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When Secrecy is Better than Official Disclosure of Extraterrestrial Life –
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  • What a coincidence! I just happened to watch Dr. Steven Greer's video presentation dated – Nov. 21, 2015, How the Secret Government Works… This particular video had no sign that Dr. Greer was compromised back then. Greer disclosed that UFO is faked! Important note that Pres. Eisenhower was too trusting and died bitter: Nikola Tesla's very important invention fell into the hands of the Shadow Government's M A G I C Project. High-profiled dark Oligarchs, B u s h Sr. of M A G I C and trillionaire N e l s o n R o c k _ f _ l … had stolen T E S L A 'S T E C H and using it to disrupt the earth's and human's life: this has beed advanced with the M i l i t a ry I n d u s t r i a l C o m p l e x, notably Lockheed Martin, Bechtel, Raytheon, Boeing and others….They had built many underground t u n n e l s and MAN-MADE U F Os have been seen in various places. Pray dear Friends that our POTUS will have these techs back to the rightful hands- maybe Trump got them back already; God knows. Prayer is the best weapon again evil. Pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  • What happened to the Sealed Indictment count for January? It usually comes out the first couple of days of the beginning of the month. The web site is gone too.

  • You sneaky little bastard you've been exposed you're a liar & a cheat, the evidence is out I've seen it. You Corey Goode, Joy Jackson you're all sneaky nasty little doxing shits. SMH. People would have to be retarded to take you at face value anymore.

  • The FBI has always been a criminal organization at the top. How else could J. Edgar Hoover for decades get away with claiming the mafia doesn't exist if it wasn't compromised.

  • You guys seen the picture of opra, weinstien and the girl caught up in the pedo case?
    Kinf of a coincidence that she is also tied to John of god now, No?

  • I πŸ’– your shot gun approach to heads up, what's up. Ppl, need to be tuned in and tuned up. βœ¨πŸŒŸπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβœ¨ ~ your neighbor πŸ˜„

  • Bless ya Jordan! Your vids rock. It's all speeding up. Thanks for the heads up re the pole shift and magnetics. Interesting….

    And yep, if pedo witch Ruth Bader Ginsburg IS alive, why can't the operationmockingbird fake news show a recent photo or video of her?!

    If you want to lose fear folks, read/buy "Synchrodestiny" by Deepak Chopra.

    Study: And TRUST THE PLAN!! xxx

  • Jordan you are an intelligent young man and I respected you at one time years ago but ever since your alliance with CG well sir seems to me you have become what you are against. #doxxingmachine just my opinion. I am allowed an opinion? Right?

  • I heard magic mushrooms or psilocybin can help with depression so why not ketamine? It's not like you'll have to take it for the rest of your life… U just use it to have an epiphany to get out of a rut… Nothing wrong with a little help – people who are depressed can't usually just "go inside' to fix themselves- it's prob better than Rx antidepressants

  • I watch this channel for the good pieces of info that come up where politics are NOT involved. But another reason I love watching this channel is just to see how much more in depth the Trump Cultists have developed their story to support their "Jesus Christing" of Trump as some sort of American Messiah when he's actually what's known as a Useful Idiot . I really hope this channel doesn't get censored because I like to be informed on what the Cultist Trump Base believes as well as how they both reached these beliefs, maintain them & spread them.

  • Have you seen the actual Gaia episode with Dr. Greer? He is saying that if disclosure is used to unify the world against ETs, he would rather have a continuation of secrecy. And then he goes on to say that an interplanetary war against ETs would de facto be the end of mankind. In a nutshell he is saying: How good is a disclosure if it results in the end of mankind and possibly the destruction of Earth? On the other hand, he is also saying that a positive disclosure (done the right way) would be the best thing to have ever occurred for mankind. Doesn't he have a very good point?

  • U/g tunneling cities roadways for black projects we will learn in40 yrs like Area 51 shit was denyed for 40+years. Don't ask as government ass wipe employees are liars and cunts. Just fact, they still not admit what Janet Airlines is but we all know. Old story eat with swine you smeoll like swine, so hang out and associate with crimminals you think and act lie crimminals and think is all OK and accptable. Best thing is kill dishonest vermin then they never lie again and you can trust dead cunts absolute. Like Bilderbergs, Rothschilds, Rockafeller and Soros pure scum vermin not fit to breath and polllute the ai we have to breath and that fact offends me breathing air they expell.

  • Jordan the snake and his cult leader corey goode believe in doxxing people who disagree with him and corey..they doxxed.a.REAL doctor and harass his work and make lies up to.try and get this person from his job… very "patriotic" jordan …I hope karma finds it way to you VERY VERY soon!!! The FBI is 100% aware of you fraudsters profiting off of the.Qanon larp…so keep doxxing (illegal btw) and keep up the larp,it just adds to your failing and your imminent arrest..have fun with clown.ass.dork

  • Hey Jordan! This is Lynne, not Jack. Anyway, about the booms in New Orleans. I live in Jefferson Parish and we're below sea level. In fact, so is all of New Orleans. So,,,,, I'm wondering how anything can blow up below the ground, as in underground bases. Maybe they have technology that can overcome being below sea level?

  • Talking about censorship,
    Try searching for the 5 Pilars of Islam. There is no longer any reference to anything other than the Muslim religion and the five times a day they pray. No more information about Islam being a government with
    Sharia Law as their constitution or their Military or Banking/Finance System. Nothing but the Muslim Religion. The internet is now Sharia Law Compliant.

  • There's a fellow Brit, who happens to be a science geek here on YouTube with lots of interesting stuff about the current NS pole shift. Yes, it's happening now! Check out 'maverickstar reloaded'

  • Ketamine is actually a animal tranquilizer! If you took too much k (special k) it will be the same type of epidemic as the opioid crisis we are having now. Just seems like they are attempting to try to kill us all faster and faster. Ketamine is drug, if there are any benefits of taking it for depression it would only be temporarily then as with every other single medication that a person takes daily, will lose its effect as the body becomes use to it. Therefore, dosages will increase until the point that the treatment has become so addictive and dangerous that people will then start overdosing and dying. Same Game, Different Name!

  • On the measles. I come from the time when having this was a right of passage. In fact parents threw measles parties to get their kids sick. Why? So the would become immune. Imagine that!

  • Ketamine for depression……… 😱😱😱
    I’ve seen what happens to people, (some who never used drugs before) and what happens to them when they started to use Ketamine regularly….. There is NO WAY that this will help someone with depression… if someone you know with depression is prescribed that, do not let them take it, it will make them sooooo much worse!

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