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Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes public appearance, first since surgery –
Acting AG Whitaker makes surprise appearance at El Chapo trial –
‘John of God’ faith healer ‘kept teenagers as sex slaves and sold their babies for up to £40,000 before shipping them from Brazil to Europe’ –
Woman who accused John of God cult leader of rape mysteriously kills herself at Spanish home –
Harvard’s top astronomer says an alien ship may be among us — and he doesn’t care what his colleagues think –


  • shane dawson is friends with kathy griffin. his conspiracy videos aren't legit and likes to think he makes documentaries /series when they're nothing but longer vlogs.

  • Who was/is Sabrina….?….connections to NGO.?….Soros, who hates Christians….?…..interesting…..
    Message from Anjos, Orações e Simpatias.
    1 day ago

    She is a crazy liar! She isn’t dead. She created fake rapes histories to be famous. This guy is guilt, but she was faking rape reports to sue the guy and put all the money on her company. I’m Brazilian and nobody believes on this fake suicide. She became a meme on Facebook!

    Let me say all the truth: At first she was found dead in Spain by her husband, Rafael Velasco( who nobody knows), after her son wrote she was dead in Lebanon and her mysterious lesbian girlfriend had buried her corpse under a olive tree in a backyard yesterday.

    Really? In Lebanon you can’t do this without death certificate and nobody has authorization to bury someone on the back yard.

    Brazilian Consulates from both countries denies her death.

    Her son said he won’t let the police investigate her suicide. Really? The police of Spain and Lebanon always investigates suicides. There’s no day, picture, place for her “ funeral”, after this. The son said he was making the adjustments for the funeral, but he wrote that she was being buried on the back yard before without autopsy by her girlfriend, without authorization or death certificate.

    A serious activist named Paulo Pavesi found out her lies. Then, she faked a suicide because she was wanted by the Brazilian Federal Police.

    She never belonged to Mormon’s Church. She has mental problems. She said having terminal cancer and was healed by a juice. Other occasion, she made a video which she said other funny lie: during a visit to a field an accident happened on her eye and she put a stick or twig inside of her eyeball and removed a huge cancer from her eye. Nobody saw that! She always created fake news about herself.

    She became entrepreneur of a sexualized girl of 11 years old rapper( Mc Melody) in Brazil. She never was a refugee, never had 309 companies around the world like she says on her megalomaniac speeches.

    She is crazy. That’s the second or third time she committed “ suicide” since November.

    She has a crazy video giving a lecture to other dumbs, which she says that someone put a chip on her brain!

    This woman is the most famous crazy communist in Brazil! 😂 LOL!

    When the police requested for the location of the farms, bones, human remains of the “ minor slaves”, the witnesses who she said had been found, papers, proofs, she refused to help and didn’t want to help to investigate and didn’t go to the court to speak when she was summoned by the justice to help these 600 hundred of poor underage woman 👩 sexual slaves ( ages 14-16) she just found out they were being raised to reproduce Afro babies to sell for adoption. But she forgot an important detail about adoption worldwide: people is willing to pay fortunes only white babies. They can find Afro babies for almost free payment in Africa, don’t need to go to Brazil and wait a lot of time only to adopting an Afro baby and pay thousands of dollars.

    In Brazil the adoption is free but it takes long time process. If you are foreign, it takes several months and no cost for adoption ALWAYS.

    Then she started to ask help for the left wing corrupt journalists saying she was being persecuted by a lot of people in Spain, Brazilian serial killers, priests, etc.. she said the criminals killed her friend on a shelter which she keeps in London, on Friday.

    When you check the London’s police page, there’s no mention of Brazilian woman who was killed in London during the whole week.

    It was other of her lies and the federal police asked through justice to Facebook gives her location, because she didn’t appear in court. Then, this crazy fake hero faked her death.

    Now, Hollywood can make a movie about this moron lady and people who believed her without checking official true! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    You know nothing about Brazil and this fake news. Some Brazilians are mental ill people, bad characters, they lie about things to sue people. So, Sabrina is one. She uses fakes names and never helped sex slaves. She just repeat what everybody knows and created fake reports of rape to sue rich criminals.



  • Honestly bro.. I like the whiteboard better. Besides it being kind of a trademark for you – I prefer living colors other than black & white.
    Ben "Collins" huh? Isn't there a Collins bloodline on a map yet?

    Perhaps instead of the "activist" who exposed the satanic human-farmer committing suicide, or being "suicided?" Maybe someone is using Deep State's tricks against them, and she's no deader than Hitler was at his bunker? Everything is possible in a universe made of possibilities.
    Either way, bless her courage.

  • Shane Dawson appeals to a different target audience than you. I doubt tweens and teens watch your videos like his. Different style, delivery, etc. ‘diet woke’ yeah funny, but he’s a good intro for youngsters who have been heavily programmed in school. Instead of comparing yourself to him, maybe reach out and collaborate. His audience is 100x larger than yours.

  • I love the setup Jordan and you are definitely looking sharp! I have so much appreciation for all of your time you commit into researching and for what you are doing and can't thank you enough! Please keep doing your thing and lots of love and light being sent your way!

  • I'm betting the AG wants to cut a deal with El Chapo to roll on his deep state handlers. Chapo was a product of the US govt, but he got too big for his britches and tried to usurp the Castellanos.

  • John of God is the real deal holyfield of godly men. Thousands of verifiable healings speaks to John's faith and Gods actions thru it. This is an attack by evil people in power who hate God enuff to slander anyone who claims to be of him

  • Rbg's gone. They're just shitting their pants at the thot of trump nominating another conservative supreme court justice. They'll keep this BS story up for as long as they can

  • Hey Jordan , looks like " You Screwed " is playing with your numbers AGAIN ! Check your site ,updates & future talks 0 Views YET 34 THUMBS UP ,Yup your on their CHRISTMAS CARD LIST ! Just a heads up to their INSANITY .

  • I always like and learn from your videos. This time I even want to compliment you on your infomercial. You mentioned "not enough money." I actually teach this in my seminar considering these trends: growing population; increasing gap between the rich and the poor (numbers of "poor" people vs. greater wealth getting in the hands of a few; and increasing consumer and credit card debt. We have a SERIOUS problem: More and more Americans COMPETING for less and less money. Most of us are on the losing side of an economic war …. and future generations will suffer even more because Americans are bequeathing debt to our posterity rather than wealth.

  • So Jordan, yes the blackboard works, and yes, a small, free energy generator that could power a home, and greenhouse , is what we need to snub the banks and finally break free.

  • I'm so aggravated with the RBG dead thing why does it even matter? she said she was "retiring" in January so she's retired one way or the other! Blah! Lol

  • I'm extremely pleased that you pronounce Antarctica's name correctly – you are in the minority. Most American announcers call it Anartica, and to hear our close neighbour, AnTarCtica, being so sloppily named shows how little respect they really have for this beautiful and mysterious continent.

  • Jordan is a member of the deepstate. His parents, Carol and Grant are CIA agents.
    He wants you to go looking for Q on 4chan so your computer gets compromised by the deepstate as 4chan is a known pedo site – that's why he never gives a direct link to Q posts.

    Jordan Sather
    3339 Appaloosa Way
    Bremerton, WA 98310-2117

    His family and friends include the who's who of deepstate plants;

    Carol C Sather , Grant L Sather , Jeremy Lee Sather , Megan E Leptich , Anne L Schneider , Aqila A Mayle , Barbara H Naughton , Bryan S Leptich ,Catherine A Mcnulty , Christopher L Schneider , David John Ml Leptich , Elizabeth M Anderson , Erin N Leptich , Kathryn Louise Leptich , Kathryn T Leptich , Alma Rose Bicknese , Anita Louise Schneider , Charles B Mayle JR , Debra M Reda , Fred A Fairbanks , James W Mcleod , Joseph John Reda , Kevin D Powell , Lloyd W Claybrook JR , Luciana V Hernandez , Lynne E Reinschreiber , Mark R Reinschreiber , Michael S Lieberman , Michael Lennie Mayle , Michelle L Anderson , Mitchell L Reinschreiber , Paul J Lieberman , Paula T Cappos , Peter G Cappos , Peter George Cappos , Rachel Nicole Reda , Randall Calvin Graf , Robert Dana Lieberman , Susan S Gibbs , Tabitha L Smith , Tracy V Lieberman , Victor W Anderson JR , Wilma Jean Claybrook

    I will be posting all of this plus more including his phone records and internet history at 4chan right alongside the Q postings that he publishes there. People should know who is paying for his $350,000 house. Not bad diggs for a college dropout who now works for the Clintons, not bad at all!

  • You have a tendency to demand a lot of evidence, without presenting any evidence, in turn, for your conspiracies. "Some people say" is not a free pass to underhandedly sling "intriguing" conspiracies that you adhere to. I mean, you must, right? You wouldn't feed your viewers something that you explicitly don't believe… that wouldn't be "destroying" any illusion; that would be shilling for the illusions of others.

  • The same thing happened to Top5s channel with a 9/11 conspiracy video about a month or so back. I think it’s a stunt. YT is trying to legitimize the half truths presented and create hype. That’s why the channel gets reinstated quickly. Whereas with DTI, the channel went down for days.

  • I'll make a bet that these trials regarding all the indictments will never make the news. Even fox news wont cover it. Then all this will get turned into another area 51 type conspiracy theory leaving us Anons looking like nut jobs.

  • Jordan, what's with all the "Tartary/mud Flood" and "Soul trap" crap showing up in my suggested lists recently?
    Some of these videos are dated years ago and they keep coming up (often the SAME video over and over for days) no matter how many times I flag them as "not Interested".

    Is this happening to anyone else?

    I think they're deliberate misdirection/psy ops to keep skeptical/conspiracy minded people busy

    Could you do a video on the subjects that are likely being used to discredit or misdirect the skeptical community?

  • Sharing unity remembering liberty awww yeaa

    Is RBG in gitmo or something? They shall be known by their fruits lol

    Good point let's have some independent media snapshot proof

  • Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain LMAO

    Thank you Jordan keep gathering Intel for us to disseminate info….John of god human trafficing babies?

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