(In5D) The first 4 episodes were released on GaiamTV of contactee Corey Goode’s experiences with the Blue Avians and the Sphere Alliance. The first episode was released on YouTube:




Apparently, the genetic manipulation of mankind has been going on for at least the past 250,000 years.

I listened to all four episodes released on GaiamTV. The first two episodes can be seen for free on GaiamTV but you’ll need a subscription to hear parts 3 and 4, which you can get here.

In Episode 3, Goode spoke about the moon as being a “neutral zone” and how the back side of it is inhabited by many different extraterrestrial groups who have been there for thousands of years, using it as an observation area to go to and from Earth for various experiments they were conducting.

Apparently, NASA was warned not to come back after they detonated an atomic bomb on the moon several years ago.

In Episode 4, Corey talks about replicators and the types of food they make. “They had replicators that produces a certain range of meals but they also had hydroponic areas that they grew some fresh foods.”

For example, you can have a pot roast made for you through the replicator. The replicator looks similar to a microwave. Goode stated that he would often get pot roast and mashed potatoes. In order to get food, you put a plate in the replicator and then press a button for the food you want. The replicator would make a noise and the food would be done. There is a button for different meals. While Goode stated, “There were dispensers for different beverages,” he didn’t mention what kind of beverages were available.

Apparently, the replicators malfunction from time to time, in which they served “powdered eggs and rationed-kind of foods. In the galley area, they had people that would serve up food…. slop.”

Goode stated it would take between 30-45 minutes to walk from one end of the ship to the other.

Corey’s Sphere Being Alliance Facebook page

For more info on the Blue Avians and the Sphere Alliance, check out the FAQ on Corey’s Sphere Being Alliance website.

I analyzed Corey’s voice with the nanoVoice software. The most common notes in his voice are G and F# and both showed up as the color BLUE.


The key of G means: Game player, likes to mix and manage the physical aspects of life, motivated by future events.

The key of F# means: One who carries out the plans, doer, intuitive about the needs of others, shares and loves wholeheartedly.

The color BLUE means: indicative of an overall love for humanity, the ability to put others first, an emotional perspective and possible naiveté.

His next two most prominent keys were A# and B, both in the color RED.

The key of A# means: Highly intuitive, reads between the lines, can put aside self for others, likes mental games, hurts easily.

The key of B means: Link between self and universe, needs harmony and balance in personal life and occupation.

The color RED means: indicative of a physical call to action but without a lot of thought for the consequences of the action.  Red likes to see and do things first before the rest of the crowd.

This is Corey’s printout:


My interpretation is that Corey firmly believes in what he is saying. He’s predominantly right brained and ego isn’t playing any kind of role in the words he speaks.

Goode has mentioned that major “data dumps” would be released that would reveal the numerous crimes against humanity that the controllers have committed, adding that numerous witnesses were being held off-planet for their own protection until these people can be tried for their crimes.

With the world on the precipice of an end times-type of global disaster, my only question is, “What are they waiting for?”

My other concerns would regard the following:

  • How willing would we be to accept advanced technology in exchange for the A.I. that goes along with it?
  • In one of the new Disclosure episodes, Corey’s contact, Teir-Eir, stated, “I am Ra Teir-Eir”. Ra, from the Law of One, promotes the “Harvest” to which I am very skeptical about because we harvest things like corn and beans, not people.

I find it all very fascinating and would love to see those who have committed crimes against humanity removed from power. If that were to happen, then the release of all suppressed technology would make our current way of life seem like the Stone Age. Perhaps, we could live in a world full of abundance and prosperity without the need for economic slavery similar to what Jacques Fresco envisions in the Venus Project, but with the capacity to travel throughout the galaxy?

This all needs to play out in time, but time seems to be running out. My gut tells me that a Cosmic Wildcard event will happen before we receive any outside help from extraterrestrials, but the data dumps that Corey spoke about could be a game changer as well.

We’ll see what happens, “in time”.

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  • Corey is doing what’s needed to be done. The cabal will ride on their arrogance and self distortions to turn events in their favor, but they fail to see the inevitability of of their erasure from this time space distortion while the planet and those that dwell upon her will move into fourth density where true freedom will prevail for all.

  • Would be nice if he stayed true to a theme, and not become unbelievably more elaborate each outing. What I don’t understand is, why has he produced a drawing of what he claims are “blue avains”. But won’t produce one photograph. He also claims the Avains and he had a fall out. But never gave reason why. As well as why would these spiritually enlightened ones, feel the need for petty human argument?
    I want to believe what he is saying. But my intuition has alarm bells ringing very loudly

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