By B.N. Frank

There have been problems reported by consumers all over the world about digital and wireless utility “Smart” Meters.  Some complaints are because meters have caused appliances to malfunction and break.  Examples include:

  1. September 6, 2010, PG&E California
  2. January 11, 2011, PG&E California
  3. December 2011, BC Hydro Vancouver BC
  4. August 2012, BC Hydro Vancouver BC
  5. May 2013, Duke Energy Ohio
  6. August 2017, Duke Energy North Carolina

Utility “Smart” Meters also catch fire and explode.  Sometimes many of them do this all at the same time.  Since 2010, hundreds of thousands have been removed and replaced all over North America because of fire and explosive risk.

These meters simply don’t work right.  They never have.  If you run searches online, you’ll find that a variety of elected officials, former meter readers, other professionals and organizations have had many very bad things to say about utility “smart” meters for many reasons other than them causing appliances to malfunction and break.

Some others include:

  1. Firefighters
  2. Electrical Workers
  3. Engineers
  4. IEEE Spectrum
  5. Scientists

Despite all the problems, utility companies won’t stop installing these meters.  Some consumers have fought for the right to “opt out.”  Some are still fighting.  Some have filed lawsuits recently and in the past.

Why would anyone want “Smart” Meters on their homes or anywhere else?

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