TR-3B Black Triangle ∇ Code Name: ASTRA — Magnetic Field Disruptor Plane

TR-3B Black Triangle ∇ Code Name: ASTRA | Magnetic Field Disruptor Plane
The TR-3B vehicle’s outer coating is reactive to electrical stimulation and can change color, reflectiveness, and radar absorptiveness.

TR-3B Black Triangle ∇ In recent years, countless people have reported seeing flying objects of strange shapes (including triangular) and spectacular trajectories. Without ever challenging the existence of UFOs of alien origin, we must make it clear that some of such aircraft are in fact owned and used in the greatest secrecy by the US government.

By Carl Thomas

Only with the tremendous courage of some people who worked in different military bases, the truth about these aircraft’s was able to come to light, which is likely to hurry their future use in civil society for the benefit of all mankind.

This is not just about the use of the aircraft itself but primarily about the technology behind its propulsion system – a technology that is also called “black technology” and which, as Steven Greer mentions in his Hidden Truth,

Prohibited information is about 10,000 years more advanced than space-based space technology currently used globally.

In this regard, it is very interesting, the account of an American specialist who worked on a secret military base near Groom Lake City, about an unimaginable aviation technology for the general public, which the Americans already have.

Since this report, originally published online at, is no longer accessible at that address, we offer it below:

“A friend told me at some point he would never forget the image of the TR-3B aircraft in the Papoose Base, which looks exactly like an alien ship.

Black as triangular pitch, TR-3B was rarely mentioned (and only whispering) in Groom Lake, where he worked.

At one point, the aircraft flew over the Groom Lake track in complete silence, and as if by surprise, it suddenly stopped above the S-4. Floated silently in the same position for about 10 minutes, after which he left softly on the asphalt of the track.

Sometimes a bright blue-silver crown surrounds the massive circumference of the TR-3B.

The operational model is approximately 183 meters in diameter.

The TR-3B aircraft also has the ASTRA code name.

The first operational reconnaissance flight took place in the early 1990s.

The triangular nuclear platform of the aircraft was built in the highest secret of the AURORA Program, funded with money from the “black budget” (at least $ 3 billion invested in this project).

“Aurora” is now the most secretive US aerospace program and TR-3B is the most “exotic” vehicle that was created under the Aurora Program, funded and coordinated by the NSA (National Security Agency), the NRO National Recognition) and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).

The functionality of TR-3B is not a fiction, it was built with technology already available in the mid-1980s. So, not every UFO spotted is necessary of alien origin.

The material covered by the TR-3B aircraft is a radar-reactive polymer, which can change its reflectivity, radar absorption, and color.

This polymer, when used in conjunction with some internal TR-3B electronic systems, can give the vehicle such a look that it looks like a small ship or a flying cylinder on the radar screen.

TR3B Astra is at the same time a strategic vehicle of recognition and a combat vehicle.

A circular ring, filled with acceleration plasma, called the Magnetic Field Disruptor (MFD), surrounds the crew’s rotating compartment and outperforms any currently known technology.

The Sandia and Livermore laboratories have developed this secret technology, and the [American] government will do everything to protect it…

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