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  • look into Congressman Dan Burton video 2002 on Autism, his gr. son became autistic after concentrated doses at one time… he is now AUTISTIC. Thus the run to show them out by C Dan Burton

  • Ask your doctor if vaccines have neurotoxin in them, then have the doctor explain just what neurotoxins do to the immune system. How long and who did the study before marketing?

  • This video is doing a huge disservice to people, vaccines have saved millions upon millions of lives all across the world. If you disagree then you are ignorant of the truth. Let me ask you Jordan, do you have any medical training or background? Do you know the difference between active and passive immunity? Do you know how vaccines work ? How about vaccines for our animals, just skip rabies vaccines? Rabies vaccines for humans that work professionally with animals ?

  • I love mms. I never get sick anymore even when it is prevalent in my circle. Not many awakened here so they think I'm crazy. Whatever, I still never get sick. I take mms when sickness begins to appear around me and it works every time.

  • That vaccine crap is pure lies!!! If that was true bout the autism, why did they stop the showing of the movie , VAXXED from being run at all film festivals? I bought the movie and if everyone saw it, you'd never give your kid a vaccine again.

  • It is very obvious, especially considering the sources, that these highly toxic and criminal vaccines are a big part of the dumbing-down and de-population agenda by the Deep State. ALL the sources supporting vaccines are known criminal elements in our corrupt government arena corporatocracy.

  • Tried to share the danger of vaccines with my grandkids and was told off and presented with all the propaganda supporting them
    "Sigh" Disappointed with how some, precious to me people, are NOT AWAKE

  • Dude, can't believe you didn't mention Dr Robert Strecker, he was the first person in the 80's to document how the AIDs virus was engineered and delivered. His brother was killed for getting to close to the truth!
    Check out his video he produced in the 80's as a whistle blower doctor:
    The Strecker Memorandum – Dr. Robert B. Strecker

  • When my brother tried to argue that autism rates are increasing bc more people are deciding NOT to vaccinate themselves, it really made me want to give up. The vaccine propaganda is so bad – they have really taken inversion of the truth to a new level. They have ingrained in people's skulls literally the 180 degree opposite of everything that is true regarding this subject and it is quite unfortunate. I pray my family will somehow be able to see the light before its too late…

  • You seem like a smart person? What exactly are your credentials? Or experience? You seem so young to be so smart! πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  • Any medical study can be skewed to the answer the researcher wants. It has always been that way. the FDA will push drugs early without testing if they are given enough money. The CDC was paid by the makers of Splenda to hide the harmful effects to the body. Autopsies showed people who have used these artificial sweetners their internal organs were almost embalmed.

  • Just like Girl Scout cookies that continue to have corn syrup. Adding toxic ingredients to vaccines and just about every product is more expensive to make. So, ask yourself what is the long term agenda? To make a profit off sick people. ..

  • I always get people following me on Twatter because I say MMS isn't bleach, so they follow me to try to talk me out of that! I really don't understand why. It's not like I'm telling them they have to take it! Some fella was telling me it was used to bleach paper, then showed me a site that said it was used to treat drinking water… then tried to convince me it was a killer…. after showing me it was used to treat drinking water… I don't think he quite understood where he went wrong there. lol

  • Jordan – please look up dr bob beck – he has a protacol and has cured aids along w many other illnesses. His video is amazing- about 45 minutes…there are others that are shorter but the longer one is most informative. Also dr hulda clark.
    Frequency is everything.
    Love your videos. Thank you

  • If there TRULY is a "Great Awakening", Folks should note the fact that it is the Dems – Pro Post-Birth Abortion Pushers – that are Declaring that Vaccines are for the Sake of Humanity. The TRUTH…

    – Vaccines are Pseudo-Science…!!!

    – The CDC even acknowledges that they have NEVER conducted Human Impact Assessments, or even if Vaccines work.

    – I get it.! Get bit by a snake, and you are rushed to the Emergency Room to receive the Anti-Venom. I seriously Doubt that a snake Vaccine before getting bit would work. It would probably kill you.

    – There is Absolutely NO Real Scientific Proof that Vaccines work. Not even with Polio back in the Day. The Flu Shot has a 2% Success Rate which is Far Below the Placebo Effect at 15%.

    – MMR does indeed cause Autism. While most look at Mercury as the cause which may the the case, I focus on MRC-5. MRC-5 is DNA from an Aborted Fetus. These People are SICK…!!! Vaccinations, in my Humble Opinion, is an effort of evil trying to corrupt the Human Soul. It is my opinion that the TRUE Cause of Autism is from an Allergy. Adjuvants (Incubators) in Vaccines… Peanut Oil causes Peanut Allergies. Chicken Eggs in Vaccines cause Egg Allergies. Human DNA from an Aborted Fetus…??? Perhaps, makes a Child Allergic to Self.

  • "[ … ] In the current study, researchers examined data on 657,461 children. During this time, 6,517 kids were diagnosed with autism.[ … ]" the full report Published: Ann Intern Med. 2019. DOI: 10.7326/M18-2101Β© 2019 American College of Physicians Conclusion, If there's no correlation found, and it certainly looks that way, is to get your MMR vaccines from Denmark.

  • Politicians call for censoring anti-vaccine 'propaganda' but if they question the propaganda people will say 'you're not a doctor.Β  Why are you speaking about vaccines?'

  • I luv snuff vids. My favorite kind is babies getting vaccinated. I luv it when they start shaking and convulsing and vomiting and turning blue and banging their heads on the floor and shit while the parents are panicking and the doc says its all normal. Thank you Merk and Bayer and Pfizzer, thank you CDC and FDA and WHO, thank you the Clintons and the Gates etc… for this great genocide. Cause after all, we're really all just a bunch of stupid slaves and there's just too many of us.

  • Key Word:
    DANISH… It's not just for breakfast anymore…
    I noticed that the guy that testified seemed to have somehow SURVIVED his brush with Measles… certainly enough to land the Spokesperson Gig… huh… poor wittle thang…

  • Just about every pharmaceutical listed in the PDR (Physicians' Desk Reference) is some kind of abortifacient. Furthermore, the entire abortion industry is joined at the hip with all of allopathic medical practice. Modern allopathic medicine is a form of physician-assistant suicide.

  • Sure hope that as soon as this is all over, bit Pharma will go down also and the real cures for things like cancer, arthritis, etc will get out. So many people will be helped and even cured.

  • Thanx, a lot of info on this vaccines and aids, Very good!πŸ‘ People are finally gonna have relief from aids and such..AND DO NOT FORGET: ☝️ Just 3% Hydrogen Peroxide 5-10 drop in a cup of water, cure cancer! It's AMAZING MOST OF SERIOUS health problems CAN BE CURE under 5 box!!! ..πŸ‘‰The deep-State and Big Pharma GONNA BE VERY DEEP SHIT , when it is gonna be world-wide exposed! /I hardly can wait…/😍

  • good stuff as always ,Jordan , especially liked medical journal quotes ,luckily there are honest scientist / researchers out there looking for truth . As a creation believing Christian we come up against it in every area . The integrity and character of the scientist really need addressing before the science [ the gold ,the gals and the glory ,problem areas ]. Once we let Christ sort out the character,and just delight in truth ,we find a whole different picture of the world emerge . Have you ever heard of sir lionel luckhoo,probably most successful defence lawyer ever, argued the case for historical Jesus as real,who he claimed to be ,and his tomb empty, in a way that has never been refuted . for an honest agnostic,worth thinking about . What other lies have the darkside [ i call their leader the loserfairy ]. pushed ,to keep the sheeple subservient to them . God gave Adam a planet !! we are his heirs ,need to own it, and share it . Godbless MG

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