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White Hat Auxiliary is coming out with so many updates over the past few days I’m going to consolidate the last three updates in one post.

Fact Check #109

March 24, 2014
Greetings, Here is the latest, from the top via OWoN.

No movement yet signaled and the current stand off with Putin and the G7 is not helping. Chaos and confusion. The Private Placement deals need to receive more asset backing to get the Liquidity needed. That is a paper chase and search for more asset backing. More later if it proceeds. Hopeful, but not certain yet.The multi country scenario is compounded with negotiations for Global resource backing needed of acceptable assets and terms to assign them. This takes it all into the conflict zone with the Fed and its adverse history.

Other national blocks are seeking to negotiate via the World Bank, IMF and direct deals to distance themselves from further US dependency. As evidenced with London becoming the key Yuan Trade Market outside of China. The world is now reshaping. New alliances. Backers are now reconsidering new US exposure and assessing monitoring controls after a century of visible abuse. The world is taking stock and reducing US exposures. The old treaties expired 2 years ago. The world is in limbo.

There is a changing of the Guard, but who will now guard who? Real world, real issues. But as yet, no real answers. Major Wealth Owners are stepping with caution. It takes time for decisions. Issues are hugely complex. We all have to allow the process to unfold. It all will in its time.

Please stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.
Thank you for your continued readership and your support.

Fact Check #110

March 25, 2014


It would appear that international events have now caught up with things related to our subject matter. The following is from the top, via OWoN:

We are cognizant of the need for news.

Reno this week is now simply in Limbo. The current Russian events are commanding key parties focus. Until we see a positive new move, we can offer nothing.

Please await further information when it is available.


Fact Check #111

March 26, 2014


Another update from the top.

This is not the news we wanted to hear, but do not lose hope. This week didn’t turn out as we had hoped. Please read and know that I will do my best to get additional details when possible.

Thank you!


Information Update, REALITY based to help the Dinarian, Dong and other Currency gamblers. FACTUAL position.

There is now NO movement this week for the Reno Teams, and non likely. Frustration is the reality of the day and week. All are hanging in limbo. The HK deal seems to have rerouted to Lapland to see if Santas loaded. Contrary to all the hopes and efforts, last weeks erotic testosterone surge fast became a “Floppy”.

The PP’s wait on DC, who seem now more interested in Global posing and yet more Family Freebies on Air Force One while America disintegrates. Everyone is beyond frustrated. DC is focused ever more on filling their own pockets fast while emptying yours. There seems to be no one home in the Settlement process. Another weeks gone, more broken promises, more false dawns. Yet they can still fly to The Hague grandstanding and posing. Putin has had a week of healthy exercise laughing his socks off at these Clowns, while signing up major new Oil and Gas deals with China and India, plus a major new order for 100 Fighters from India. He can’t believe his luck, that the US puts such complete Muppets on Point Duty to front for America. Oh and Yes, he also took Crimea, that will do nicely thanks. BRICS gave him full support, and he has now routed the US in Asia. The US just lost the 2 largest emerging economies, and South America soon will allow Russian bases. Beyond their growing Sub Fleets, hugely successful Foreign Policies, and smart Diplomats. America can counter that. Sure, hire Russians!

Can these clueless clowns do anything right? How long will this Dog and Pony Show continue? Who has a clue, and who cares about you? They work for YOU. When will they start?

A farce you couldn’t write. Only in America, the concept of Superman conceived in Palookerville!

Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,  America needs the tears more.

There are so many good and great Americans. Why is this allowed to continue? Where is that great spirit and pride? It needs the Truckers, Vets and Bikers back. Tar and Feathers mount up. Put up.

Where are the Leaders not the Losers? TAKE BACK AMERICA!

Source: White Hat Auxiliary

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