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  • Conspiracy theorist who are very active in exposing the real truths are more likely to be set up and locked up to make their narrative appear to be truth and are more likely to be targeted as a false flag patsy and then killed to silence u. In these times all of us need to stay vigilant and aware. We are at war. GOD bless and GOD speed. This will all end and we will win by the grace of GODS love

  • Welch did fire a round but it didn't hit any computer server. U can guess why the server was claimed to have been shot. And if u didn't know majestic ape or James ellifantis is a Rothschild then now u do. Cover up? Uh yea

  • The daily show just did a big appeal to ridicule propaganda hit piece on vaccines with Lewis Black, makes me sick… Those STUPID Antivaxxer DUMMIES. TheY talked about that bullshit story of that kid who got vaccinated when he turned 18 against his dumb parents wishes

  • Bad thing about NOT taking these very dangerous vaccines is, If enough people dont take them, then the drug companies will just add the vaccines to the chemtrails and we breath,drink,inhale and subdurally get it thru our skin of which they are prolly doing so with who knows what other type chemicals and the u.s and other GOV,s will pay them for it.

  • 29:52 5G is harmful. Thank you. We must continue our resistance to 5G small cell tower infrastructure because people are already experiencing adverse health symptoms in 5G pilot cities, and the radiation levels coming from non-pilot cities that have small cell towers installed which are currently boosting 4G signals is dangerously high.

  • I can testify that the flu shot has similar effect .. during the early 90's my immunity system was compromised. I've not got the flu shot since and since then Ive not contracted the flu?. Hum…

  • 5G ..remember thr movie "thr kingsman" and the period in the movie where everyone in church goes kill crazy when the bad guys turn on the frequency. Hollywood warning truth

  • Ufo program.. anyone that has or is worked these programs where pronounced dead by gov already so society (mom-dad) will not be looking for them during training exercises. Happens all the time in real life.

  • I just realized that a few incidents and its media coverage involving MAGA hats has prevented millions of Patriots from displaying their support in public. Every Patriot in America that does not already own one should buy a MAGA hat as soon as possible and on the day DCLAS occurs wear your MAGA hat proudly. Let the world see our true numbers and lets wake up America. Please repost this as much as possible and get the word out. This will be epic!

  • They did exactly the same with people who used marijuana back in the 50's.
    Social outcasts/ violent etc.
    These people have no imagination and that's probably due to a lack of soul….

  • Maybe that's what's wrong w/ Pelosi, Schumer, Booker, Harris MS13, Rashid Tlaib, Hirono, hmm, ALL of the Dems, the leftists who attack people in MAGA hats, the leftists who fake their own attacks over decades, the Governors in VA? WOW it sounds like the leftists need to lay off the Conspiracy Theory of RUSSIA COLLUSION. That would be a good healthy start for these psychos.

  • Obviously not all but plenty of conspiracy people are crazy!! Not eat your shit crazy but some level of crazy!! And violent? Hmm go to a conspiracy video and disagree with the conspiracy and there will be plenty that will gladly go ape shit on you for being a brainwashed sheep that needs to do more research with plenty of curse words ha

  • If (??30??) measles outbreak cases constitutes a "State of Emergency" ? How many in this latest parade come up? Herd immunity. Herd mentality. Only 20% of the group of IPCC are Scientists as they are bought off! As well the rest are there because they have sold themselves out and are just rubber stampers. What is the one? "The Oregon Petition" Global Warming 31,487 Scientists say NO to Alarm 9,023 have PhD's Dr Art Robertson "We Ask You To Think".
    What is the 60 year old saying. "There is a Sucker born every minute . "It is your duty to separate him from his money. The modern day equivalent.
    Ben Davidson aka SuspiciousObservers Nov 2nd showed the one 10 year study on the 2G, 3G and 4G networks where they all caused Cancers. Jordan do explain the health effects as it would be very good to learn more. I read different stories going back to WW2 radar medical health problems. The heating of the side of the head with a 2 to 3 minute conversation.

  • Yes, I do like Serial Brain and would like to believe Trump can make 5G safe but am really inclined to agree with you….Some other system /energy form could do a safer better job.

  • Thank you for clearing up the measles. I asked you about that for my teen son on your Twitter. We're not scared now. I thought there was something up with this news.

  • love your videos and thanks for the work you do It is funny i was sorting this media brainwashing stuff out in my mind very long ago even from high school in the 70's the first election that i could vote in yup saw the media crap there. the demolition of the survivalist movement ( the earlier version of the truther moment ) by the main stream bs media , long before the internet helped to free many minds, welcome to the show newbie's lol

  • They should be mandated to supply patients with vaccine inserts & wait an entire week before administering the vaccine so that people understand how important reading that information is.

  • Jorden i know you look into alt health , check out the work of DR. Thomas E Levy vit c and other issues such as cause of many problems such as heart and cancer coming from root canal teeth and CAP

  • Yeah, right…We are so violent/ Not!!! and…The vast majority are legitimate theories…btw! Screw the CIA, and their manipulating everyone who hears the phrase, conspiracy theory, to immediately to react, and think its automatically false, and that the people who speak of them, are crazy… Tavistock, etc., etc., etc.!

  • We must never forget that in totalitarian societies like the former Soviet Union, the Nazi 3rd Reich, etc. a favourite ploy by the authorities was labelling as insane honest, innocent people who were spreading the truth and then locking them up in asylums, gulag/concentration camps or worse.

    The writings of Frans Kafka and George Orwell describe this insidious practice well. It seems the U.S. is walking well down that same road too. Ditto the European Union!

    The attacks and vilifications usually start in repugnant propaganda organs we today know as the controlled Fake News Main Stream Media.

  • Jordan, Jordan, Jordan… Gotta call you out on the disinfo. The Earth is flat and the "space" agencies fake space. If your handlers would let you speak out on this, your viewership would triple.

  • Perhaps you should consider using Ad-Blocker plug-in when showing the screenshots. Gee, I so want to order those Mack Weston underwears because of the guarantee. Not to mention the awesome tool for dusting the high cabinets. Hmm, I better check out the class action lawsuit against Fedex as well. I do want to consider investing in that money market. Thanks!

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