UN SWISSINDO Opens Laos Office

UN SWISSINDO Opens Laos Office

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(UNGSE Australia) The headlines in the business section of the Vientiane Times Newspaper today reads Swissindo opens sole company in Laos.

Swissindo World Trust International Orbit has established a presence in Laos in the form of a sole trading company, which will serve as a coordination centre for transferring funds into the country for implementing socio-economic development projects.

– Times Reporters

Swissindo Laos ceremony Tuesday 5 May 2015.

Below is part of the speech from Mr Seogihartonotononegoro ST (M1) presented during the official ceremony to open the UN SWISSINDO office in Laos on Tuesday 5 May 2015. Alternatively, you may view the full official document PIDATO LAO PDR in full detail.

Greetings ladies and gentlemen, People of LAO P.D.R,

I Am, Seogihartonotononegoro, M1 with Collateral Assets Series 1-4 … I come here to evoke a truth of history and awakening to the world. My life is not my own and belongs to a greater purpose. You the People of Lao are the forefront of this purpose and Emperor Mission as I stand before you today. History has been altered and hidden from the eyes of the people of the world and I am here to reveal it to you for the sake of saving people and opening a new paradigm. As you may know or not know the world is at the door of a great change and world affairs are climaxing to a point of destruction. This can be remedied. I will release the great assets under my power that were once fated to be release by Seokarno but was not completed due to an assassination and Coup d’etat that prevented John F. Kennedy and Seokarno’s dream from coming true. I offer this to the People of Lao and the world under a New Agreement that I only have the power to close and reopen. I have offered and granted the release of this contract to LAO P.D.R for The global movement of printing the new asset backed National ESTWO currency for Lao and the world. This is the Global inheritance that is promised to the people of the world, and I am here to be with the People of LAO to open this new inheritance. The world will be changed forever, and you will help the world usher in a new paradise with true value of sacred labor, honoured by real assets. The new work of the global renewal will be initiated with The Venus Projectthat will rebuild your infrastructure and bring new technologies and suppressed technology to Lao and the world, … and it begins here with the construction of the new National Hall For The National Assembly. Lao will also launch the global inheritance program called The Human Obligation, whereby every living man and woman will receive a guaranteed amount of living expense that will be distributed by the Bank of Lao. You the People of Lao are the new stewards and example to the world for change and peace. Act in accordance with love and understanding and be proud, honour your neighbouring countries and change your thoughts and actions to match this great work. I give blessings to all if you say YES … LAO … and we invite the world to come and claim your inheritance!

Thank you.

Swissindo Laos ceremony Tuesday 5 May 2015.

Congratulations to all working on the joint venture to release funding to the world by way of Swissindo World Trust International Orbit and congratulations to Neo The United Kingdom Of God Sky Earth Keraton Kailasa Jagad Pramuditha Anggarda Paramitha, The Kingdom Linggacala Big 5 Continent (Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Australia), and The Kingdom of Linggacala Asia Continent in Lao P.D.R.

Watch the announcement of the official grand opening of UN SWISSINDO Laos office as broadcast across local Laos television networks on Tuesday 5 May 2015:


Source: UNGSE Australia

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