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Israeli PM Netanyahu to be indicted in corruption cases, pending hearing –
Justin Trudeau refuses to resign over claims officials interfered in bribery prosecution –
World Bank’s Legal Immunity Stripped, Opening Door for Lawsuits –
Attorneys To File New Indictment In NXIVM Cult Sex Trafficking Case –
Actress found dead months after hinting at alleged paedophile ring –
Denver Airport Tweet –


  • New dramatic film from Iceland called Woman At War is a must see! Lots of surveillance society, environmental activism, and governmental control of spin topics covered. Ultimately about power of motherhood to combat globalist's insanity.

  • Senate just voted to kill live born babies. I now denounce this country, it is EVIL. THE PROBLEM IS THE WHOLE WORLD WILL NOW KILL THEIR BABIES!

  • Trudeau held a space conference earlier this week. He said that Canada will put 2.5 billion etc. Jobs, new tech, a project called Lunar Gateway, in concert with other countries, and this will be a permanent settlement on the moon to go to Mars later. Half way through the talk, a live vid chat was broadcast to the audience from a French Canadian astronaut on the ISS, and he said in french, not in English, Canada's common goal alignment with Russia USA and China. Interesting. After the presentation ONLY questions about the SNC-Lavalin were asked. So, was this presentation being used to cover up the scandal? Is this Canadian Space News at all relevant to anything that we can help people for real at this time?

  • Just subbed. Really like your clearly thought out work. Refreshing. No gimmicks.
    Re Denver and other in ur face symbolism. Joe Pub are being indoctrinated into the sick cult, For the coming attenpt at a 1WR imo.
    I can see symbolism in almost everything now but thank fully can still switch off if need be.
    Keep up the good works.

  • God bless you for being the only one on the right who calls out the illegal rogue state of Israel although you could address the Talmudic Zionists eliminating the Palestinians, a true Semetic people off the face of the earth. I get though as a lot of your listeners are still under the influence of the propaganda they were fed by parents, church, school and media.

    I left the Democratic Party only it was not to join up with another group of haters.

    If anyone is interested check out SGT Report with Ken Schortgen on Israel Deception. We fund mass genocide, organ and sex trafficking Israel engages in at our peril.

    Thanks for your work on vaccines, elites eugenic program, et al.

  • Thanks Jordan. Ummm anyone else find the Supreme Court vote count odd where they stripped immunity from the World Bank? Seven to one? There are 9 Supreme Court Justices….RBG fake votes now blocked?

  • jordan, could you do a show on brainwaves?.specifically alpha waves.
    I think it's necessary right now.
    here's y:
    I began to looking into the concepts of brainwashing back in 81-when the Jim jones/Guyana murders happened. I intuitively sensed something more going on then (collective brainwashing/cultism)
    I frequently hear the terms consciousness & awake now.
    what I've learned in condensed form is this:
    -alphawave brainwaves are not present in kids-alpha is the resting stage (b4 sleep)& also a very focused state of mind.
    advertising&selling ANYTHING (propaganda) is dependent on keeping the mind in a state of arousal (sex, fear..)
    people who r happy don't go buy things.
    hence the rationale of media(ie fake news) to sell fearporn.
    -computers, phones, drugs ALL contribute to keeping the mind in a NONalpha brainwave state.
    I sense this March is going to b a DOOZY for news.
    please help humanity to enter this stage of evolution-not so much trying to explain reality & the nature of brainwaves..but how to cope as we are bearing witness to truth & reality as we always consciously or subconsciously thought. hence the word "gaslighting".
    anyhow..please help your fellow sisters & brothers now. forgive them now they know not what they do. Christ knew this.
    l theanine, green & black teas can help promote alpha-wave cope w the unrest/truth we may see.
    alpha meditation..going out in nature..deep breath w attention/focus on light or breath can be helpful.
    peace jordan.
    peaceful minds to all.

  • There’s a new Hollywood movie where they mention “the deep state”! It’s called Instant Family. It’s in a family eating dinner scene and they say to the uncle “you can’t talk now but you spent a half hour rambling about the deep state!

  • There is vastly more help from certain vaccines than there is harm. Everything is not a conspiracy. Look in to the history of the major deceases. Food doesen't do shit when you have polio.

  • When we were growing up when any of us got the measles or chicken pox you simply stayted home from school a week. Nobody died over it that I ever heard of.

  • That is so true! They put it in plain sight, and by us doing nothing to stand against it, is us giving them consent. We give them this right through our free will. They can't do it other wise. But now that we are all waking up, that is a changin! They are going down…….

  • No one has the right to give these companies immunity, it’s like the US Congress & British Gov and scumbag so called ‘Royals’ worldwide, they write these exclusions to the law themselves like they’re actually legit then the corrupted systems just beneath them cover it up and protect them again illegally, none of these crooks have these actual protections, it’s just that as usual people are sheep and most just wander around not causing any fuss as they’re led to slaughter and so these scumbags just get more & more brazen.

  • When the left wins by any means it always ends up destroying the Society and. Innocent people. But they don’t care about people only about themselves.

  • Here in Canada 🇨🇦 I personally have I have been blocked by Facebook and Twitter especially when I lay some hard truths backed with facts. Rational and logical is the only way as it drives the dark crazy as we see. I also noticed that Tweets from Trump are partly blocked as I have not received certain ones. I noticed on QAnon posts and videos. I feel Canada is the quite corrupt ones and many dark leaders at the top. The Clinton Corruption Club I call it. But it's a world wide problem as we know.

  • Best to won it physically or you will be scammed. Watch the Canadian gold as some people cut it and it was only coated. Imagine that. Banksters never cease to still from us do they.

  • I'd like to know your thoughts on this…"President Donald Trump ordered his chief of staff to grant Jared Kushner — Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser — a top-secret security clearance, the New York Timesreported on Thursday. Jared Kushner?

  • TELL US TELL US. Was there really an assassination attempt on Kim Jung Un and Potus' life when they were in Viet Nam????? Is that why they suddenly stopped the meeting????? I also heard that a secret service agent was killed in another assassination attempt on Trump's life a while ago.. Please give us the news!!!!!!! It won't be found anywhere else but by the ANONS who have a way of finding out these things.

  • Jordan, please don't help them spread their fake news BULLSHIT. They aren't actually killing people for speaking out against them and their causes. They are staging bullshit incidents where people with fake identities are pretending to speak out against them, then 'they' fake the deaths of these nonexistent people to frighten others into being afraid to speak up/out. They are liars, cheaters, and master deceivers who have absolutely no morals, ethics, nor believability! Do not trust anything they say!

  • Breitbart, Chet Cunningham, Chris Cornell, this Playboy model , Monica Peterson, Jen Moore, Georgia state senator, her husband and many others have been suicided for outing these Pevovores in high and low places as a warning to others. I'll be a great day when Karma-geddon catches up to them and they're wearing the toe tags.

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