalar Energy.

This is the consummate control that I’m speaking of.  Scalar Energy allows us to control molecular forms, and with that, what can we do?  Well, if something’s harmful, we get rid of it.  We break it apart.  If something’s beneficial, we can assemble it.  We can create that geometry, that molecular geometry and indeed create a molecule, create some type of a vitamin or some type of an antioxidant.

This is what I’ve observed in practice.  I do this every day.  A Scalar Energy instrument allows me to have control over molecular form.  It’s fascinating.

Matt Connarton:  Did you develop this particular process?   I’ve never even heard of this before.

Tom Paladino:  Let’s just say this – it is groundbreaking.  I do work on my own.  I have a great staff that supports me, but this is avant-garde.  I think this is quite unique what we’re doing in the world.

We have developed Scalar Energy instruments, and that’s no small doing, and with that in mind, we have now the ability to control physical matter.  I want to underscore that.  Scalar Energy gives us consummate control over physical matter.

Matt Connarton:  What are the practical applications of this?  What are you actually using this for, this capability?

Tom Paladino:  On a daily basis, I work with people who have pathogenic infection, viral infection, bacterial infection, fungal infection.  A Scalar Energy instrument can release, can break down those chemical bonds that hold together viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

So, what I have discovered, what I have invented is essentially going to be considered as the remedy, the cure for pathogenic disease.  On a daily basis, it’s almost routine now, we can easily break apart and destroy the herpes virus, we can easily break apart and destroy bacteria that causes bacterial infections.

This is going to be considered a Godsend once the world will acknowledge this energy.  In a practical sense, every day, I’m treating people with pathogenic disease.  The ability to remove, to eradicate that causative agent of disease, again, the virus, the bacterium or the fungus, that person is cured.

Once you no longer have that infectious agent in your body, we break down that infectious agent, that infectious agent ceases to exist.  In so doing, this is going to be heralded as the cure of pathogenic infection.

Matt Connarton:  Is this a way to actually permanently cure some of the infections that you otherwise would not be able to?

 Tom Paladino:  Precisely.  I’ll give you a for instance.  We have demonstrated hundreds of times that we can destroy, we can break apart the herpes virus, and it’s always been considered that, if you have the herpes virus, you have it for life.  There’s no drug, there’s no modality that’s going to remove the herpes virus from your body.

Well, we have demonstrated, again, hundreds of times by way of diagnostic testing that Scalar Energy does indeed break down the molecular structure of the herpes virus.  The herpes virus literally falls apart.  It disassembles.  And the follow-up diagnostic tests prove that there’s no viral load of the herpes virus after we’ve treated people.

Matt Connarton:  How long does it take once you begin using this to treat someone, or does it varies quite a bit from one person to the next?

Tom Paladino:  It does not vary.  That’s a good question.  Why?  Because, again, we have consummate control over nature.  So, one treatment, only one treatment is needed to break apart the herpes virus.  So, the first day that I would treat someone with herpes viral infection, the virus will disassemble.  You have to understand, a Scalar Energy instrument allows you to either control or, in some cases, to have mastery over those chemical bonds.  Now, in this case, with a virus, we have that control, that mastery over the chemical bonds that hold together matter – in this case, the virus.  It only takes one treatment to release those molecular bonds, and the herpes virus falls apart.

It’s simple, it’s painless.  This is the essence of Scalar Energy.  It allows us to find our way into the very fabric of the universe and to control nature.  I know that’s a bold statement, but I’ll stand by that.  Scalar Energy will provide us control over the physical universe.

Matt Connarton:  And does this ever fail, or does this have an absolute 100 percent success rate?

Tom Paladino:  That’s a great question.  The way I destroy a germ is by introducing an actual photograph of the herpes virus, say, into my instrument.  Everything is light with the Scalar Energy dimension.

I take a photograph of the herpes virus, I place it inside my instrument.  The Scalar Energy instrument will look at, will decipher, will decode the molecular structure from that photograph and then send the reverse polarity or perhaps what we might consider the reverse space angle into the human body, and that instruction serves to break down the molecular bonds of the herpes virus inside a person.

Matt Connarton:  That’s incredible.  That’s absolutely amazing.  And how long have you been able to treat people using this process?

Tom Paladino:  My website has been public now for the past five and a half years.

I’ve been treating people for the past 25 years, but that was really my understudy, so to speak.  It was a time where I really had to become immersed in this field, this discipline of Scalar Energy.  Only since the past five and a half years have I made this public, public knowledge.

Matt Connarton:  You’re offering a 15-day free trial.  Is that correct?

Tom Paladino:  That’s correct.  We want to prove this to the world.  We’re so confident in what we’re doing, we offer 15 days of free Scalar Energy treatment.  The website is  Anybody can visit the website and upload as many as 25 photographs of your family members and friends, and we will treat you, no questions asked.  There’s no obligation.  We will treat you for free.  And in so doing, after those 15 days of treatments, you’ll feel better.  You’ll essentially be germ-free.  We will eradicate the common germs known to man inside your body.  Your health will improve.

We will also be able to assemble nutrients inside your body.  That’s one of the other functions that we practice on a daily basis.  We can assemble antioxidants, amino acids, various micronutrients inside the body.  We do all of this by way of Scalar Energy on account of the fact that Scalar Energy provides us consummate control over nature.

Matt Connarton:  For a person to do this, so they have to upload a photograph.  What kind of picture?

Tom Paladino:  The photograph has to be some part of your skin.  Now, consider this analogy.  Everybody has a unique fingerprint.  Everybody has unique DNA.  Well, when you send a photograph in, your light is also unique.  So, your Scalar signature or your Scalar harmonic is unique.

So, when somebody sends in a photograph of their anatomy, some part of your skin, it doesn’t have to be a full body shot, the Scalar Energy instrument recognizes you just as we would recognize your DNA or your fingerprint as being unique to your person.  A  Scalar Energy instrument will pick up your light signature by way of your photograph, identify you and then send you energy.  No matter where you are in the world, we will send you energy by way of Scalar Energy.

You have to keep in mind that energy is intelligent, and your skin, your anatomy has intelligence attached to it.  A Scalar Energy instrument can pick up that intelligence, which is your code or your light signature.  No matter where you are located in the world, a Scalar Energy instrument will treat you by way of your photograph.

Matt Connarton:  You’ve got three protocols to this – the pathogen cleanse, the nutrient therapy and the Chakra balance. Can you go through each of the three of these protocols and just kind of describe what each one does and how it works?

Tom Paladino:  Sure.  As you mentioned, there are three protocols.  Number one, a Scalar Energy instrument can easily break down, the molecular structure of a virus and easily negate the molecular bonds of bacteria, fungi, etc.  So, our first process, we have a pathogenic cleanse.  Presently, we have the ability to destroy, to break apart over 400,000 species of pathogens, viruses, parasites, protozoan, preons, fungi, mold.  And that pathogenic cleanse is, again, rather broad and rather all-encompassing.

The next modality, a Chakra balance reprogram our Chakras.  If we look at the Chakras, each Chakra is composed of Scalar Energy.  Those Scalar Energy points are spinning vortices, so to speak.  And that’s the nature of Scalar Energy.

So, any Scalar Energy instrument will automatically balance, reprogram our seven Chakras, which are likewise composed of Scalar Energy.  In so doing, I’ve also found that many people who are experiencing the Chakra balancing tell me that they have a greater sense of mental clarity, that their thinking is clear, that they actually have an improvement in their judgment or their ability to concentrate enhanced.

In many ways, Scalar Energy has a profound impact upon our thinking, upon our brain waves.  I would say that a Chakra balancing not only balances and harmonizes our seven Chakras, it also has a profound impact upon our brain waves, and we’ve demonstrated that with many people.

And then the final modality, the nutrient program, Scalar Energy has the ability to create, to actually assemble vitamins and minerals and antioxidants inside the body.  We have the ability presently to assemble over 330 micronutrients inside the human body.  This is, in my estimate, the perfect delivery system for nutrition.  We don’t have to rely upon metabolism.  This is a great way to provide nutrients to the human body.

Matt Connarton:  When someone is going through this process, what should they be doing while all this is going on?

Tom Paladino:  Just live a sensible lifestyle.  To answer your question directly, you don’t have to change a thing.  Send your photograph to me and let me do all the work.  That’s the beauty of this.

Matt Connarton:  I would guess you probably also hear from people who tell you that they’re feeling better mentally and emotionally and so forth?

Tom Paladino:  Yes, many people say that this has lifted their depression.

I believe Scalar Energy, once we really understand it and master it, this tool, Scalar Energy, this intelligence will allow us to address finally in a very fundamental capacity mental illness.  The pathway to addressing mental illness is Scalar Energy.  That is the next future for psychologists, for psychiatrists.  Scalar Energy will be the tool for mental and for psychological disorders.

Matt Connarton:  Talk to me a little bit about the future.  Would you like to have schools around the world that teach this so you can help even more people?

Tom Paladino:  Another great question -yes, to teach the world.  This is a gift from God, and it’s meant for everybody. I want to get the message out there, and what we have to wait for, though, is the volition of the people.  We have to wait for people to say yes.  We have to wait for people to get on board here, so to speak.  That’s what we’re waiting for.  We’re waiting for the world to embrace this.  We’re waiting for the world to accept this.

There has to be a free dissemination of information.  I’ve written probably 300 articles on Scalar Energy.  They’re on my website.

We have to continue with Nickola Tesla left off.  If you really study Tesla and look at his life, Tesla was on the verge of introducing Scalar Energy to mankind, and essentially, he was about to provide relatively inexpensive energy to the world.  And he was stopped by JP Morgan and the Roth Chaw.

This is where Tesla saw the future of the world, where everybody would have access to this energy, and we would no longer have this oil cartel, and we would no longer have the stuff that we have today.  Well, this is the world that I see that Tesla saw over 100 years ago.  Scalar Energy will liberate mankind because it addresses scarcity.

Once the world embraces this, we will see that this is the alternative, this is the answer we’ve been looking for.  Scalar Energy will liberate mankind.

Matt Connarton:  You mentioned this being a gift from God.  Does it matter in terms of a person’s own healing what their beliefs are or maybe their lack of belief?

Tom Paladino:  What I’m working with is fundamental.  It works for everybody.  As an example, I frequently treat dogs and cats and horses.  People send me photographs of their animals, and those animals enjoy the benefits of Scalar Energy.  Obviously, a dog does not understand anything about Scalar Energy.

It does heal people and animals regardless of whether you believe in it or not.  But, we always have to consider that when people participate in their healing, the healing is accelerated.  Many studies have been conducted that healing is indeed accelerated when you participate and when you want to be healed.

Matt Connarton:  I’m sure there’s skeptics.  How do you deal with those folks?

Tom Paladino:  Those who are sincere, we have so many diagnostic test that prove that we’re destroying germs, that prove that people are being cured, and those diagnostic tests are now on our website.  And these are diagnostic tests from people around the world – Europe, Africa, Asia, North America – in which we are proving that a person once had herpes and now they no longer have the herpes virus after the Scalar Energy treatment.  We have a study from Africa in which a person had HIV, a viral load, and after the Scalar Energy treatment, there’s no viral load.  The HIV virus cannot be detected.

We follow up with these people, and a year or two after we’ve treated them, they’re still cured.  They’re asymptomatic.  They have no symptoms of herpes or cholera or HIV infection.

The diagnostic tests really tell the story.  We use what is called a polymerase chain reaction test for many of our diagnostic test results, and that’s a very strong test.  It’s well respected in the medical community.

So, how do we answer skeptics?  With diagnostic tests.

Matt Connarton:  Tom Paladino, thank you so much.  It’s been wonderful chatting with you and learning from you, and I wish you continued success.  Heal the world, brother.  I think it’s wonderful.

Tom Paladino:  Thank you, thank you.

Connect with Tom Paladino and Scalar Energy

Connect with Tom Paladino at  You can submit as many as 25 photographs of your family, your friends, your cousins.  We’ll treat your entire family.  And after 15 days, your Chakras will be balanced, and you’re gonna be essentially germ-free.  We will convince you as to the merit of Scalar Energy.

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