August 19, 2019 Israeli forces kill four Palestinians in the Gaza Strip during a massive demonstration on the anniversary of the start of the Great March of Return rallies.

Over 300 people have also been injured in Saturday’s protest. Tens of thousands of Gazans have gathered along the so-called buffer zone in the east of the enclave to mark a year since they launched their weekly anti-Israeli protests. The Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, says the huge turnout of people in the Great March of Return demonstrations show that Palestinians will continue to support the resistance.

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  • Assalaamu Alaikum…
    Is this Fesibililah?
    I don't think so because it is for land and the rights to that land…

    Allah ( SWTA ) has Allowed the Israeli Government to take the land and for decades no one has supported for change by physically coming to the rescue…

    Why has no country come to prevent the Israeli Government from taking land which the UN has stated belongs to Palestine?

    For decades I have watched all these changes and even had respect for the Hamas religious political party, yet, what have they done to protect and empower Palestinians?

    Which direction has Hamas led the Palestinians?

    Fesibililah does not seem to be the direction, in which, Hamas is guiding the people…

    May Allah ( SWTA ) Bless and Guide us all to the Straight Path and Keep us on the Straight Path Summa Amin Bedthni Allah…

    May Allah ( SWTA ) Bless us all with Steadfastness and Patience and Tolerance and Ease and Health Summa Amin Bedthni Allah

    With Peace Sakinah 🌹
    Allahu Hafaaz



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