White Hat Auxiliary: Fact Check #108

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The following comes over from OWoN, from the top. The “latest report” is in reference to the link found on FC 106.

Please pay attention to point #4 below.

We know that for some of you the information may shake traditionally held ideas. I am most certain that these cold, hard facts will give you proper orientation on what goes on at the very top, and the past history of how it all came to be, and what is being done by some good people to bring many needed changes for the benefit of us all.

Thank you, and please await further updates. They will be shared as they are received.

The latest report was for a multi strategic series of reasons.

1. To support the multi level requests on M1. But to show you, he is as neutered as all. He still needs to depend on Sewer Rats, which is no solution. So, we gave you an overview of some of the factual realities and hindrances. Until we clear out and sanitize the US Fed and US Treasury from being a total Jews Oligopoly, there can be no future for America as Americans are denied a say in the benefits distribution from the creation of wealth they achieved. Jews, shame on you for creating this greedy and parasitic exclusion zone with your usual predatory cunning, but see where its getting you and pray when they wake up, you don’t get the Ali Shuffle with an Exit Boot up your Butts which every nation for 5,800 years has treated you to. Respect your communities and citizens or you WILL go into the night AGAIN, if you do not respect the nations who allowed and supported your right to exist and live in safe peace with all of us. Look at the horrors and land grabs you inflict on Palestine.

Sequestration of our assets is a Act of War and vengeance will be the payback if society says enough. We need a new None Bush, Non Clinton US President , not Cabal owned, who will promptly remove the Zionists from Fed and Treasury roles, and give Americans full representation in the Fiscal Management of their own nation. Oligopolies are corruption. Bloodsucking leaches must be removed. China, Russia and BRICS will carry non of them.

Lose this ridiculous insulting derogatory Goyim mindset or pay the price vengeance will wreak.

2. It was to help WHA parties who Tony is battling to help educate, also understand the vast multi layer complexities of what is in play, daily battles, duplicity, greed and Texan / Zionist/ Chicago Agendas all attempting to delay and disrupt the process. Layer, after layer, after layer of Sewer Rats.

3. It was to help explain that first will be the Private deals, from which Projects will flow and Communities start to see help arriving because Patriots, good and caring people, will focus on putting back , not siphoning off to Paraguay, Israel and Caribbean Tax Havens. The tide can turn here. One small step, but one GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND TO BREAK THE CLAWS OF THE CABAL AND ZIONIST BANKING . TREASURY AND FED MAFIA. Money is made round to go around!

4. But also note, there is HOPE and its NOT all Doom and Gloom. Teams in Reno, Leo, BB and others are MANNING UP, Facing down these Good Squads, and with nothing to lose, screaming F U to the Goon Zoo, I want my money! Now a new Judge is close to issuing warrants for Marshalls  to serve and that will focus minds and Bankers. Reinvesting back the PP’s will start the real fightback. We hear, we care, we KNOW how the people are hurting. We are those lines of resistance fighting back for Justice. Many levels of us all growing. Your knowing is Truth they fear. News they don’t want you to hear.

We either all wake up to reality and co enjoin in this freedom fight, or truly you WILL ALL PASS SCREAMING INTO THE NIGHT! One Nation, one fight, you all matter. You have the numbers. They live by fear. Time to transfer it.


Source: White Hat Auxiliary

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