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  • What I find amusing is "truthers" know that the rulers of this world poison the food water soil air.. they rob us of the little we do have and we know the evils they do so what do we do to free ourselves?? We make wack YouTube videos and put our faith in Trump and the Q shill.. WAKE UP the only way we are going to get our freedom is by stepping off the treadmill STOP supporting them by buying their products ..their movies their music their child slavery sneakers and clothing.. start making our own self sustaining communities.. Trump os NOT our savior.. WE ARE.. we have the power to change it all without any violence or protests.. let the evil live their evil lives exploiting each other and we will live in peace and harmony taking care of each other.. love is the only thing that will ever lift us up.. GOD BLESS

  • My kid has been kept out of public school so far. He is 8 now and smart little kid. I will work 14hrs a day to afford private school if that's what it takes. They dont mess with kids in his school they are all education. And they stand outside and face the american flag every morning.

  • You should check out the movie Glass, Jordan… It's main theme is about a secret intellectual elite, who goes to any lengths necessary to prevent people from even thinking they are powerful, strong or more… Much like what the Illuminatus is doing to us these days…

  • Data show that disease was on the down swing when vaccines were introduced, showing certain disease will irradiate itself. See “Life of a Virus” interview on Mercola interviewing Dr. Palevsky”, an expert pediatrician. Mercoladotcom

  • Bill G bought out our educational system. That’s why students standing against 2nd Amendment, also depopulation Agenda. They don’t want us to reproduce. That’s why sterility from vax and promoting gender confusion and 🏳️‍🌈

  • In addition to super-detergents, squalene, and aluminum, using human tissue is a further vax weaponization. Most of the filtration processes that remove host protein = DNA bits & pieces, were removed from mfr process. Human host protein eliminates the inter-species barrier, thus increasing the chance of VCJD by about 10,000 times. Maybe more. See old & new vax patents. Worse than death.

  • My oldest son is getting married and he also has a child from his previous relationship. He does not vaccinate him. Now when he got engaged I became quite concerned about the fact that his future wife , who is an awesome person, wants THEIR future children to be vaccinated. My son told me yesterday that he told her that she should be aware before they have children that those children will not be getting vaccinated. I was so happy to hear that because every time I thought about it , I was getting anxious. He also told her exactly what I tell people who love to argue about this with me…. go research this for yourself and then we can talk again.

  • Keep up the great work! Invest in a crank printing press for survival. Peace everyone.
    I'm imagining a playlist for Guantanamo, entertainment/brainwashing/torture, you get my drift….like working in Homo Depot or Cary's Jr. Torture. TJ&S presents many ideas.
    Research Edward Bernays to explain much in mass education since the rollout of the new and Improved Federal Reserve in 1914.

  • DS pushes so hard against anti-vax because it may be one of their Plan Z's. Example:  release Ebola into downtown LA, many die, they offer a fatal "cure for everybody — mandatory.

  • great info Jordan, i have spent many months researching vaccines also. it helped me to wake up and connect many dots… i agree the actual science of vaccines is inconclusive. im an esthetician so i love the skin; our largest organ, its there to protect us for a reason, not supposed to inject anything under it unless there is a localized tumor or similar. i believe in natural immunity! some people say they make home made vaccines. and ok, thats extreme, but essentially what those do (if created correctly) strip your system of bacteria. so if you are sick and you take a cinnamon, turmeric, fermented, honey, various specialized herbal ingredients innoculant it can rid your body of the sick making viruses and bacteria while boosting immune system. because your immune system has muscle memory. however, then you still need to re introduce healthy flora fauna, soil stable probiotics from soil sources seem to be best?..
    bill and melina gates- there is some dumb playful video of the two of them that was all over twitter yesterday. Melinda looks soooooo weird, her face, most likely she injects human baby boy forskin into her face for fillers. that’s atrocious and ugly!!!! lets not forget about the crazy mansion on ketron island that the mysterious plane crashed into. that place is shaady!!! sold to vietnamese couple who own a few ‘top’ asian restaurants in seattle and bellevue. isnt it so weird that the occultists are in the foodie world –

  • CHAGA! Totally helps DMT production! Love love love ❤️ I’m so grateful to have spent the last year in the north woods of Wisconsin where Chaga grows and I can harvest my own medicine ❤️❤️❤️ Getting away from EMF’s is also a great idea

  • Yeah, if I went to Twitter and I see, ACO's account suddenly spurts up to 125K RT's I'd be like "somebody needs to go pee in a bottle. Because your algorhtyms' on drugs.

  • i read research, 30 years ago on the measles vacc. the implications of vaccinating for this disease instead of passing on natural immunity implied the disease would become more virulent. check it out. if you can find it.

  • Jordan, I was born right after the Polio epidemic. I knew people older than me who had suffered from Polio. I was about the first generation that didn't suffer from this disease because of the Polio Vaccinations.

  • Can you even begin to wonder what POTUS’S real approval ratings are? Further, alternative media sources? I know fake news knows no bounds. I am comforted knowing they are going down, maybe even to Gitmo for fun in the sun.

  • I just wanted to add to your saying "The information is there" Obama had Dragon Fly turned on like other countries do. It is AI that lets the government choose what will never show up for you. Think about that a second. Trump had it turned off. I don't know what that says to others but that tells me Trump is definitely all about truth!

  • Great video, as always, and I appreciate the wealth of your knowledge and keeping us up to date on Q. As a Veteran and follower and participant of the Q posts, it is good to find people with shared interests. If I understood you correctly, you gave the OK to post our Q paraphernalia, and I will post the WWG1WGA shirt my wife made for me. If it is not OK, please take it down. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  • A slight correction, Dear. Vaccines don't go directly into your blood. they go into the muscle. You stick a foreign protein into your flesh and your body is going to see it as a toxin and yes, develop an allergy to it. Directly into the blood stream would likely kill you, instantly.

  • Good point about anti-venom injections possibly containing the toxic preservatives. I had a seizure from a b12 shot because they can contain the same toxic preservatives. We have to be careful with what we put in our bodies! Thanks so much Jordan for your amazing work! 🙌

  • Great video, thanks, Jonathan. Two things to add… homeopathy doesn’t work with the actual substance but only with the ‘information’ of the substance (think Dr Emoto). The second, according to Medical Medium Antony William eggs are actually superfoods FOR viruses. Ironic they use them in vaccines…

  • Comments disabled on 2/14 post RE Wash. Post interview… Jordan, be careful they haven't infected your hardware; you let them (C_A) into your stuff and should probably wipe it all and start over if not buy all new gear. It's good you recorded it but they're pro's at ruining people; take extra precautions!

  • REPETITION: "Repetition makes a fact seem more true, regardless of whether it is or not." (Tom Stafford – Psychologist.)

    “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”. (Joseph Goebbels – Nazi Minister of Propaganda.)

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