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  • There are NO 'White Hats' in the Government or Military. Evil rises to the top and anyone 'good' is rooted out in the first year of their 'career'.

  • to whom it may concern: Jordan sather and the audience….why regds. to the UFO`s and combined topics, why are you so ocupied by parrroting what the fake news says….it is fake. Why not rather give us facts not regds. to fake news?
    i am pretty sure Jordan, that 90% of Your followers7listeners/audience fullu aware of fake science propaganda news….
    I mean, if there are people not know, they will never be able to find chans like Yours Jordan!
    I use the same technice in my daily life….1st. avoid negative people. 2cond. embrace your family/friends/associates positive tracks. speak of whats matter, not the unrelevant propaganda.
    POTUS and the generals been on the plan to drain the swamp for yrs now….Loved the moment candidate Donald J Trump called out the fake media, fake news, very fake news……the other day POTUS gave fake news max.6 yrs to live/exist….
    I am sure it wount take that long….house of cards falling…LMAO
    #WWG1WGA #QANONS #Promises Made – Promises Kept I am proud on YOUR behalf, the mosy powerful State on this planet, and You are reforming it,….for the good!
    It is natural the task went to You to be on the winning team! You got the means, the toughness, the smartness, the strong body, mind and soul required for the battle between the Good and evil.
    Just the Fact Trump Your POTUS made me as an induvidual more spiritual, the anger, and the fear is gone. Now its faith and positivity.
    May The Allmighty creator of all lives and worlds bless us all!!!
    All the best from somewhere in Norway, where there is none polarbears in the streets. We got more struggle with puppets, parrots, programmed citizens….

  • Yeah the stuff that the government comes out with about aliens and space is just as silly as f**** Trump colluding with the Russians it's b***** we already f**** know but we don't need them to tell us s*** we just need the details

  • And we're not interested in microbes don't tell us about microbes microbes are all around the universe we know this we don't need to be told about microbes, we found a f**** a microbe on Mars you can shove them up your ass cuz we're not interested in microbes

  • Jordan why are you so awake and aware and why are the rest of Millennials so f**** stupid did you go to a good school with good teachers or what's going on guys your age are usually pretty dumb

  • They've had all this technology they've had cold fusion they've had freaking free energy Zero Point Energy but they keeping it for their own use and then when they get in a little bit of a pickle then they start throwing out suggestions about the shit claiming that they just developed it while they're just in the middle of the research of it is full of s*** but you'll never see it

  • I miss the live feed? Twitter @2Q69574523 i would love 2 go live with U. Space Force is for discovery . Were all the deep budget money went. There is a moon (Bruce sees all) colony ,but who,s? Many Humans have The so called God Money 2 pay 4 a trip 2 the moon ,so why don't they ? Fusion is such a confusion ,ya? Seril Generator , has not worked as described ya?

  • it is not surprising that NASA is looking for (and finding) planets way out there in space. The question nobody asks is why they are looking where they are looking. Are we looking for known ET's homes?

  • And they've also killed people to hide this s*** so what are they going to do now right we know they did this stuff so what are they going to do if they try to disclose in the question is going to be so why did you kill all these people what did you throw Forrestal out of a f**** window and claimed he was mentally Disturbed there's one good question for you

  • This wasn’t so bad. I don’t believe or ascribe to the Alien thing. I do however believe strongly that there are angels and demons. Careful who you communicate with.

  • Your use of "gatekeepers" as something negative is tarnishing the word in the minds of your viewers Jordan. "Gatekeepers" is the sacred obligation of a free press; it’s intended to act as a balancer between the the three branches of government, to keep government activities as transparent as possible. This is the duty that has been abdicated by the mainstream fake news media; there appears to be a total lack of ethical integrity as outlined in the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics ( Other than that, great work. βœ¨πŸ™πŸ€ŸπŸ’—πŸŒˆπŸ¦‹πŸ™πŸ€Ÿβœ¨

  • My opinion is that we need more people talking about UFOs, SSP, and other space topics. Not talking about important topics is how we got into this chaotic mess. Real conversations need to happen.

  • There are no aliens coming from outer space , there alien (different ) but they are from earth .. these are demons … probably from Antarctica…

  • Great video exsposing the fake alien invasion and the hiding of free energyπŸ”β›°πŸŒ‹πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ’–πŸŒžπŸŒŸβš‘πŸ’¦πŸŒˆ

  • Fusion is not the answer to our energy problems. Fusion was solved in the 60s and hidden till now they still won't admit it is solved and more. Think cold fusion and yes has been solved too!! still, no free energy do you think space ships fly between planets on nuclear? still, have to pay for power. No, put 10 million to whoever solves free zero point energy problem. No! 10 million to work on it 10 million to solve it. How stupid to pay millions just to look! And give them years to find it. You pay as they look? Pay when they disclose it. China Intel from who else Hillary Clinton we think alike Jordan. But seriously Pay 20-30 million for the information on free energy, anti-gravity, teleportation, matter control, replicators, and ufo and alien undisputed proof and watch it happen. You will have to provide protection for these people from the dark and black secret government. And this information will, of course, destroy the economies of the world.


  • Many thanks to those donating to Jordan Sather. I wish the Space force would hire Jordan to be part of the force if Jordan likes the idea. He's intelligent, brilliant reporter, and in a very good physical shape.

  • I get bad vibes from Linda moulton Howe just throwing that out there i have been enjoying your videos for years it seems like now keep spreading truth bombs and planting seeds of reason and kick ass sending love and light

  • I'm being called in on an old warrant that is nonsense… Sorry dude I gotta un-subscribe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but seriously about the warrant wtf

  • Please could you interview Ben Davidson, I love his work but it's a little over my head at times, maybe an interview with you would help mine and others understanding .

  • Starting to sound like apes evolved and then "intelligent" designers showed up, F***Ed up again, got rock rolled, and had to start over with too many of us.

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