August 17, 2019 This channeling session took place at Alba Weinman’s gathering in Tampa, Florida on May 18, 2019. During this session, Jesus was also channeled to assist the audience with a breathing exercise and to help send Nilesh’s energy down into Gaia. (Nilesh embodies the energy of Metatron and Carol channels Jesus) The following was unplanned and unfolded at this event to the surprise of everyone.

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Alba Weinman is a Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist for those on the path of Spiritual Awakening and calls her own hypnosis technique, the Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness ™ . Alba is a former QHHT practitioner and is certified by the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy.

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  • So very awesome . I find it amazing that the energy is so strong and instantly healing, Metatron is a close relative to me and I feel him always through my dog who is so good at experiencing "the" moment. It just reinforces the oneness of all when I contemplate the vastness of what "I Am" when I see My Dogs flowing joy of the moment(and extends it) and I learn/expand, all Just because I put my hat on. Now It is time for me to step "back" into the world, but I have pulled so far out I do not know where to step. Thanks again to all

  • Thank you so much Alba, for sharing this with us. We all need this connection to move on in life with greater light in our awareness, acknowledging so much support available for us, feeling God's Love! Thank you Alba for bringing us together. I appreciate you so much.Love.

  • It all sounds okay and fine, but one thing I'd like to know is if there's been a moment where permission was asked for this man's process and his channeling. In such levels of energy, we should be vigilant not to just start something simply because the energy is high in the room.

    I've been in such group sessions and transformational work, energy work, often and I've witnessed how a person, at times, entered a state of channeling, expressing a core issue without any understanding yet about it, presenting it as a message for all of us. The whole room froze and everybody held their breath, sort of. Took a lot of work to bring balance again and the person who started the channeling was fully overwhelmed, although she still held on to her purpose of sharing it with us in the group. What really happened is that it was her projection of an issue that was her cup of tea, not ours at all.

    The value of asking permission by the being of a person is the security that what's chosen is in the interest of that person and not in the interest of others in the room. At times, what it is we've got to work on is the least obvious to our eager ego, for it's not glorious to show off with

    This is the reason why I'm not favoring group sessions like this. As I perceive it, our skills to enter altered states of consciousness aren't necessarily meant to be expressed, for that what's dormant, in waiting for a wake-up call is no. 1 in the waiting room, where we're our own doctor treating those ailments.

    We've got to sort out all our covered up light so that our skills, present at birth, stay clear from the temptation to sublimate any covered up light within, for how can we expect to enter our own heaven on earth otherwise? The unexpectedness may well be a warning sign for vigilance

  • Just beautiful. I watched this live and was so bummed that I didn’t know about the event! I so would have flown down to participate- and then remembered it’s all about divine timing. So I’m going to the event in Asheville! See you there Alba!

  • Metatron, Metatron, Metatron! How many bodies have you taken on Earth? A million? LOL I love you Metatron!…Grate job, beautiful video Alba Thank you So Much!

  • Thank you and God bless you Alba and all of you who participating and sharing these wonderful sessions with the rest of the world. This is valuable beyond words.
    GRATITUDE ❤️to all of you! Many thanks and lots of love. ❤️🙏🏻💕

  • Does anyone remember did God say he has seven (7) children? Alba this video is activating in so many ways and especially as it represents a turning point for where we are at with Ascension that this – like this – with an entire group – is now happening. Thanks so much.

  • Can I ask a question?, why are Christians so against Spiritualism? I mean, if you mention past lives, aliens etc. they say you are conjuring demons? I don't believe that myself, I'm spiritual and believe souls absolutely travel together and seeing this makes me happy. I'm just curious why such a wall with Spiritualism and Christians? Ty

  • What's the best bibble to read she there are so many I am using the holy bibble but I feel like its an another bibble that I should be reading something tells me I should be reading something different

  • Feeling the Love, brought me to tears
    in Gratitude and Humility feeling Grace and Deep love and Appreciation for Gaia.
    Also felt the connection to
    AA Metatron , THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for Sharing this with us. ♡♡♡
    Love, Light and ONENESS ♡

  • Metatron guides me to this message. Thank you so very much, for all the wonderful confirmations my soul sometimes need. Always divine timing. Love and Light!

  • When he mentioned that Teal Swan is an Ascended Master it made me think…I’m very sorry but it’s is very hard for me to believe that. Every heart centred empath who feels the energy will know what I mean here…

  • Amazing! Thank you for such a gift! I love how the electronics seem to go crazy… as expected. As I watch this video from May 18 I remember energy does not fit within the confines of time and space. Awareness is real: time an illusion. Watching this recording is as watching it live.

  • Tears I felt his love in my dream its the best I understand my higher calling and going through the darknight of the soul makes me comfortable in the dark as I shine the light
    Our star family is amongst us already….

  • The videos with Nilesh were my favorite, I was so excited to see another video! ❤️ I so wish I couldve been there, but I am thankful for this technology that allows me to be there in a way!

  • Could you all make it to Montego Bay Jamaican please please & thank you for all that you do. We need your help here in Jamaica alba!!! I do anyway, & a hug much love namaste family

  • Metraton is a known archon, and it uses the ego stroking to make you feel “special”. Oh and the diabolical laugh. Nuff said.

  • I love when Metatron at V 14 minutes in, speaks of Technology. As a recently awoken soul I have known the technology is really spiritual plane of communication. It only appears to be Tech to the 3D mine as he means to communicate to Al's of higher and lower vibration. Technology is truly spiritual. As more spiritualists and awoke insoles Embrace YouTube and other technology they are increasing the awareness and vibration of all. This is spiritual not what most men call technology.

  • I am so blessed to have been able to experience this at the Gathering. I have watched this over and over since it has been posted. Thank you to Nilesh for being willing to share himself and messages from Father. Carol and Geraldine, thank you for all of your support and aiding us during this event in raising our vibrations and connecting with each other. Of course, Alba, for the continued hard work she does each day. Also, Linda Lee, who is not in this video, for sharing her beautiful light language.

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