UFOs In Ancient Painting Depicting Christ’s Crucifixion

UFOs In Ancient Painting Depicting Christ's Crucifixion

Conspiracy theorists claim to see UFOs floating close to the cross in a depiction of Christ’s crucifixion. A fresco painting in Georgia’s Svetitskhoveli Cathedral apparently shows a little hovering disc next to Jesus when he was crucified.

The artist of the painting is not known, but conspiracy theorists believe that the unknown artist is trying to say that these flying saucers were present during the death of Jesus.

But other observers are more sceptical, including UFO author Nigel Watson. He says that artists in the past often used symbolism to tell a story to provide greater meaning to the image.

Mr Watson explains that the UFOs in the crucifixion of Christ are representations of light and darkness or life and death respectively. Some artists painted Sun and Moon, faces or angels to depict such symbolic elements. Mr Watson believes there are no aliens in the painting.

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