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Here are 11 last-ditch ways we could hack the planet:
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Elon Musk says Neuralink machine that connects human brain to computers ‘coming soon’:
Telepathic Russian Troops Trained For Psychic Warfare – Something The US Has Studied For Decades:
The Most Credible UFO Sightings and Encounters in Modern History, According to Research:
The US Navy secretly designed a super-fast futuristic aircraft resembling a UFO, documents reveal:


  • 🐬🧘🏽‍♀️💎💗✌🏽🌸Seems like these limited hangouts about space/anti-gravity/ufo sightings are seeding the mass consciousness for more of the deep states lies and corruption. Nice try 👎🏽

    🌟WWG1WGA 🌟

    Thank you! Love you Jordan! 💚👽💚

  • I love you man, but Jihadis don't need the deep state to kill people, Islam is a disease, please don't make excuses for them with the whole FF narrative, they are evil plain and simple, they don't need incitement from CIA, their Imams do the job quite well. DS doesn't orchestrate everything, the info blackout is to protect the Islamic image, nothing more. This is no FF, just Muslim hate as per usual.

  • I’ve owned an Oculus since the day it was released. I’ve seen the genre grow from clueless developers creating obnoxious environments that will literally make you physically ill to amazing immersive experiences that can only be achieved by being inside cyberspace itself. My point, as risky as it sounds I’ll be the first one to volunteer for a plug-in!

  • Very interesting and coincidence that patent holder salvatore pais has the same last name of that dead chick they found who was "obsessed" with Columbine.
    Wasnt she military? They said she was 18 but she looked much older. And then here is this guy who basically has to be military….
    Things that make you go hmmmm

  • We don't need computers. If we explored human consciousness technology as avidly as we do machines, we'd put machines to shame. AI requires you relinquish your soul. Run Forrest Run!

  • We have all fallen for this at one time or another. Until we all stop listening to these elite cabol characters and just start loving each other as humans and helping one another we are toast.

  • Salvador Cezar Pais ? The missing Fla. Teen infatuated by Colombine shooters – found dead in Colorado was named Sol Pais…very strange story.

  • if chips make you afraid, dont worry, they bypassed french fries and made everyone into poutine already… cheesey goodness with gravy and everybody likes it as long as they dont know they are potato-head toys now.

  • Yo buddy!
    I know a ton about reflexology as I am an opera singer. I'd strongly recommend you go to a chiropractor. I have one in Mt. Vernon that you will probably love. Regardless… when it comes to reflexology for your throat, there's 3-4 points in your hand that you can work on and your voice will come back fast and strong.
    1) all around the second falange of your thumb
    2) on the 2nd falange of your middle finger
    3) on the cushion immediately under your middle finger
    4) on the outside part of the 3rd falange of your thumb
    How to work on them… use a pointy tool that will not hurt your skin (like the back side of a pen)
    find the reflex point that hurts the most (it will be very evident). Masage for 2-3 mins.
    shoot me an email if you need a better explanation!

    If you need the real deal you should talk to Keith. He's my doc and he's a magician

  • I'm passing on the chips too… I've just been listening to a couple of people who believe they have chips embedded in their bodies, and are being attacked daily. I didn't believe it at first, but the more I hear, the more it seems plausible. (Dr Katherine Horton on YouTube). Imagine we have a chip inserted and we could be remote controlled…. the possibilities would be endless.

  • Brains to Computers?

    Now they can hack into your thoughts and dreams? Read your emotions, steal your ideas?
    They are not adding computers to humans, they are adding humans to computers!


  • Geoengineering is very real. they've been testing controlling the weather since the 40s. They were creating cloud walls in the military for the enemy not to be able to see them.

  • I also follow Matt Kahn, and in a recent video he posted on YouTube discussed the proverbial "mark of ther beast". He said that we are mistaken to think that we will be forced to receive MOTB, that people wl line up around the block to get it. He said it wi be just that, a chip that will link your brain to software. Not word for word. He said the next 2 years will be very interesting. Interesting indeed that you mention this Elon chip.

  • Ah. Could it be Geoengineering IS getting pushback! What the heck, all my fingers and toes crossed, praying and trying mind over matter to throw anything at it. 'They' do/try any and every vial dirty deed and trick. Let's clean em up thoroughly and for good (please).

  • ITS TIME TO OUTLAW ISLAM. It’s MUSLIMS that commit these horrible acts. I’m sick of idiots trying to downplay the MUZZY connection. THEY ARE CRAZY.

  • Elon Musk is such an air head, first he was very concerned about the effects of AI on humanity, NOW we learn he’s at the forefront of making it happen!!??? WTF MAN…are you for humanity or against it???? It sounds to. Me like you faked us all out for your profit and your so called prestige!!!! Remember Karma… you know, at it’s simplest level…what goes around, comes around!!! If you have intentionally deceived us…. the prepare yourself for some HUGE SHIT COMING BACK TO YOU, YOU SON OF A B*TCH!!!!

  • This was a really good video. Thank you, and especially on that stock footage find. If people aren't suspicious from that then what will wake them up?

  • Moving objects with your mind telekinesis look it up. I don't know if it would be a very wise thing to do though. According to scripture these things would be of luciferian teachings.

  • Thank you … I just want to say in regards to Elon Musk, Many innocent people have been tortured for this so called new tech. Neurlink has been forced apon people without consent.Elon Musk along with our government have been doing some awful nasty stuff to people. Elon will be broke by the time we are done with him. The Tech will be cursed by the people who were/are tortured for this tech! These people are sick!

    The NSA are sick also They have been using innocent people to have fun and games with their R.N.M They used innocent people for a ton of evil tech. This needs to become public A.S.A.P They are viewing your life in real time, then they live stream it on Facebook.

  • bro we wear the same Casio watch (F91w) and i think thats the funniest thing in the world!! What better of a way to say fuck you to egoic spending for "fashion" XD I wear mine as a meme/statement and I hope you do as well lmao

  • While I would agree with you that there is one race, the human race, we are all not alike and as far as the deep state pushing Islam a vacation, I totally agree with that because Islam is trying to take over and if you have been to Europe recently, you would know that – so to make your comments about not buying what the deep state is dishing out is a bit ludicrous. Islam and the west do not mix in any way, shape, or form and it has destroyed Europe. With the exception of the countries like Poland and Hungary who are not allowing invaders. Do your research before you make such ridiculous statements as Sweden is now the rape capital of the world and London is a shit hole and I won’t even mention Paris! Horrible!

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