Why did the power grid in Venezuela collapse? What caused the collapse of the electric grid in Venezuela? Let’s talk about it. #Venezuela #VenezuelaCoup #Blackout

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  • Socialists are war criminals they use white phosphorus against unprotected peoples,
    We need regime change
    No wait that's Trump and netanyahu they're definitely not socialist
    Okay that's fine then no crime committed no need for regime change nothing to see here move along.

  • Bolton, Pompeo, and Ross,and Kushner should have their testacales blasted off.
    Making millions of Venezuelans suffer such afflictions man Made. I sure GOD will step in.

  • I'll bet when Jake gets really old, and can't do his awsm work (to the same extent; he'll never totally quit), a few of his bones will decide that some socialism is ok after all.. maybe his hip bone (pretty common), maybe a vertebrae or two, hehe.

  • Economic Warfare From Zionist United Snakes and its actors from World Bank AND IMF! 😠 They can destroy nations citizens and their livelihoods. United Snakes will one day face EMP of karma and see how it feels to be in a nation wide blackout.

  • Some people still believe the Kuwiti incubtor bby crp///the "nurse" w_s the niece of the Kuwiti _mbssdor….the Drs. nurses, hosp _dministrtors tht were there sd nothing like tht ever hppened….

  • The biggest problem of all is the fact things ain't really gonna change as long as there's any kind of government. You might have a revolution and things might seem to get better for a while (although it usually gets worse) but either way it will gradually get more and more tyrannical and corrupted. People can't handle power. It's literally the same as highly addictive drug. Once they taste it there's no way back. And they're gonna do anything to get their "fix" without morality standing in their way. Other part of the problem is that we're conditioned to think we need them. We get rewarded for being unthinkingly obedient and we get punished/ostracized for questioning the status quo. Not only do parents teach their own children to become good slaves, but they usually consider teaching them to question everything and resist injustice to be irresponsible parenting

  • I’m a first year electrician working for a commercial electric company. I myself am just working until the American Grid goes out. Wish me luck.

  • A few months back during the Polar Vortex there was an announcement from some government entity to be prepared for 6 months of possible EMP blackouts etc. Maybe that announcement was meant for Venezuela!!!

  • I think its because they realise time is not on their side and slow covert action will not suffice. desperate situations call for desperate measures. US economy is on the wane, all major nations are de-dollarizing their economic activities and the US's unilateral aggressive foreign policy is being questioned. The international community finally getting a 'backbone' at last.

  • Others reported expectations that Trump would.continue to bully Venezuela because Trump wants war! Trump mass murdered thousands at Paradise,CA and it's hopefully only a matter of time he goes to Gitmo. The Red Pill crap is a gimmick. Corruption should be the enemy, and the enemy within are in both parties.

  • Jake, I cannot believe it took me until like 6 months ago to find your show. The information you provide is priceless. I did not vote for Trump but could not stand Hillary either. I was a Rand Paul supporter. However, Trump never sat quite right with me but I had no idea just how corrupt he was. Never cared to give him much attention over the years.

  • You didn't present one shred of evidence that Venezuela's electrical power outages were the result of sabotage. I'm an electrical engineer who deals with all kinds of power problems including forensic analysis of failures and vulnerabilities to potential failures. Now give me some hard technical evidence that is not political bullshit because so far that's all I've heard.

  • Stop with the anti-socialist bias and tell the truth about Chavez and the massive turn around in the living standards of the people during his leadership. Use some facts and figures and stop manipulating your audience. Best wishes. FreeJulianAssangeFreePalestineFreeUsAll.

  • Jake, I remember you said this about Venezuela, yet this was put forth by top cia whistle blowers generals & diplomats who want deep state take down, true free capitalism vs cronie capitalism or the bankers state which was the intent of the Bauers before they became "Rothschild" child of wrath- to control the laws and the moral compass of a society and eventually the world. Thus their map of all their think tanks schools -those who would give themselves over to the dark side and industry of their craft.
    There are y t vids of whistleblowers. "7 countries in 7 years"

  • Remember Bobby & Ethel Kennedy's boy went to work for Chavez on one of his farms- plantation. This is back when Dems were not known to have been hijacked yet.

  • The "Deep State" agencies in Washington, London and elsewhere, that are permanent power factions stay and exercise power even as presidents and prime ministers who are elected come and go. They typically exercise their power in secret, in the dark, and so they’re barely subject to democratic accountability, if they’re subject to it at all. It’s agencies like the CIA, the NSA and the other intelligence agencies, think tanks like the council on Foreign Relations, the Tavistock Institute, the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral commission, just to name a few that are essentially designed to nefariously dream up new ways of exploiting the planets people and resources, to disseminate disinformation, deceit and propaganda, propagate war crimes, atrocities and death squads to meet the needs of their share holders. These archons, who have no loyalty except to their masters, perpetrate a continuous soft coup, where they take the elected officials and prevent them from enacting policies that benefit we the people. This soft coup was finalized, with the murders of JFK and his brother Bobby. If you are paying attention and still believe in representative democracy, you must conclude that our governmental systems are a complete failure, that the U.S. Constitution has now been fully subverted. In a representative government, the U.S. president is democratically elected and is subject to democratic controls, these Deep State operatives, were elected by nobody, no one controls them, they are simply free to CONTROL YOU. There is a reason the Mainstream Media (MSM) rarely mentions who is really in control; these globalists that are creating havoc throughout the world. Sitting Congress people, are either truly afraid to mention the ruling class or have become slaves to their corporate controlled system of bribery. These globalists control the world and are made up of primarily international bankers who use the United States as their puppet military industrial complex to destroy countries who are not part of their central banking system to control their assets and resources. The globalists have no allegiance to any people and have an agenda of perpetual wars, illegal immigration, free trade agreements, police state, international banking, unlimited and unconstitutional spending, depopulation and general inequality. Top priority to the globalists is dis-unity of the people because without division they lose their power; social engineering and control of the masses created through the lens of the corporate mainstream media.

    Here is a partial list of the groups ushering in a new level of planetary enslavement. What we colloquially call the New World Order.

    The Council of The Americas

    The Americas Society

    The Forum of the Americas

    The Institute For International Economics

    The Atlantic Council, Atlanticist Project or Atlanticism to achieve the North Atlantic Military Alliance

    Council on Foreign Relations

    Bilderberg Group

    Trilateral commission

    American Foreign Policy Council

    Foreign Policy Initiative

    Foreign Policy Research Institute

    Brookings Institution

    Foreign Policy Centre UK

    European Council on Foreign Relations UK

    International monetary fund

    World Bank

    International Bank of Settlements

    German Marshall Fund of the USA (pushing for NATO Expansion in Eastern Europe)

    In-Q-Tel (venture capital firm of the CIA)

    Frankfurt School of Germany

    Tavistock Institute

    The G30

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Jake Morphonios is the chief investigator for the Blackstone Intelligence Network. His background is in financial crimes investigation, journalism and Middle Eastern geopolitics. Jake has worked as a strategist and adviser to several political campaigns, including those of presidential candidates Steve Forbes and Ron Paul.

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