August 18, 2019

Update from Mr. Ed about COBRA and Chimera Group

Update from Mr. Ed about COBRA and Chimera Group

Sent to Ascension with Earth via email…

I do not wish to get in a mud slinging contest… but in light of recent comments being posted about Cobra being cabal is only an indication that whom ever is saying this is ignorant to the facts and has not followed his work or done any research.

It would be best to educate your self on a topic prior to making accusations that are unfounded.

I know a friend who attended one of Cobra’s World Conferences he did a few years ago and he met him and spoke with him and I am here to tell you he has a wife as well.

Cobra and his blog site states right at the top of the page:

“This blog is the official communication outlet for the Resistance Movement.”  The Resistance Movement are Pleiadians who are members of the GFL (galactic federation of light) who are here to liberate this planet from the Chimera Group who control it.

Cobra is the furthest thing from the cabal and anybody who thinks otherwise is a fool. I know he is off about cannabis…but so is Sheldan Nidle…but I don’t hold that against them and I do not discredit all they say because of it.  I compiled this info on the Chimera Group a few years ago and I think more people need to read it and become more familiar with the true root of the problem here.

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All the best.

Agent for Truth @ RMN

Editor Note: I find that the following quote from Simon Parkes fits in with this discussion…

This is not about being fearful, but don’t buy the line that we’ve nearly won. Don’t buy the line that it’s all over, bar the shouting, as a proportion of these evil people who have decided that if they’re going down they want to take others down with them…

Simon Parkes, March 19, 2017

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  • Cobra being Cabal? Or Cabal being like Cobra? I wish it was. The world would have been a better, different place…

  • Not that it changes my reality in any way, shape or form, but,… if you attended 1 of Cobra’s conferences & met him & his wife how can anyone think that his identity is a secret ? That just doesn’t make any sense. And even if he attended disguised in a costume (i.e., dressed as “Gumby”), it would only take for him to being surveilled by the proper professionals.

  • Darkworkers pretended to be lightworkers, too. Actually hate and brainwash that Cobra is not right. Behind the Veil there are plenty of disinfo in mainstream but in alternative media, too. We need to disintegrate the Veil by Galactic pulse… “the main aspect of this Galactic pulse will be a wave of cosmic Love. This Love energy is the basis of universal cosmic reality and is now reaching our shores. This energy has Galactic proportions and can not be stopped by the Cabal, no matter what they try to do” More:

  • Not surprising that the crackpot Gary Larrabee is involved in this. “The One Who Knows”… obviously doesn’t know what it’s like to be targeted by a scalar weapon. I know all too well, and having some cabal shill tell us it never happened is infuriating. Some of us have been targeted for DECADES by this stuff! This is merely second-rate cabal damage control. They’ve been exposed and this pathetic attempt is the best they can do. Gary Larrabee is so easily corrupted it’s a joke. He never had a shred of credibility in the first place, now he’s completely exposed. They’re making it a simple matter to find out who the controlled opposition truly are.

  • From
    “… the “One Who Knows” and his team have it now all under control, then why are wars still raging in the Middle East? Why are the banksters still taking homes from the people and running unchecked, stealing everyone’s money? Why is there still untold amounts of suffering everywhere and why are millions still dying of starvation if the Cabal is already under “Their” control? Where is the RV & GCR that the disinformation agent that goes by the “One Who Knows” claim will happen always “NEXT WEEK” or NEXT MONTH……why “next week” or “next month” never comes while the battle AGAINST the RV and GCR has been going on non-stop for the last 10 years? Why is this person, who calls himself or herself “One Who Knows,” (who has, in the past, made other malicious accusations) now saying Cobra is not spreading truth but is “fear mongering.” “One who knows,” doesn’t know much. Why is he saying in his article he posted in the Dinar Chronicles that Cobra is a “female” when everyone who knows Cobra or who has listened to his many Youtube interviews posted online knows for a fact Cobra is a man. This alone is a huge lie… All the promises and predictions made by the agent provocateur that goes by the name “One Who Knows” have never come true, though he claims to get his intel from the highest sources and from the Grandfather”…

  • WTF does “is off about cannabis” mean ? Off as in incorrect, off as in not on, off as in no comment, off, as in what ?

    I have searched BOTH COBRA and Sheldan and can NOT find any comments about cannabis… Please provide links in regards to your comment.

    • The Event Handbook is a useful tool to conduct text searches of keywords to discover what Cobra has said about certain topics. Here are all of the references I could find. I think the first quote is the one people have problems with due to the possible contact with astral and etheric reptilians. I personally feel that marijuana can be a great aid if used properly and treated as a sacred plant when used in moderation and not simply used to “get high”.


      Rob – It’s about marijuana. “Can you ask Cobra about the endocannabinoid system in the human and animal body?” I think what they’re referring to is when people. . . there have been results showing that the body creates neuro hormones very similar to cannabis which can remove pain and other things like this.

      COBRA – Yes, that part is correct. That part is correct.

      Rob – Yea, I wanted to clarify that. I wanted to ask it as the person asked it and then I felt I had to do that. They said that this is the sense of communication system for all other body systems, and the nervous system. They said it seems to effect and interface between the light bodies and the physical bodies. Do you have any other information about cannabis and the interaction with the body?

      COBRA – Actually cannabis does interfere with connection between the physical brain and the etheric brain, but that connection actually dissolves the membrane between the physical brain and the etheric brain and sometimes this is good and sometimes not. Because usually when people have this membrane dissolve they get very good contact with the astral reptilians and other etheric reptilians.

      Excerpt From: The Event Handbook, February 2016


      “A: What do you feel about the cannabis plant, marijuana. Not of this world?

      C: Not from the Sirius star system. It is not from this planet.

      “A: Do you feel it’s a sacred plant?

      C: Every plant is a sacred plant.”

      Excerpt From: The Event Handbook, July 2013


      Aaron – Next question. I found the following statement and I’d like you to tell me what you know about this: The statement starts by saying: Do you really think that you are getting pure marijuana, or clean marijuana? Think again! This is the marijuana especially the legal medical grade which is cataloged in Quantico Virginia at the FBI; implanted and chipped…. nano tech., it’s all GMO nanite compatible, very tiny computer systems. Same as with all smokes, vape, junk foods, etc. He’s asking Is this true?

      COBRA – Yes it’s true. (hmmm, wow)

      Excerpt From: The Event Handbook, March 2017


      Lynn – This questioner is asking: I am wondering with Cobras vast knowledge if he could know if the cannabis (or marijuana) plant is native to earth, or was it introduced here from another planet?

      COBRA – It was introduced here a long time ago from somewhere else.

      Lynn – If perhaps other plants are introduced also like perhaps Aloe Vera which also has great medicinal value. Was this also from somewhere else.

      COBRA – Yes, of course. (thank you)

      Excerpt From: The Event Handbook, May 2016


      Rob – Ok, the Dogon tribe, we know you mentioned about the spaceship that landed and Credo Mutwa ( and some of the ancient things. You did mention that there was communication with dolphins at one point. It says here that this Dogon tribe supposedly believed that the cannabis or marijuana plant was gifted to this planet by a priestess form the Sirius star system. In their culture they have a year long celebration of the cannabis plant every now and then. It relates to dogs who are our canine companions. The question is: Is there a connection, because animals seem to really have this unconditional love feature and very closely bond to humans. The first question is Is there any truth that cannabis was seeded here by E.T. It certainly has a lot of uses besides the heavily touted one of recreational changing. We’re finding more medical and industrial uses. Is this a gift from any ET race that you know of.

      COBRA – Yes. Actually, many plants were seeded as a gift from many different races.

      Excerpt From: The Event Handbook, November 2014


      Cobra – I would say the positive templars are very active right now in Great Britain right now and are working on exposing Royal Family and cabal in British government.

      Alexandra – I also saw him say they are moving to legalize marijuana – This is a snowball affect to cut down the money that is available to them. Is this truly going on all over the world. I saw some articles in Mexico and well as No. Korea.

      Excerpt From: The Event Handbook January 2014

      • Thanks for the COBRA search results, Mr. Ed! If you have a paraphrase of what you remember Sheldan said about Cannabis, I am happy to hear it !

        I assume when you say (Cobra and Sheldan Nidle) “is off about cannabis” YOU mean they “do not approve” of using the substance in general ?
        AND the “off about” meanings below do NOT apply?:
        A. “Off about”: A word that means that something is not real but feels real ?
        B. “Off about”: (Incorrect by a measurement system) The calendar is off about 4 years
        C. “Off about”: She’s interested in me but I can’t help but feel that something is off about him.
        D. “Off about”: I called Nora this morning and she is off about me not apologizing to her about ending.

        If you have a paraphrase (and maybe a time frame of WHEN you heard it!) of what you remember Sheldan said about Cannabis, I am thankful for the info !

    • With all due respect, that really doesn’t mean anything. Unless we know your sources, we don;t know if THEY are legit or also cabal.

  • Fallen Angelic Factions

    Jahovian Syrius A Annunaki – (All galactic federation of light, Ashtar Command included)

    They are Anu Serafin Alpha Omega Order Templar Melchizedeks who run all of the draconian centaur necromission annunaki hybrid domination agendas on earth.

    They are Toth Enki Zephilim Zeta Annunaki collective of Nibiru and Syrius A who defected in 22,340 b.c.e to join the dark lucyferian rebelion and began the Anu-Serafin Annunaki race supremacy world domination agenda.

    They are the Enoch,Jahovian Annunaki colective of Arcturus and Orion who defected in 10,500 b.c.e to join an alliance with dark lucyferian covenant.

    They are the Anu-Serafin PLeyadian Semjazi Annunaki of Alcjon

    They are the Enlil of Demacron Marduk Necromission Nubirian allies of dark lucyferian covenant agenda.

    They are the Reptilian Insectoid Regelian Zeta Zephilim Omicron Draconian Dragon-Moth and Odicron Avian fallen Serafin races of Orion.

    They are the Minotaur Dromen Marduk Annunaki Omicron hybrids of Alpha and Omega Centuri

    They are Archangel Michael,Neophite,Nephilim,Necromission Annunaki Hybrid Collective Of Orion Alpha Centuri Syrius A and Andromeda who pose as true benevolence that exist beyond the astral barier that are in fact scavengers..

    All of them connected to the DARK brotherhoods and sisterhoods that work directly through the bloodlines here on earth.


  • Shame on Cobra – Gaining our trust only to be a manchurian type candidate in the end. I think by now, it’s clear that he is just fear mongering with info that no one can do anything with. To increase fear, keep repeating , and to REALLY increase it, ask everyone to spread it around the world. Yikes.

    The only thing Cobra has on his side is some people ‘saying’ he’s okay. On the other side, there’s Lemuria, Ashtar, Adama and others who claim to be quite upset and clearly stating he’s off the reservation.

    Cobra is history – and he should be – He had us tricked for a while but it never felt right. Especially all the hiding he does. I have a photo of him – but I won’t post it. He’s the only one I know claiming to need to stay hidden – for some reason….

    It seemed to me right from the start, Cobra had his OWN story and his OWN facts. He never matched up with what the GF, Inner Earth or Ascended Masters were saying, and now it’s clear – at least to me – He has his own agenda – and it’s not the same as you or I…

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